3 Best Shopify Countdown Timer apps – Effective tool to drive urgency and increase conversion rate

Using urgency and scarcity on your e-commerce website is an effective way to strengthen engagement, cut away procrastination, hesitation, and enhance your conversion rate. A countdown timer acts as a trigger, which intensifies the feeling of urgency. 

Let’s get down to look closely at the 3 choicest Shopify countdown timer apps, that are proven not only to bring in more visitors but also boosting your sales!

How does a Shopify countdown timer app boost your conversion?

One of the best ways to increase your conversion and sales is creating a sense of urgency in your products and services. The longer website visitors consider to make their purchase or not, the more likely they will leave your website without buying anything.

By leaving your visitors with the impression that your items might not be available in the future or the hot deals will end soon, visitors are motivated to take quick actions and complete their purchases.

This is the reason why a countdown timer can be a useful tool for your Shopify store. Interestingly, people tend to process visuals faster rather than words so you can make the countdown timer to be more effective by using numbers and images rather than words only!

While there are a variety of Shopify countdown timer apps available, selecting the right one is not easy. Hence, our team has carefully listed the top 3 best Shopify Countdown timer apps for you! Let’s check it out and find your own suitable app!

Top 3 Best Shopify Countdown Timer apps

Countdown Timer Bar

Countdown timer to add urgency, and nudge customers to Buy Now

Countdown Timer Bar by Hextom lets you add urgency to your promotions by displaying a countdown timer on a fully customizable banner. The striking feature of this app is the Geolocation target that allows you to show different promotion bars based on the visitors’ country. Furthermore, with the auto-scheduling feature, you can create any bar as you want for the next several months. 


  • Create your first countdown timer bar with just one click.
  • Support multiple countdown timer types for early bird promotions, flash sale promotions, holiday promotions, time-limited offers, product launch events and more.
  • Display the bar at any desired position on your web page, such as all pages, homepage only, product page only or any pages by inputting the URLs.
  • Fully customize the countdown timer bar to match your store’s theme. 
  • Allow translation of countdown timer bar into multiple languages.


  • Basic code required: If you want to display a countdown timer as an embedded widget in your custom location, you need to place a small code where you prefer in your theme file. 
  • No option to set action after the countdown timer ends. 


A free plan is available but with limited features.

Ratings and Reviews

Ratings: 4.7/5 (565 reviews)

Faba says “I used the application during a promotion on my site and it served me well. I plan to use it again during my next promotions. I recommend it 100% because it is simple and effective.” (Overall rating: 5/5 – Posted: June 16, 2020).
Tvisy says “Sounds like a good, easy-to-use application I recommend it, there are different kind of timer very nice that fit perfectly with the theme..” (Overall rating: 5/5 – Posted: June 9, 2020).

Conversion Plus

Free cart-reservation countdown timer that increases sales

Online stores are losing lots of sales from cart abandonment. Instead of finding out how to recoup abandoned cart’s losses, your efforts are better spent focusing on how to avoid abandonment. By simply adding a sense of urgency to your checkout flow, you can make the consumers feel like they could miss an appealing offer if they do not complete their orders immediately. Conversion Plus can help you with this!

To be more specific, this app adds a cart reservation timer on your website that tells a customer how long they have to finish the checkout process before your cart is expired. This will increase your ability to convert them into buyers.


  • Display cart reservation timer on the cart page, pop-up/drawers, and Checkout pages.
  • Change the text and format of the countdown timer to match your theme.
  • Define what happens after the timer expires. 
  • Hold inventory once items are added to cart before reservation timer is expired.
  • Free to use significant features.


  • Require HTML knowledge to set up what happens when the countdown timer ends. 
  • Not support to show the cart reservation countdown timers on the home page, product page, collection page or any landing page. 


A free plan is available but with limited features.

Ratings and Reviews

Ratings: 4.6/5 (1754 reviews)

climbtobuy says “Excelent! Very helpfull, the free feautres are very very useful! The must that i like is the counter, no complains” (Overall rating: 5/5 – Posted: June 6, 2020).
Easy-sunshine says “Best of the best and very usefull app to increase conversion, very easy to install and to manage, very happy !!!!” (Overall rating: 5/5 – Posted: May 11, 2020).

Countdown Timer | Cart Timer

Using behavioural psychology principles, Countdown Timer | Cart Timer by POWr creates urgency by informing customers that a deal or promotion will expire in a predetermined time. Besides, online merchants can also include the number of people who have bought an item. One outstanding feature we like about this app is the ability to display a custom countdown timer for each new website visitor or for every time a visitor comes to your site.


  • Friendly user interface
  • Countdown Time per Visitor: Get more sales with a limited time offer that resets for each new visitor.
  • Countdown Number per Visitor: Get customers excited about your products with a store countdown that resets for each new visitor.
  • Countup Number per Visitor: Make your products look extra popular with a count-up timer that resets for each visitor. 
  • Messaging during count: Add custom message and a button to your checkout timer to offer discount codes and direct customers to your landing page.
  • Messaging after count: Make the countdown timer automatically repeat or display a message as you want. 


  • Technical issues can arise.
  • Many app features are limited if you are not using paid plans. 
  • The app logo is shown on the timer if you are on Free plan.


Free plan is available.

Paid plans start from $4.99/month.

Ratings and Reviews

Ratings: 4.5/5  (671 reviews)

Angelic Celestial Colours says “Super easy to use and the countdown app allows for customisation so I could change it to suit my website. Perfect.” (Overall rating: 5/5 – Posted: March 10, 2020).
VramFit says “The app was intuitive! Helped out a lot. Had to pause at times to learn it. However, the learning curve was not bad at all!” (Overall rating: 4/5 – Posted: May 27, 2020).

Final Words

Hope you enjoy our 3 best Shopify countdown timer apps analysis which is carefully nailed down by our testing as well as users ratings and reviews. Obviously, each app has its own strengths and weaknesses and it’s totally up to your choice. But always keep in mind that whatever app you select, it should be suitable to your unique business need! 

Cannot figure out the right Shopify countdown timer app? Feel free to explore Shopify custom app designed exclusively for your online store! Contact us and get great solutions to boost sales and grow your business!

In case all above options do not make you satisfied, and you are looking for a solution to create a Shopify countdown timer without using an app, deep dive into our tutorial and find your own answer!

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