An Advanced Guide To Get The Best Shopify Store Review (with video)

Store review is a great way to know more about your online business. The more you understand your store, the higher the conversion rate you have. You can get tons of store reviews easily, but how many of them are rational? Are you sure they are good enough? Let’s find out ways to get the perfect store review with HappyPoints!

When do Shopify merchants need reviewing?

Every Shopify merchant needs “review my store”, from big brands to the small locals. Let’s dig deeper into the most popular situations from store owners:

#1. No traffic

This is the most common pain of store owners. You spent lots of time and effort to set up your store, you generated valuable writing pieces for your blog page… but your traffic is still zero. Well, getting more traffic for your store is a long story. There are many ways to boost traffic, but what is the most appropriate one? It depends on the industry you are in.

Traffic helps bring in potential customers to land you

Driving traffic to your store is important because traffic helps bring in potential customers to land you. Many merchants spend time and effort perfecting the appearance of their store but fail to do what really matters: getting traffic. Reasons lead to no or little traffic vary. Maybe you haven’t run ads campaign so no one knows about your store. But there are stores still get huge traffic without paying a single penny. Or maybe you haven’t spent enough time to optimise the SEO for your website. There’s no right answer for this. The best way to get the answer is by checking your store, examine it to see what your store needs to drive in more traffic. This time, getting a review from an experienced person is in need.

#2. High bounce rate 

This is also a popular concern of Shopify merchants. They invest a lot in ads but the bounce rate is still high. The bounce rate is the percentage of site visitors that lands on a page and only look at a said page before leaving your site without engaging with it. The bounce rate kills lead-generation, engagement, conversions, sales, and revenues. You need to neutralise it as much as possible. 

Bounce rate is the killer to leads, engagements, sales, and revenues

High bounce rate clearly shows that your website’s traffic is not relevant or your website is not attractive enough and not well optimised. The best ways to reduce bounce rate would be to improve site performance, fix pain points in navigation that may cause users to feel frustrated and leave. In this case, you would probably want to use an analytics tool or software to find out issues. You can also offer some coupons and other incentives to help secure shopping interest. 

Irrelevant traffic is only one of the reasons lead to high bounce rate. There are ways to reduce your website’s bounce rate. If you are meticulous with the Shopify platform, there is no difficulty to do this, but if you’re not, you would really need a deep investigation from an expert.

#3. Poor store design 

This is the common trap, especially for newbies. They don’t know what to do. The thought of “upload the best quality product is enough” is the key factor that makes your failure. The most important part of the store is the storefront design. Just like when you are walking down the street and notice an average looking girl and a hot, attracted girl. Who will get your attention first? Of course, it will be the hot attracted one, even though her personality might be nothing compared to the other one. It’s because we are all just human, and the look is what catches our attention in the first place. So you need to have a good storefront design to bring in more traffic, only then the customers will know the quality of your product is superb compared to other competitors, right?

The very first step for a great storefront design is picking an appropriate theme for your store. Shopify theme market is a good place to start. No matter whatever industries you are specialised in, you really need to take a proper theme for your store. You might want to reference some recommendations for picking the best industry-specific Shopify themes. Once a template caught your eyes, installing and customising it are not easy tasks. You will have to face a couple of problems related to theme installation and customisation. That’s the reason why you should ask people for store review.

#4. Unconditionally closing store

This is the worst situation for any Shopify merchant. Imagine your store is all set up, traffic pouring in, and then for no reason, your store is suspended. It would be a nightmare. Clarifying problems is what Shopify have to do for you, but in many cases, store owners have to see their business collapse without rational reason.

To avoid this, you should seek experienced people to review your store to make sure you’re on the right track. They will know what problems or threats your store may face. There might be some issues with the way your store set up, or the SEO word might violate some community standards without you knowing it… It could be a million different reasons lead up to your store got suspended. To avoid these kinds of problems, the only thing you can do really is just asking for help from someone else. You know what they say: two heads are better than one.

Unconditionally closing the store is a nightmare

#2. Get reviews from experts

Obviously, expert reviews are the best. Experts are the ones with in-depth knowledge in the field, they will give you a very detailed comment. They will review your store as an end-user to see if there are any issues with the user experience. Their suggestions will definitely prove useful for you to improve your store. There will even be experts who will help you analyze your competitors and give suggestions to get you the edge. Other than that, they will do the site performance review to see if anything is wrong and come up with a solution.

Most importantly, they are the experts so they work like experts, professional working style. Instead of giving you some bullet points like community posts, they will send you a thorough report. In that report, they point out the strengths and weaknesses of your store. Some of these experts will charge you, some are willing to help you for free. You just need to know where to find them!

Get your store reviewed by expert brings in benefits

How to get reviews from experts?

It’s not difficult to get reviews from experts. You can find an expert from online freelancer sites like Fiverr, Upwork,… Of course, once you have picked one, you need to pay them an amount in return. And the price varies, there’s no fixed one. Let’s assume those sites are rated by stars, but anything can be faked.

To find a true expert, you must be incredibly lucky. Not to mention, when you find a decent one, meaning his/her rate is 4-5 stars, proper portfolio, even have experience about your field of business, in short, you like him/her. You decide to send him/her a message about reviewing your store, you think you can get his/her help with ease. But then you get rejected because he/she is too busy with tons of requests. It leaves you bewildered, disappointed, you must do it all over again to find an expert to review your store. Then you will wish “What if there is a free store review service”. The truth is, there is already some free store review service on the market right now. But where can you find them? There you have it, HappyPoints got this service for Free.

Sarah from Wholesale Ted recorded some store review videos. You can watch one of them have some ideas on what to check if you want someone to review your Shopify store. Sara will give you a detailed store review video, but it takes time for recording, while you need your store reviewed as soon as possible. One quick way to get your online store reviewed by experts is to request a store review service from HappyPoints. You will receive an in-depth report within maximum 5 business days. You will receive a detailed explanation of what your store lacks and ways to improve it as well as conversion rate.

Truth be told, you really need time to make things perfect and understand precisely what is not working. Sometimes, you can’t do it alone, you would need help from someone else. If you want your business to fly, you would need to sharpen everything. Do ask for a store review from experts!

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