9 Social Media Places To Get Product Ideas To Sell In Your E-Commerce Store

Searching Social Media for Product Ideas

Successful eCommerce websites are the sites that found that one product idea in that niche area that suddenly everyone just had to have.  They market the product on their website and online shoppers snatch it up. Remember when you used to get in your car and go to the store to shop for gifts and clothing? Those days are long gone. Shopping online is as commonplace as having a smartphone.

Each platform has its own identity as well as its own unique audience. Product ideas are abundant if you know where and how to look. Consider looking in smaller niches within product categories that have a more targeted audience. Niche products are goods targeted towards a specific segment of customers (Ferenzi, 2019). There is usually less competition which helps your Google ranking and lowers advertising costs.

  1. FacebookWith Facebook still being the most popular social media platform, you will probably find popular product pages and groups selling a hot new product. You can Use hashtags and look at what’s trending within specific categories. If possible, join a group that has a product you are interested in and find out what people are saying.hashtag
  1. Snapchat If you are looking to sell to a younger crowd then Snapchat is your go-to platform. 85% of Snapchat users are between the ages of 18-34. (Chaykowski, 2017). With video being its main attraction, you can get ideas from watching popular brand stories and gauging audience reaction and
  2. PinterestWhat you see is what you get. It is easy to see what products are getting the most attention. With Pinterest being mainly a visual social media platform, consumers can see what they are getting without having to read long product descriptions. The Popular section will give you product ideas based on what’s trending.
  3. InstagramWith more than 600 million users, Instagram should not be overlooked. (York, 2017). This image and video sharing social app brings new light to old ideas. Search by hashtags or check the Discover section to see what people are searching for. A lot of big brands are on Instagram. It is a great way to get customer satisfaction levels on a product.Hashtag
  4. Twitter –It may not be the most popular platform for engagement, but Twitter is becoming the best platform for businesses and enterprise organizations for social customer service. (York, 2017). There is a wealth of information to be had in the user comments. Looking at where the product is falling short can give you an idea of how to do it better.
  5. LinkedInAlthough it is a social media network for professionals, you can gain valuable information by searching specific companies. Information such as the company’s growth over the last year can help you decide if your idea is worth pursuing.
  6. Reddit Reddit is not your traditional social media platform. It has its own brand of users and acts more like a forum. However, it is a self-acclaimed front-page news curator. Anything that is happening on the internet will certainly be found in Reddit. Reddit is broken down into very specific subreddits that cater to different topics and products. It is here that you will find the most popular topics, and probably your next product idea.
  7. YouTube YouTube is often an overlooked social media platform. There is a segment of the population that prefers video over reading, and its popularity is becoming more of a mainstream advertisement for people selling products. By typing in specific keywords and hashtags, you will find the most popular products on YouTube.Youtube screeshotBrowse the videos to find something that resonates. It is also a great research tool if you already have an idea in mind.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A-K1isFJlng
  8. Social Shopping This isn’t necessarily a platform, rather it encompasses the lesser known social media sources. Social shopping/sharing sites like Wish or Jet or even more niche websites like Etsy that sell unique gifts are resource banks of product ideas.


You know you’re a great salesperson and could sell the blue in the sky to a blind man. What you don’t know is what you should sell. I hear that all the time. Someone will say to me, “I know I’d be really good at running an eCommerce store, but I have no idea what to sell.” Start with your hobbies or the things that interest you and search from there.

This list of social media platforms will have you breaking out your pen and paper to start curating your own list of must sell items before you’re done. There are a lot of great ideas out there and some you could even do better. Go with some you are interested in and follow it to see where it goes. You may hit on something big.

What about you? Do you have any “go-to” places to find inspiration for product ideas? Have you used any of the platforms on this list to get an idea and start selling products? Let me know in the comments below.

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