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Shopify is a leading solution for a successful eCommerce business today. This article explains Shopify tips that will make users just starting with Shopify to maximize their Shopify experience. It is essential to keep these essentials in mind when building your store to avoid over-optimization while neglecting the basics. The important question is: how do I maximize my Shopify experience?

1. Maximize your use of Social Media

shopify tips - maximize the use of social media

It is such a common experience for new business owners to spends a lot on social media ads. This exhaust your budget in a matter of a few months with no substantial results to show for it. In the early stage, a business should build its company profiles on all social media channels. Using Instagram, Pinterest, and all other sites to share the pictures of products you seek to market. They should be posted consistently so as to generate a following, who in turn can become customers for your products. It will also be helpful to provide solutions to common problems about the products you sell on these pages. Run advertisements with minimal budgets only. You can increase your budget for advertising once you have improved your knowledge and abilities with advertising.

2. Focus on Search Engine Optimization to generate traffic

shopify tips - focus on SEO

It is not easy to appear on the first search engine results pages if you have just created your website. You have to concentrate on the SEO of the website to generate traffic for your new website. Keywords are those words that customers are frequently searching for the products you sell on a search engine or eCommerce store. The use of keywords in optimizing your site cannot be overemphasized; use many of them in your meta description and title. Use them to create a captivating title and prepare an ear-catchy meta description for your site. Doing this will increase your search engine appearance and enable visitors to locate your store via popular search engines. You will also be able to monitor your online store’s performance by integrating it with the Google search console and analytics.

3. Get good image products

get good product images

Images of products posted on your store will significantly determine how successful your store will turn out to be. Put yourself in the customer’s place for a second. Will you ever consider buying from a store with unattractive images? The same thing applies to your online store. Quality images of your products taken from different angles need to be placed on your website. Quality images of your products will drive traffic to your store and enable you to get more customers. Get a professional photographer to take different angles of your products. These high-quality product photos will help your customers make a well-informed choice.

4. Focus on your site store’s design

focus on your store design

Your store’s design should be easy to use and appealing to the eyes at the same time. Your navigation tool should enable your potential customers or customers to access all of your website’s pages with no broken links. The more attractive your website’s design is, the easier it will be for customers to explore it. Your navigation tool should enable your potential customers or customers to access all of your website’s pages with no broken links. Users are inspired to discover more of your website by attractive and seamless UI and UX designs. The theme store on the Shopify website has great themes from which you can make a selection. If you are no longer pleased with free themes, you can reach out to HappyPoints services to customize a theme for the website.

5. Regularly update your website

shopify tips - regularly update your site

To get free traffic from Google and other search engines, it is important to update your website continuously. Doing this starts with how many products you upload to your store at launch. Please resist the temptation to upload all the products you have in stock on your store on the first day, this may seem like the best thing to do, but it might not augur well in the long run. Limit the items you upload initially to 30. 

It is essential to have a plan to update your store regularly (weekly, fortnightly, or whichever frequency you might deem appropriate). Update your website frequently by adding new customer reviews, products, and blog posts to your store. Ensure that you keep to your schedule and make no room for excuses for not updating your store. You can give better signals to search engines by constantly updating your website. Updating your website frequently will assist you in generating more organic traffic.

6. Rewards and Loyalty

shopify tips - take advantages of reward program

In your store, utilize the Rewards and Loyalty Programs. These features allow you to give your customers value and inspire them to like your brand and promote your business. They will also repeat purchases and become long term and committed customers. We know that individuals love to get deals and prizes, and if you allow them and add rewards on your site, they are ready to search for them on your website. The more points and prizes they earn, the further they return to the store to redeem their prizes and purchase more. This is a basic consumer behaviour that every business owner ought to be familiar with. Retaining your customers becomes easier with reward systems, and researches have shown that existing customers buy more and spend more money than new customers do.

Using apps to utilize your reward program

By utilizing a system of ranks or levels, you can appreciate clients that patronize you the most, to keep them patronizing the business and following the loyalty lead. For example, customers attain a special status instead of scoring points when they reach a certain level or make a purchase that allows them to enjoy certain benefits or access to additional features. You need to find an appropriate app on the Shopify App Store to help you build the customer rewards system and leverage a loyalty program on your Shopify store. An app such as Growave will be appropriate. Growave is an all-encompassing marketing platform to reach your target audience, engage customers, and quickly increase customer conversion rates. For decades, the best organizations globally have been using loyalty services to gain new clients and retain existing ones. 

The benefits of using reward program

Once you leverage the loyalty program to enhance your Shopify store, you will experience a dramatic increase in sales, and your buyers will feel appreciated, return to spend the points they have earned, and continue shopping at your store.

7. Get customer reviews

use product review apps

Reviews are one of the most important tools for building consumers’ confidence, and as the business expands, it has the potential to become much more important and attract even more sales for the store. Before buying a product, 93% of shoppers read reviews as they are likely to rely on the product’s social evidence to arrive at an informed choice. It is the search for social evidence that pushes customers to read reviews before a decision is reached. The Product review app on the Shopify App store is a helpful tool to make this happen. It is very natural and human to seek reviews; statistics have shown that up to 91% of people aged 18-34 will seek others’ opinions before making a purchase decision.

8. Offer personalized services 

offer personalized service

Knowing people’s names has always been magical, both in interpersonal relationships and in businesses. It is a crucial step for companies when it comes to creating great, enduring customer relationships. When it comes to choosing their favourite brands, customers preferred brands that treated them individually through personalized services. A Shopify study revealed that 59% of customers preferred personalized product recommendations, for millennials (people between the ages of 24-40), the number is as high as 78%. Shopify recommends options such as smart and relevant reviews with the Loox app, the use of a very short multiple-online quiz tailored to the product you are selling using an app like Visual Quiz Builder. This will enable you to get your customers’ preferences, your customers’ preferences and prospective customers and get products that are tailored to their taste.

9. Get expert services

hire shopify expert

Shopify has made it easy for everyone to set up their own online stores. But to get your store to be outstanding, you should have an expert. An expert knows what matters to customize your store’s functionality and themes that match your specific business’s needs. You can try to set up your store on your own but it’ll take time for you to cover all aspects of a business. With the professional support of Shopify experts, you can concentrate on the core activity, which is operating your store. If so, you’ll focus on your core competence instead of doing it all on your own. 

You can get expert services on platforms such as Upwork and Fiverr or Shopify experts market. If you’re going with Shopify agencies, you can easily find them on B2B platforms, which are Clutch, 99firms, Goodfirms, Platpick, CrunchBase, CrowdReviews

As a leading Vietnam Shopify Development Agency, HappyPoints includes Shopify experts with professional experience in handling and delivering Shopify projects. We highly specialize in store setup and theme customization.


Getting to know a new platform is not easy work. Keep in mind Shopify tips to run your business more smoothly. Firstly maximize your use of social media to amplify your brand, improve the SEO and design of your website to get more visitors. Don’t forget to frequently update your website and use good product images. You might get exhausted because of tons of work that needs to cover. If so, hire Shopify experts to handle some for you and focus on the core activities of your business. 

Looking for a Shopify expert to customize your store, contact us at HappyPoints. We are keen on supporting Shopify businesses.

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