overview of how to Start Dropshipping on Shopify

An overview of how to Start Dropshipping on the Shopify

Dropshipping on Shopify is becoming an incredibly famous business strategy for new startups as online marketing expertise exceeds financial means. It is easy to start a dropshipping company with minimal resources as you do not have to store or manage the products you are delivering.
There’s no inventory to keep track of, and no packages to ship, so you can work on selling your goods, making profits, and investing your precious time and money into expanding your business. But you shouldn’t be expecting to get a maximum bank balance quickly. It is an outstanding idea to see it as a part-time project at first.

It’s a valuable project knowing that nearly 80% of Americans are online shoppers. Most of these buyers use their smartphones to make online purchases. This dropshipping guide has been put together for anyone interested in starting Dropshipping in eCommerce.

What is Shopify?

Shopify is a global eCommerce site that enables aspiring startups to create their first online store, offer products, and receive cash. With more than 1 million businesses in around 175 countries, Shopify is among the most prominent eCommerce platforms. It is an extremely user-friendly and versatile platform with stores and businesses of each size. It’s comparatively easy to set up your store on Shopify and a wide range of tools is also provided to manage the sales and keep an eye on the insights. Easy marketing, safe shipping, and secure checkout allow the merchants to focus on their business.
So, for someone who needs to start an online company but has no experience, Shopify is a fantastic platform to begin.

Start dropshipping business on the Shopify

What is dropshipping?

It is now an eCommerce delivery process in which internet retailers sell goods without physically carrying and delivering the product. Since distribution is performed by a private entity, the job as a middleman is limited to listing goods and liaising with distributors to manage to ship.

Without needing to think about transportation, retailers who use the dropshipping delivery technique can concentrate their attention on marketing, identifying new items to deliver, and offering outstanding customer support. The retailer (seller) will not stock the products in this method but rather sends consumer details to the dealer, who ships on their request.
The retailer is instead free of the responsibility of product maintenance and store ownership. While selling on almost each eCommerce website, you will be using your favorite dropshipping fulfillment model. You can select eBay dropshipping, Shopify dropshipping, or Amazon.

Why should we start a dropshipping on the Shopify?

You are now familiar with the dropshipping and Shopify, let’s discuss both of them together. A Shopify store is simple to set up, thanks to its seamless integration with the dropshipping model. Dropshipping with Shopify is a perfect choice if you’re not using the funds to handle production, procurement, and delivery. It’s also one of the easiest and most common tools for building and running your company.
Following are some reasons for selecting Shopify for dropshipping.

Shopify supports store owners

It strongly supports the dropshipping concept, but several dropshipping-specific applications work effortlessly with the system. This certainly makes everything clear for the entrepreneurs who are just starting their business on Shopify. Different applications are available for the Shopify store that can be used for your business’s complete analytics and insights.
Shopify helps to find the suppliers
Finding dropshipping suppliers is sometimes a challenging and frustrating process, but it is extremely important to any dropshipping business’s progress. The wholesale supplier directories can be used for suppliers of a particular product, market, or niche. Some of the best directories to find the suppliers are Alibaba, DHgate, Worldwide Brands, SaleHoo, AliExpress, Doba, and CDS.

Shopify has a Host of Design Features

It has several tools that enable you to build an eCommerce store instead of just a site, making it perfect for beginners! You will use the online shop creator to plan the business to get all of the designs. You can select from a variety of free and premium design models and many other excellent features that make managing the inventory, advertising, and transactions fun.

Shopify is Easy to Use

The framework of Shopify is among the most user-friendly platforms in the business. Even though it has a wide range of different options and controls, it is easy to use and does not annoy. You can select the theme, add the content and launch your store with some computer skills. If you know how to use MS office, you can create and launch your website by watching the online tutorials. These videos are simple to learn and do a good job at demonstrating how to use the system.

A step-by-step guide to do dropshipping on the Shopify

1. Select a dropshipping niche

The category you chose should be something you’re passionate about. As it requires a lot of effort to effectively expand a drop shipping company, if you aren’t excited about the product you pick, you’ll be more likely to get frustrated.
Since you concentrate on promotion and customer loyalty when you manage a drop shipping company, the level of hard work involved to deliver a $20 product is exactly the same as it can be while selling a $2,000 product. Choose a market for higher-priced goods. Ubersgguest’s tool can be used for searching the volume of a keyword. This tool will help you get a lot of business ideas based on the search volume of a keyword.

  • The supplier of the product manages distribution, but if the price is extremely expensive, it will discourage buyers. You have to find a product that is economical to deliver. It will enable you to deliver products for free to your loyal customers.
  • There are several tools available in the market to find the most relevant and suitable keywords. If you are focusing on a keyword with a few searches, you have to update them by replacing them with the most searched keywords.
  • Rebranding the most popular product and introducing them into the market will boost your company’s overall performance. White labeling an item with your branding and custom packing will increase your revenue.
Market research

2. Dropshipping Competition research

Note that you’ll be up against other drop shipping companies along with shopping giants like Amazon and Walmart. A lot of dropshipping companies try to focus on a product with less competition. They need to understand that the particular item with less competition isn’t in high demand.

High delivery prices, supplier and logistics problems, or thin profit margins are some of the factors why a particular item does not have competition. You need to search for goods with more competition, as this indicates a high level of demand and a viable marketing strategy.
Different tools are available for competition research. You can use Alexa to find new opportunities and ideas to improve the web traffic on your site.

3. Find a supplier for dropshipping on the Shopify

Although collaborating with a misleading manufacturer can be terrible for your company, you must take this move slowly. And sure you do your homework. Since the majority of drop shipping vendors are based overseas, coordination is crucial, both in terms of response time and common vision. If you have some concerns about a prospective supplier’s ability to connect, move forward and restart the search.
Alibaba has grown to be one of the most popular online platforms for finding and communicating with prospective producers and suppliers. In the case that the company expands rapidly, remember to ask a couple of queries to know about their manufacturing capability. You need to be sure that they’ll be able to perform like you.

4. Build your Shopify website

Using an easy eCommerce application including Shopify is the best approach to start a company that follows the dropshipping business model. There is no need for any technical knowledge to get started because there are tons of techniques to help you maximize profits.
If you have a huge investment and can afford to pay a web design agency to build a customized solution, it’s a much better idea to start the business. After you’ve developed yourself and started to produce sales, you will continue to customize your website further.

5. Customer acquisition plan

You may have a great item and a good site, but you won’t have a market until you have people trying to purchase. There are many methods to draw new buyers, but starting the Facebook ads has been the most reliable.

This helps you to drive profits and earnings straight away, which will help you scale your business quickly. You will bring the bid next to a highly focused community by using Facebook ads. This allows you to deal with the biggest companies and stores instantly.

You must still understand the long run, so pay attention to search engine optimization and online advertising. Start collecting emails right away and set up automatic email series with rewards and promotional deals. It’s a quick way to raise sales from your current client base without having to expend money on ads or marketing.

6. Analyze and optimize

Analyze and optimize

To develop your company, you must keep a record of all available reporting and analysis. You can use the Google Analytics tool and Facebook data. You can measure what is working for your company and remove what doesn’t because you can monitor every specific conversion.

There will never be an advertising or promotional solution that you will put in place and forget about. You must actively test potential possibilities and fine-tune existing programs to determine where to refine or change advertising expenses


Dropshipping in eCommerce would be an outstanding choice for online retailers who decide to utilize their specific platform as their preferred portal. It’s easy to use, brings you in competition with major companies, and includes a bunch of dropshipping apps. But keep in mind that if you want to start dropshipping on Shopify rather than other platforms, you’ll need to struggle a lot to create brand recognition and internet traffic!

The most important thing to win on dropshipping is market research. This article will be helpful to do market research and also find dropshipping niche markets with profitable products.

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