5 Must-have Information in Product Description

The study conducted by Salsify found that 87% of shoppers rate product content extremely important or very important for making a purchase decision.

With that said, just adding a sexy product description to your products may not always be enough to drive sales. A detailed product description is necessary for buyers to make a purchase decision. Would you buy an expensive tech product without any warranty information? You obviously will not buy it like many other informed consumers.

How Can I Provide Detailed Product Description?

The more customers know about what they’re about to buy, the more likely they are to actually go ahead and purchase it.

Being specific helps—instead of saying “dragon necklace”, it sounds much better to say something like “Slibinas Dragon Necklace.”

product description of bath towel

Some things to consider adding to your product descriptions include:

Exact measurements of the item

It is important to provide the exact measurements of some types of products like sofa, bed, mattress, and so on. We need the measurement to decide, whether the product is a right fit for us or not.

The product measurement in the description is usually in the form of, “length X width X height”. You can easily get this information via the manufacturer’s website. Depending on the nature of the product, you can use centimeter or inches to show the exact measurement of the product.

Provide exact weight of the item

I do not want to wear a heavy pair of shoe or carry a heavy guitar. Many people around the world have the same preference as mine. Mention the weight of the item in pounds, weights, grams, or some other scale, depending on the nature of the product.

Product ingredients / Manufacturing materials

In the case of supplements, herbal products, and other similar products, people generally look for the ingredients.Someingredients could be harmful to our health and some ingredients could have side effects for people with some specific health conditions.

Now let us look at the case of manufacturing materials. For example, many people want to purchase a water bottle made up of BPA-free plastic or jacket that use high qualityor specific leather and so on. Therefore, you must mention these pieces of information in the product description.

Warranty information

Warrenty Information

Not mentioning warranty information can be costly. Would you buy a cell phone, a water boiler, or some other tech products without a warranty? You probably will not. Similarly, the majority of other buyers will not even think of buying tech products without a warranty.

Individual product features

People buy benefits, not the product itself. However, you need to mention features in your product description, better to mention them in bullet points, to make your potential buyers believe in the product that you are offering. Alongside the features, tell them how that specific feature will benefit them. For example, (“Adjustable strap”) and their subsequent benefits (“so you can ensure this purse is custom fit to you.”)

It also helps to have as many images and videos as possible to demonstrate the product quality and how it can be used. This helps people envision it in their own lives, and the clearer they can see it, the more likely they are to believe you can deliver what you say you can.


Anyone can mention the pieces of information that I have mentioned in the above section of this article. However, many product owners miss including them, resulting in a lower conversion rate, which is the reason why I published this article as a guide for people like you.  Has this article offered value to you? If yes, please let us know.

If you want to add value to our content, feel free to leave a short comment. We would be more than happy to read and reply to your comments.

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