5 Recommendations For A Flawless Fashion Shopify Store’s Homepage

As for a fashion platform, you need to take the aesthetic aspect into consideration in the first place. If your homepage is not eye-catching enough, the customers will not consider buying your products. Your homepage should serve the purposes of creating a strong first impression and achieving the goals of your website, ranging from selling products, collecting customers’ emails or increasing the number of subscribers. 

As the significance of one good homepage is obvious, HappyPoints gives out for you several recommendations to create this crucial part of a website effectively.

1. Create simple and clear navigation.

The simplicity of one homepage is the driving force behind its navigational strength. Simple and clear navigation allows visitors to move from page to page quickly. They do not have to waste time searching for what they need. A rule of thumb here is keeping the number of your navigation’s menu items ranging from three to six choices. According to Mr Peter Nguyen, Co-founder of HappyPoints with 10+ years of experience in Shopify, there should be no more than seven navigation links displayed on your homepage. As for a fashion website, it is ideal for the homepage to have approximately five menu items. In case your fashion business has a great number of products and collections, you should put the priority on your key chains of items and use “mega-menu” to create “sub-category”. “Sub-category” is very useful as it allows your homepage to be concise and informative simultaneously.

Lacoste’s use of “Sub-category”

For example, Lacoste’s homepage has used “mega-menu” and “sub-category” in an effective way. Lacoste divides its main items into different categories related to a specific type of customers on the homepage. If you are a woman looking for a new pair of high heels, you can find it effortlessly under the “Women” category. Some homepages also include “About Us” or “Location” right in their header navigation for the purpose of achieving primary goals. However, in case these links do not work successfully to increase the conversion rate for your products, it is better to put them in the footer navigation instead.

2. Attractive and suitable imagery.

It is really important for fashion brands, especially those aimed at targeting one specific group of customers, to create a suitable homepage. Mr Peter Nguyen also gave valuable advice on this topic. He said that different types of buyers would need different layouts displayed on the homepage. For instance, if you have the intention of launching a fashion website for Kids, your homepage layout should contain bright colours with adorable images.

Lot801’s simple but effective homepage

Let’s take Lot801, a famous fashion brand for Kids, as an example. Its homepage includes a cute image featuring a small sheep to attract Kids. Simple but bright colours are used effectively.  The main hue here is white, along with yellow, purple and blue. Although it looks simple, the images and colours of its homepage are likely to suit the taste of Kids. Likewise, the fashion homepage for Men and Women should also include colours and images that match their preferences to increase the conversion rate for your business.

Blackberrys – A fashion brand for men’s homepage

Chloé – A fashion brand for women’s homepage

Because the imagery aspect of a fashion homepage is very important, there are several ways to make it easier for you to design one that is more eye-catching and attractive.


One of the most common and effective ways to make your homepage more appealing is a slideshow. Each slide can include your top products, items for sale or a crucial campaign of your brand that you want to advertise. Put the most important one on the first slide and carry on with the second and third order. However, bear in mind that it is ideal to set up only 3 to 4 slides. The visitors will spend too much time looking at the slides and not scrolling down.

Dior’s homepage with slideshows


Another way to make your homepage more eye-catching is making a video. A fashion brand may take advantage of story-telling through video or using it to introduce the top-level chain of items. Displaying the video on your homepage will likely to keep the customers stay on your website longer. 

For the images and themes, if you are not an expert at these aspects, you should take a look at Shopify’s free stock photos and themes.

3. Accessible search bar

Because most of the fashion brands sell many products and collections, it is necessary for them to include a search bar. It will save lots of time for customers if they see the search bar right on the homepage and find the items that they need immediately. Otherwise, they might feel overwhelmed when browsing through many products. The frustration will take over them even before they locate the needed items.

Louis Vuitton’s search bar on its homepage

4. Blog and content

Blog and content are also integral parts of one fashion homepage. It is more ideal for this section to be designed in the footer. Customers will be distracted from looking at your products displayed below. As the customers finished scrolling through your homepage, they feel impressed by your brand and decide to gain more information about your products. This is when your blog link in the footer navigation comes in handy. 

Writing a blog is another effective way to keep customers stay longer at your website. Therefore, it is important to provide them with good content and informative data about your brand.

5. Mobile adaptive

Because most shoppers now use a mobile phone to do the shopping, so it is necessary for your fashion’s homepage to be adaptive to their mobiles. As the main traffic source may come from mobile, your homepage should be straightforward for customers to navigate around. This allows visitors to save time shopping and increase the conversion percentage. Hence, take mobile users into serious consideration when building your own homepage.

H&M’s homepage mobile version

Now we can ensure that a homepage is very vital for a business’s website, it is your duty to take great care and improve it day by day. You can follow these tips and tricks to make a flawless homepage for your fashion online store, or you can contact HappyPoints to help you design in a short time. 

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