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11 tips to create a high-converting Shopify product page

The display of an online store is the long-term key to driving traffic and converting it to sales. Usually, a merchant will focus more on the homepage. This is the first impression that determines whether or not visitors will continue to navigate the website. But this is not the end of the story. When selling on Shopify, another important consideration is the product page. It is no doubt at the engagement stage of the user’s experience. This is a place that shows how your products look. Furthermore, it shows how a customer is in need of help. 

Certainly, there have been several tips from e-commerce experts to build a well-functional and catchy product page. But first, we need to understand the greatest advantages of a product page. Then we will jump to other points of advice!

What is a Shopify product page? 

So what is a product page? This is a page on the Shopify platform that contains your product information. It helps customers decide what to buy and make up their minds whether to choose the product. 

That is to say, a product page should deliver a good user experience, that is informative, trustworthy, and well-designed. “A good product page is one that provides every information, assurance, and motivation that visitors need to become your customers” – Neil Patel [1]. 

Why is a product page important in Shopify e-commerce?

  1. It is a customer magnet

This is truly a customer magnet. The homepage is to impress, whereas the product page is to sell. It contains sufficient information on product description, product price, customer shipping information, and so on. Hence, it appeals to your customers.  In fact, showing your products’ ability to meet customers’ wants and needs is critical.

  1. It helps to build brand

An informative and rich-content product description is a must-have. A slideshow of multiple-angled, high-quality images and videos is something to consider. As a result, it indeed helps to sustainably strengthen your store’s brand. 

  1. It is a perfect place to cross-sell and up-sell

A product page is a perfect place for any e-commerce merchant to up-sell or cross-sell their products; from there, to increase sales [2]. For example, the king of e-commerce, Amazon, is far and away from the best at up-selling and cross-selling on product pages. It means that they will recommend their customers other complementary products adding to existing purchases.

When their customers click on any item’s product page, it will show them automatically related items in the “Frequently bought together” section. Thanks to that wise marketing strategy, Amazon was the real winner when their sales grew by 35% in 2016. 

Learning from Amazon, every Shopify e-commerces should invest in up-selling and cross-selling on their product pages to surely skyrocket their sales. These are truly well-known techniques in behavioral economics to generate sales with ease. 

Examples of a good Shopify product page

You probably have a wrap-up of information on the product page and its importance in e-commerce. Let’s look at some examples of good product pages that drive your customers’ buying decisions. 

Perfect Keto pleases their customers’ eyes by being full of information on their product details, pricing, product variants. It also shows a list of customer ratings to build trust with them. In the product description, they utilize simple but tasty adjectives to describe their beneficial-to-health products. Indeed, their product page also looks very clean, well-informed, and visually attractive.

perfectketo product page

Leesa called for urgency by highlighting their product variants. These subscriptions offer their customers the best price with an excellent product offer. 

leesa product page

It also provides its customers with the option of product personalization to choose from an array of bed bases. 

leesa product page

More surprisingly, they do not hesitate to show their benefits over other competitors. Casper and Purple Mattresses, for example, are available online.

leesa product page

4 things to remember when creating a Shopify product page

There are four things that come to mind if you want to create a high-converting product page [3]: 

  • Appealing and informative: Your product display should first feast the eyes of your customers. This is the first impression of the product embedded in their minds. Thus, your product should be informative and visually appealing. Make sure that it meets your customers’ wants and needs.
  • Strong branding: Make sure that you display prominently your brand on your product page as well. Keep in mind that branding your page is to brand your product!
  • Unique copywriting: Your product copywriting has an influential impact on bringing your brand’s trustworthiness to your customers. All you need to do is to make your brand words unique and credible.
  • User-friendly design and experience: Consider going to a traditional store. Everything is messy. You probably find it hard to find your stuff. It definitely leaves a bad impression and you will never come back. So do the online version of the product page. Everything on your online product page should be well-organized and visually appealing to easily navigate and search for.

Let’s take Master Dynamics as an example. There are countless product pages that bring up a good visual display, but Master Dynamics proves it clearly. This is a Shopify online store that sells several types of high-technological headphones. Customers are left with an impression of a highly visual outlook with several multi-angled pictures. Located in the center, their headphones are illustrated visually very elegantly, and luxuriously. Their copywriting of the product descriptions are short but specific, containing attractively sounding words for their product. To name but a few, Active, Premium, Noise-cancelling, etc,…

masterdynamic product page

When scrolling through the product page, visitors will be provided with a sum-up of product details and customer testimonials in the form of reviews from notable companies like Apple or Gear Patrons. Again, rich-content videos are added. In that way, your visitors are equipped with several details about the products without being confused with too much information. 

Details of tips to create your Shopify product page

These are some useful hints for investing in a future high-converting product page.

Part 1: Optimize product information

Create a compelling product title 

Conduct keyword research for the keywords that will appear in your title [4]. Usually, a title with a longer length might be more useful for customers’ organic searches. Look at the example of Kettle & Fire. By displaying the flavor of their bone broth soup with rich-content keywords such as Chicken, Keto, and Bone broth, customers might feel their hunger and the need to click immediately on the product. It’s always worth investing in a longer title rather than scribbling a few words together to create a short title that your customers will ignore.

kettleandfire product page

Writing a high-converting product description 

To produce not only a fully informative, creative but also SEO-friendly product description, you should brainstorm the content of your product copywriting, to answer the question of what the product is and how it helps your customers to solve their pain points [5]. Some of the great questions to get started are:

  • What is the product about?
  • What kind of benefits does the product bring to your customers?
  • How do your customers use your products?
  • Why is your product better than competitors?

After answering the questions, turn your answers into great content. According to Mailchimp research, 79% of visitors will skim and scan a web page rather than fully reading every word. So, first of all, put your shoes on your customers’ needs and want to produce “non-sales” product copywriting, so that they are fully aware of what products they are going to buy. 

Take LoveHair as an example. Navigating to their product page, they educate users about their product Pure Coconut Oil by highlighting its exceptional environmental-friendly features and how they are beneficial to customers’ hair. Furthermore, they highlighted their ingredients that are committed to sustainability, encouraging their customers to choose their environmentally friendly products.

lovehair product page

Make your price visible and clear 

After a well-written and attractively sounding product description, people will care about price [6]. They want to know how they can afford it before clicking on Add to Cart. To make a wise decision, always put the price next to your button “Add to cart” as it motivates customers more quickly to make their decision. Take note of the font size and make your price color contrast with the product description. In that way, your customers are more likely to be “woken up” about the prices. Also, show your discounts by highlighting the cheaper price, which is next to the original one. 

Like featured their discount price by coloring the cheaper price in red and putting it above the CTA button. 

made product page

Personalize your products (by size chart, color swatches,…)

For some industries like fashion, apparel, furniture,… product personalization is a great way to enhance your customer journey. The key benefit of product personalization is to reduce your customers’ return rate. For instance, in the fashion and apparel industry, getting fitted items right when purchasing them is a top priority. Put yourself in the shoes of your customers. Imagine that you never want to go on an unpleasant journey because you don’t know what size, the color will suit your shape, etc.

Wearpepper sells niche bras that allow female customers to choose between colors, sizes, and cup sizes. As this is a niche female product, customers should be provided with enough information on their size and let them personalize their products to avoid any disagreeable steps. 

wearpepper product page

Whether you think of offering an unforgettable journey to your customers, consider adding color swatches to your store or adding a size chart if the product is apparel-related. 

Use high-quality product previews (images, videos, gifts,…)

They say “People buy and consume with their eyes” and it’s true. In every industry, visuals play an important role in encouraging customers’ purchase decisions. We can’t deny the power of photography, videos, or gifts to provide your customers with unforgettable experiences. 

So, first, look for and include engaging videos, which provide a variety of benefits. Secondly, do not forget to license your original media to avoid copyright infringement. 

Lastly, be innovative. Bring innovative user-generated content via images, videos, or gifs to your customers! Please their eyes and your product will be definitely clickable. 

Storq enriches its product page by inputting several product pictures from multiple angles. They also add UGC content to let customers feel their experience when using the product. 

storq product page

Show related products

The role of a product page is truly to sell. Several online businesses, unfortunately, bother their customers by showing multiple irrelevant products during their checkout process, making the checkout even slower. It also makes the process sound overly salesy and aggressive. 

Therefore, instead of showing massively many products, showing related products, but in a moderate and well-organized way on your product page, can help increase your AOV. 

Slyde displayed several related product add-ons alongside their offered products. In that way, customers do not feel overwhelmed with too many excessive additional offers. 


Part 2: Help clients move forward

Show a lot of social proof (customer testimonials, customer reviews,…)

We all know that people are on social media, on sales channels, on your website to hear from People, but not from your brand. Hence, the voice of your existing customers is really influential. 95% of shoppers trust reviews more than their own brand or manufacturer. [8] The social proof provided by your existing customers on the product page is typically in the form of customer testimonials, ratings, and stars,… These reviews are usually put under your product details and price so that they attract your shoppers’ eyes and ears easily. Furthermore, trust badges (badges placed on a page to build credibility) are regarded as highly converted social proof, in addition to customer reviews, ratings, and so on. Ready to add your own trust badge? Let’s get started!

Wildebeest put their social proof right below their product description and CTA, which makes them more accessible to customers. 

wildebeest productpage

Highlight their CTA button 

Your customers are satisfied with the provided product details and an affordable price, but what makes the product clickable is a compelling or easy-to-find CTA [7]. Stand out your “calling” button from the content and price section to make your customers at ease by adding their own item with just one click. Some of the CTA simple and action-oriented languages to be considered are Buy now, Add to Cart, Learn more,…

Look at Sriracha 2 Go. Their CTA “Buy now” makes their customers have no questions to click on to buy the product, as they actually know where to click. 

siracha product page

You can learn more about how to optimize CTA by yourself or save your time with some steps to add your CTA to your page.

Use live chat on your product page 

Do not leave your customers alone in your online store. Serve them and help them to find their appropriate products. You can choose either a chatbot or a customer service team to interact with your customers during high-traffic periods. Through an online conversation, they will receive their answers quickly. Furthermore, you are likely to make your business more credible and trustworthy.

Additionally, during the sales season, you should have a 24/7 live chat for instant support to better close sales. Live chat widgets can be placed at the lower corners of your webpage or as a pop-up button on your product page. 

ThirdLove allows their customers to live chat or text them via phone with any urgent questions. 

thirdlove productpage

Clear and convincing information on shipping and return 

[9] 21% of American shoppers abandoned their carts due to their inability to see the total cost before their purchase. According to another study, 64% of shoppers look for shipping costs while browsing product pages.

Shipping and return information should also be highlighted as a CTA. Best Buy places its free shipping offer under its price and emphasizes that it will be free shipping for all orders over $35. In that way, it motivates customers to buy more to get rid of shipping costs on the total bill. 


Add a call for urgency

Your customers will never be able to predict the number of left-out items when purchasing an online product. After having proceeded to the checkout section, imagine how they would feel if this product were out of stock. They might want to wait for it to re-stock, but also never come back to purchase it anymore. A call for urgency notification on your product page effectively addresses this issue.

A sense of urgency can offer flash sales, a page countdown, a limited quantity, and so on. These are just a few of the options. These urgent calls should be placed next to your product price with a highlighted color and a larger font size. 

Makersikit “called for action” from their customers as their flash sales dropped to 30%. Also, there is only 1 day left to purchase their orders. 


Whether you want to convert your visitors into future customers or not, your product page is an engaging stage after your homepage has made a good impression on them. A successful e-commerce website is equivalent to a successful product page. 

Final thoughts

As a result, investing time and money in your product page is an excellent way to create a high-converting sales campaign. An ideal product page should be overall clean, well-organized, and responsive. Do not forget to add awesome visuals to build your customers’ confidence in what they are going to buy. And keep in mind to add a compelling CTA to encourage them wisely to purchase the products. 

Your goals will not be fully completed if you forget to take real action. Ready for the actions? Visit our Shopify tweak collection for the product page here. Do not forget we have service to support you with your product page.

After the product page, you might want to optimize other pages of your store. Our detailed article with customization tips on all pages will be helpful to you.