3 Fantastic Benefits of E-commerce Order Management

#1: Simplify the Task of the Merchants

Thanks to implementing the order management feature into your website, your tasks will be simplified. The chances are that you are using multiple sales channels and communicating with several vendors. The fact that you will have all the information you might need in a single panel is what makes everything easier.

The system can also help you with COD (Cash on Delivery) order verification. This is a system that most freshman companies use to charge for their products because it improves their credibility.

Unfortunately, there are cases when fake and unwanted orders happen. It may be due to wannabe hackers trying to abuse your system or the competitors wanting to damage your business. This is why it is essential to verify every COD order made to your company. Depending on your solution, this can be done via phone call, SMS, or e-mail.

This additional confirmation you get verifies that the customer truly placed that order and you can continue with processing it.

#2: Manage Order Fulfilment

It can be a bit difficult to manage your inventory manually, especially when you are dealing with multiple vendors and several platforms. Mistakes can happen and one of the most common problems is missing that the product went out of stock, which can complicate the order fulfilment process.

The order management feature allows centralised inventory oversight, which is a vital benefit as it allows you to see available products at any given moment. You can also utilise a solution that has adjustable sourcing rules, which allows you to easily pick the most suitable place from which to complete orders.

#3: Oversee Order Completion

The fact that all information is at the reach of your fingertips facilitates overseeing order completion. It allows you to provide order updates to customers, which they will appreciate and can shorten the time needed for delivery. Thanks to this panel, you can easily check the phase of completion of every order at any given moment.

The feature also allows easier management of returned products. Did you know that the percentage of returns can vary from 3% to 50% on all ordered items?

If you want to maintain customer trust and keep the extraordinary quality of service, you need to efficiently take care of the return process. Thanks to the order management, you will be able to get detailed information about every order that has been returned. If you have a regulated return policy (and you should have one), you will know your move in a matter of seconds. Depending on the policy you designed, you may consider offering a refund, store credit, or product exchange.


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