7 Exceptional Shopify Stores to Inspire Your Business in 2021

According to expert opinion, 17% of all America’s retail sales would be via e-commerce by 2022.  Shopify is one of the leading e-commerce platforms, and some exceptional Shopify stores are gradually redefining how online retail should be done.

Having a Shopify store packed with great products is nice, but that’s not where it stops. You need to re-invent your store to be able to turn your potential customers into paying customers.

When I say re-invent, I’m not talking about appearance alone. The message you pass with your slogans, and how you pass them is also vital.

Have you wondered why some Shopify stores are doing so well, and yours isn’t? It’s not like they sell better products than you, so what’s the secret to their success?

To answer this question, I’d like us to look at seven exceptional Shopify stores and see what makes them tick!

You’d be surprised how simple tactics can help keep your store ahead of the pack.

Let’s go!

1. UgMonk

UgMonk - exceptional shopify store

If you look at the “About” section of Jeff Sheldon’s UgMonk website, you’ll come across a straightforward but essential question – 

“Why was it so difficult to find fresh, high-quality, unique items in a modern aesthetic?”.

His Shopify site has a modern but crisp aesthetic design style. This is how the website displays his clothing, bags, and workplace items.

How simple is your Shopify store? Is it a pain-in-the eye for potential buyers, or is it subtle enough for one to go through and pick out items without any sort of fuss?

If your store has too much detail, it would be difficult for shoppers to navigate. More-so, they wouldn’t be interested in spending any more time in your store. That’s if they can stand the first 10 seconds!

From your choice of colours to arrangements and easy-to-locate details, your store should be simple and fun to navigate. Not a nightmare!

The easier it is to navigate your store, the more time and money shoppers are likely to spend.

2. Pipcorn

Many people love popcorn because it’s crunchy, loaded with butter, and all that other sweet stuff. But customers are concerned about how healthy it is to consume, especially in large amounts.

Pipcorn, one of the most exceptional Shopify Stores you will find, understands its customers’ health concerns, hence they once spread out the message about their popcorn.

It reads –

“Most tender, crunchy, delicious popcorn … and it won’t destroy your teeth like the ‘generic’ stuff”.

How they brilliantly informed their customers that the popcorn they sell is the healthy, tooth-friendly kind.

Your Shopify store may not sell popcorn, but you still have to provide some critical information related to your customer’s concerns about the type of products you sell.

Let’s say you are a Shopify merchant who sells running shoes in your Shopify store. A good way to woo more buyers to your product is to tell them how your shoes provide long-lasting comfort in the heel, sole, and toe area, even after long hours of running.

Pipcorn - exceptional Shopify store

When merchants understand that pain is one of the major issues athletes experience after running,  they will readily use comfort as a selling point.

Back to Pipcorn, a more in-depth look into their “about us” page also shows their popcorn has other cliche features like being non-GMO and gluten-free, whole grain, and vegan. However, they know too well about their customer’s pain, precisely why they address it first. Incredible!

3. Taylor Stitch

The creativity behind Taylor Stitch’s website is simply remarkable. Many site visitors will enjoy the way images of clothes keep switching to models wearing the same clothes at the touch of the mouse.

Taylor Stitch - exceptional Shopify store

Apart from cool images, their website offers its visitors something else of high importance – a message relaying their core values of how their clothes are manufactured.

It reads –

“Taylor Stitch doesn’t just make high-quality clothing. It also aims to reduce waste and help the environment by creating clothing with recycled or 100% natural products”.

Imagine how endearing this would be to their customers. That simple display of empathy towards the well-being of our ecosystem can prompt a well-meaning customer to buy.

They take environmental sustainability seriously, as you will see on their website. And this is what makes them one of the most exceptional Shopify stores around.

You can infuse this philosophy into your own store and use it as a marketing angle.

4. Happiness Abscissa

Happiness Abscissa

Not every successful Shopify store is all bone-faced serious. Some have playful sides too! One of such Shopify stores is Happiness Abscissa. Their brightly coloured website shows off beautiful abstract images that will have you hooked. Another thing that will catch your fancy is how their products dangle from different angles (I didn’t mean to rhyme there).

If not for anything else, the playful angle their store offers is quite entertaining. That’s enough to keep you there for a few more minutes and explore the items they’ve got.

Even their company logo is full of jokes. It’s made up of the letters “H” and “ă” leaning towards different angles.

Not taking themselves too seriously is their number one tactic for you to take them seriously!

If you want to go toe-to-toe with the most exceptional Shopify stores, then you should consider adding a playful element to yours.

Loosen up a bit and let your potential customers see your fun side!

5. Skinny Teatox

Skinny Teatox

Going by their regular one-day flash sale habit and their irresistible website, it would be hard not to keep checking back to their store.

On their homepage, your biggest concerns regarding tea are immediately addressed. They tell you in an instant that their tea is natural, and their tea will work wonders for you! Also, their use of lovely pastel colors and icons further stimulate your imagination of having the freshest, most natural tea.

Most exceptional Shopify stores add a “buy now” button right next to their products. And Skinny Teatox does the same. When you check them out on search engines, you would see “All-natural detox weight loss tea” written clearly beside the company name.

Telling your viewers precisely what your product will do for them is a sure way to get them hooked to your store.

6. HELM Boots

HELM Boots

Using emotions can work wonders for your Shopify store. Everyone has them, but you need to say the right words to tap into their sensitivity.

HELM Boots understand this concept, and they make fair use of it on their homepage.

“It’s more than a tagline. It’s who we are. We don’t just sell boots, we give men confidence. Confidence to take the steps they’ve never taken.”

In an instant, HELM clings on to the emotions of their visitors. 

If they get people to realise that they aren’t just selling boots, but bravery and confidence, they have themselves a paying customer.

It’s a plus that they have an elegant looking website, but their ability to tap into your emotions right from the home page sets them apart as one of the most exceptional Shopify stores online.

They get you hooked every step of the way. The more time you spend on their site, the more confident you become about buying their products.

Use feel-good emotions to convert visitors to customers. If you don’t push the feel-good elements of your product, then the chances of them buying will be slim.

7. BioLite


Who says you can’t look simple and sophisticated all at the same time? BioLite combines both elements perfectly well on their website. They have pretty cool product images that will get you hooked in an instant. Their images aren’t the regular 2-dimensional stuff most sites have. Theirs have a 3-dimensional touch, and the illuminated look adds more spice to it.

Some of their images look like they’ve been soaked in the rain. This may seem a bit too much, but they somehow manage to keep their mind-blowing designs simple.

Funny enough, all this flair isn’t their major selling point. BioLite’s humanitarian impact remains their most attractive side. They let you know immediately that their products bring affordable energy access to Africa and India.

On their homepage, you can see their slogan, which says –

We’re On A Mission To Bring Energy Everywhere.

Another thing that will appeal to their target audience is the navigation bar at the top. It isn’t your average navigation bar, being that it has small black-and-white cartoon images of the product beside each product title. Take the ingenuity in their navigation bar, add it to their slogan’s emotional angle, and have a winning formula.

It worked for them, and it can also work for you!


There you go! The seven exceptional Shopify store ideas to get you ahead of the game in 2021. These ideas are tested and trusted. They are also very practical. All you have to do is use an emotional approach to pass the most concerning information about your product in the most straightforward possible manner.

But you have to keep in mind that simplicity doesn’t necessarily mean boring. There should be a creative side to your site too. We trust this article has been helpful. We look forward to you having a prosperous 2021!

With these inspirational stores, are you ready to launch your own? Contact HappyPoints and start building your store today.

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