5 Minutes to Improve Live Chat Support on Your E-commerce Site


Good customer service is a priority, an effective and efficient way to communicate with your clients cannot be ignored. Short messaging is one convenient, efficient and affordable way of communication. It saves on time wasted in leaving voice messages to clients which could possibly go unanswered. Messages should be short and on point. It should also be very creative with clear instructions.

Always keep the messages personal so as to make the customer have a close feel unlike that of automation. Customers get short messages fast respond almost immediately making it a fast and effective means. It’s used to send reminders, flash sales and other kinds of alerts. They Can also be used in the last minute rush and work effectively. The location of the client isn’t a problem because the short message will reach you wherever on any mobile phone.


A personal live chat is normally added in order to help in building a long time healthy relationships with the clients. This also helps in aligning your products in the clients preferred specifications. The clients also get the realisation that real people are on the other end tackling their issues. Politeness is important as you deal with your clients and showing appreciation as well.


Allowing room for questions brings about great chat conversations that could not have possibly happened. Questions keep the conversations going creating avenues for more client satisfaction. The questions should be open, closed or even probed ones. When more room is created for queries it brings about more understanding in regards to clients demands. It also brings bout a chance to clarify any doubts concerning your products because the client is freer when given a chance. The simple things that may seem silly at times have a chance as well to be answered.


We live in a fast world and therefore the fast response is vital while dealing with clients. Spotting the peak hours helps you to have a massive response. Timeliness and positive attitude should be observed as well. Take in only what you can handle via the respective channels to avoid being dormant or ineffective. Avoid responding if it has a possibility of bringing about a public altercation.

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