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5 Thoughtful Tips to Name a Shopify Store (With Examples)

So you have planned everything and are ready to start your Shopify store. You have brainstormed ideas for your business and decided what your online shop is going to sell. But wait, aren’t you missing something? There is one last hurdle. What should you name your online store, and how you can choose a creative and attractive Shopify store name?

Your brand name is the first step to allure your users. It seems easy, but it is a tedious task in reality. Your store name holds an essential place in the success or failure of your business. 

Choosing the right name is very important, particularly if you want to make its presence felt online.

The store name is just like your brand’s front door, which attracts thousands of potential customers you will encounter. If you are a beginner or newbie on Shopify, it can be overwhelming as 50,000 to 100,000 domain names are registered every day. Therefore, it becomes a challenge to come up with something unique, original and available. Pay keen attention to it right now, or it could be more time consuming and cost-driven in future. 

This article will infuse you with five thoughtful tips to help you name your Shopify store wisely.

Five tips to name a Shopify store

1. Simplicity is the top tips to name a Shopify store

Would you like to solve a complicated numerical problem? Certainly not, if you are not a mathematics genius. It is the same for a business and its operations. To make it easy for the people, keeping things simple and straightforward is the key. And, furthermore, a similar tactic  applies to the nomenclature of your Shopify store.

You may ask, why is it essential to keep the name simple?

Generally, when a shopper interacts with your brand, it takes them several times to remember your business name. Using a lengthy and complicated business name is unquestionably challenging for your customers to remember it. 

However, if your Shopify store name is memorable and straightforward, you make it easy for people to remember it. For instance, many globally recognized stores or brands have one-word business names—for example, Amazon, Zara, etc. 
Let’s understand it with an example of IDRAW

IDRAW offers high-end sketchbooks custom-made for all artists of all zoners. They offer sketchbooks for comics, designer cars, shoes and more. Each product includes industry reference material for their specific purpose.

simple business name

The name IDRAW is simple and easy to grasp for the customers. The name is simple and just limited to one word as the owners wanted to be noticed and remembered. As a user, you will get convinced to explore your artistic talent and buy a sketchbook.

2. Your target audience is Common people, so make it easy to spell and say

You know the name must be simple, but simultaneously, make it easy to spell and say. Your store name needs to be easy to remember and spell so that if someone hears your brand name from a friend or sees it somewhere, he remembers it. 

People can be forgetful, and you can not help with it. Make it easy for your audience. Make it easy to spell, avoid a lengthy word, and avoid punctuation marks or any numeric signs. Otherwise, after 2 or 3 unsuccessful google searches, they indeed end up on competitors’ stores instead of yours.

Usually, 1 or 2 words are perfect for your business name.. 

Let’s illustrate this with an example SuitSupply

SuitSupply is a tailoring brand that prides itself in being straightforward with its name. This brand name grasps a visitor’s attention quickly as the name itself says about the fabulous job they are into – supply suits.

easy to spell business name

It is interesting to note that SuitSupply has used alterations in their business name. Both the words (though used without any space in between) start with the same letter written in capital. It is a smart marketing tactic that can help people remember your store name easily. 

If you want to use alternation in your Shopify store name, don’t hesitate to do so. It can work wonders for you and your brand just like SuitSupply.

3. Keep the future in mind; choose a Future proof name.

You open a Shopify store intending to sell more and more and think about hitting the first milestone. And there is no doubt those are pretty big, impressive milestones for those just starting from scratch. But hopefully, you will be hitting much more significant milestones. Think $1000+ in sales every single month. 

So the idea goes the same for your Shopify store name. It will be of immense help if you think of a business name that will also work in the future when you grow your Shopify store. Your store or business name should not restrict future growth because when your business flourishes, you would want to add more products, so keep your options open when choosing a name for your Shopify store.

For example FloorPlan

Look at the name, this type of name is a future proof name. This store sells rugs, and they believe that a great rug is a perfect item to tie a room together. They picked up this name because if someone plans to buy rugs for their house, they will definitely consider the store in the future.

shopify store name example

4. Do market research and Choose an available name 

When you decide a name for your store, it’s essential to keep an eye on the market and make sure your ideas are available. Also, see to it that the name is available for trademark and domain name registration. To do this, type your selected name on a search engine and see if the name is new and fresh or is already taken.

We always recommend trying to secure a .com domain name for your store, especially if you are targeting your products to a native audience (English speaking). The main reason to pick a .com domain name is because .com shoppers trust domain names, and also it’s been around since the start of the internet. .com domain name works globally and if you want to offer your product or services in a particular country, then you can choose domains such .us, .uk, .sg etc. You can suggest to the audience to gain more trust from web visitors by choosing national domains like these. 

Shopify gives you ease here. You can search domain names on Shopify itself. You can search for domain names and how much they cost and buy and install them in your store too.

5. Convey meaning through your store name

Once you are done with your creative and mindful brainstorming, we recommend conveying a meaningful connection through your business name. Let’s be clear that you don’t have to pick a name with the literal meaning. 

This also doesn’t mean you have to spend your whole time thinking about a deep meaning name, but it should not be super generic. Try a name that evokes the emotions of people instead of making them numb. 

Confused? Don’t be.

You must have come across many brands that convey a strong meaning. For example, Nike, people don’t think of Victory’s Greek goddess when they see the Nike logo, even though that’s the meaning of the company name.

Now let’s take an example Gymshark

This brand name is showing what it is about and what it is going to offer you. If you are going to open your online gym store and look for definite inspiration, Gymshark is a suitable example.

This successful gym clothing and apparel brand came up with their name by blending two common words. First, they use the word GYM, which is obviously bread and butter for their business, from which people get clear ideas about their services.

shopify store name example

Secondly, they used the word Shark, which is an aquatic animal that is often associated with power and strength. This name is pretty simple, but at the same time, it is unique with direct meaning. It is also super easy to remember, which is the key to a successful business. 

Keep all the points in mind and pick a suitable name that reflects your business idea.

Are you still not finding the right direction? Use a business name generator. 

If you are still stuck on finding a suitable business name, we recommend using some tools that make your journey a bit easy. You can try a Business name generator to guide you in the right direction. 
The business name generator is pretty easy to use. All you have to do is to put your word that you have been thinking of for your store and it will provide you with a dozen of examples that you can use for your business. Some of the Business name generators you can use to name Shopify stores are Shopify’s store name generator, Namelix, Oberlo, wpbeginner, Squadhelp etc.


Now you are handy with all the tips, tricks, and tools you need to develop a great Shopify store name. With a little creative work in the naming process, any Shopify store can distinguish itself from its peers. 

All you need is an inspiration and come up with a name that will leave an everlasting impression on your audience. Use these five thoughtful tips that you have gleaned above to come up with unique and a great store name.

Wish you all the best for your business. Stay tuned for more informative posts.

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