Best Shopify Blog apps to boost your online store sales

Consumers in the digital age have zillion options to choose from on the online marketplace. The only way to get their attention towards your online store is to convince them you are trustworthy. And that’s exactly what blogging on Shopify store does – it establishes trust in the hearts and minds of customers.

Want to create awesome blogs on your Shopify store? You’ve come to the right place! In this article, we will review some of the best Shopify blog apps that enhance your Shopify blogging performance and rocket your sales. Let’s get started!

How does blogging on Shopify boost your e-commerce sales?

If you are wondering whether it is really worth to create Shopify blogs, let’s take a look at some of its outstanding benefits as below. 

Enhancing your Google ranking

One of the most significant benefits of adding blogs to your online store is the positive impact it has on SEO. Here are just a few ways that blogging can help to boost your SEO:

  • Keep your site active: Frequently publishing articles make your site “active” in Google’s eyes. Active sites are considered more useful and relevant to potential customers, and they consistently have higher rankings on the search engine results page. 
  • Target keywords: By using targeted long-tails keywords in blogs, you have more chances to attract the right kind of traffic to your e-commerce site. 
  • More page visits: Blogs keep website visitors stay longer. Longer visit time lets Google know that your website brings value, which can lead to better search result ranking.

After all, increasing your Google ranking will improve your website traffic. If each blog post is written for a specific audience and has the right funnel to drive sales, this increased traffic can steer people to the products you want them to buy.

Strengthening your brand identity

Many e-commerce websites use their blogs as a method of establishing their brands as industry experts. Your blog posts can provide tips and tricks, tutorials or latest industry trends that your target audience are looking for. Your blog readers will eventually recognize the needs to buy something related to your sector and think of you because they trust that you know what you are talking about. The more people trust you, the more they are willing to purchase from you. 

Communicating genuinely with your customers

Creating blog posts helps you strengthen connections with the customers. Comments left below your articles are a valuable source of feedback and customers’ insights. You can also have more interaction with them by replying to their comments. This way, you will have a better understanding of how they think, what they need, what their interests are, and what they don’t want. This information will help you drive your strategy in the right direction to grow and scale your business successfully. 

The three reasons above are the answer to why blogs are beneficial. Wondering how you can optimize your Shopify blog post? Let’s jump into three best Shopify blog apps below and find your own solution!

Top 3 Best Shopify Blogs Apps to optimize your blog posts

Blog Studio

The brilliant drag-and-drop to tell your story

Blog Studio makes it easy to create beautiful looking blog articles that show right on your Shopify store. Whatever the theme you use, you will be crafting attractive blogs in no time with Blog Studio. The most outstanding feature of this app is the drag-and-drop interface which helps you easily create awesome blog articles without the need to write a single line of code. Blog Studio makes your Shopify blogs become tools to convey your message, connect with your audiences, and increase your sales.


  • Create attractive blogs from intuitive drag and drop interface.
  • Hundreds of built-in components including image, video, button, form, testimonial and more.
  • Configure tags, authors, meta descriptions, SEO title and upload featured image for your blogs.
  • Fully responsive and mobile-ready. 


  • Not automatically evaluate the SEO performance of the blog posts. 
  • Not allow displaying relevant blogs. 
  • Only support video embedded URL. 
  • Text wrap feature is not available.

Customer reviews

Rating: 4.5/5 – 205 reviews (up to date)

Glamorous Hangups says, “I recently posted a review that expressed frustration with the app. I have to say that the customer support was exceptional, and they have sought to address all my concerns and fix them. I still think it is a basic page builder, but after much research, this is the best option you will find for Shopify blogs if you don’t want to pay for PageFly and Shogun (really ££££ if you just want the blog features). Great service. Give it a try, and if you need them to sort issues, they really will do it for you.” (Overall rating – 4/5).

Affiliate Supplements says, “So far the app does what it says. I will say that there is a learning curve to it, and when you implement it, there may be some changes needed to make it perfect. BUT what is most impressive, and maybe important is that their support team is super fast and knowledgeable. They changed the app CSS code to give me the exact spacing I wanted between sections. Not a lot of apps will change your code for you, especially within 2hrs of asking the question. I am still on a free trial but expect I will move to a paid version once it’s up” (Overall rating – 5/5).


$14.95/month (you get 14-day free trial).

Related Blog Post

Suggest your other blog posts for better engagement & SEO

As its name indicates, Related Blog Post quickly and easily suggests related blog posts to readers on your Shopify blog. When someone finishes reading a blog post, additional articles will be shown under the section like “You May Also Be Interested In Reading” to encourage people to read. This way, readers can engage more with your content, and your page views will increase. Also, Related Blog Posts app is a great solution to boost your SEO by creating quality internal links and enhancing Google’s crawl ability of old articles.


  • Free, fast, and fully accessible within your Shopify admin.
  • Fully customizable to display your ideal number of related blog posts.
  • Exclude posts from showing as suggested posts if necessary.


  • Need to edit your theme to show related blog posts.
  • Need CSS of your Shopify theme or apply custom CSS to adapt the style of related blogs.
  • Take time to contact customer support. 
  • Not support to customize comment section.

Customer reviews

Rating 4.5/5 – 208 reviews (up to date)

Cindy Rae Fancher Art says, “I just implemented the app and made the code change. If I had looked at your example, it would have been super quick! As it is, it took me 10 minutes. Thanks! Now if you could help me be able to respond to my blog comments, I would be thrilled! But I happy with your app!” (Overall rating – 5/5).

Mental Monarchs says, “Got in a jiffy! Thank you so much for allowing this to be free. I would have never downloaded, and this is a lifesaver.” (Overall rating – 5/5).



BlogFeeder – Blog Importer

Your store & blog on the same site = better conversions & SEO!

The excellent app BlogFeeder – Blog Importer helps you improve your conversions and SEO by importing blogs from external platforms into your Shopify store. Despite the fact that Shopify is great for e-commerce, it is not built for blogging. The specialized blogging platforms such as Tumblr, Facebook, Medium, and WordPress are easy to use but require customers to leave your site to read. With BlogFeeder – Blog Importer, you can pull your articles from almost any blogging platforms into your Shopify blog and keep them stay updated to make sure your blogs are always synced.


  • Import your existing blogs from almost any blogging platform to Shopify.
  • Imported blogs stay automatically synced forever.
  • Increase your conversion rate and boost your SEO performance.


  • Not support to reliably import Squarespace content at this time.
  • Cannot import comments yet.
  • Blog images will stay hosted on your old platform or must be moved to Shopify manually.
  • Some past posts cannot be imported from some platforms. 

Customer reviews

Rating: 4.5/5 – 403 reviews (up to date)

Vapamore says, “I used this app to import over 200+ blogs from WordPress, and it worked amazingly! They all imported in just a few minutes saved so much time and energy!” (Overall rating – 5/5)

Make My Lemonade says, “We used BlogFeeder to import ~800 posts from our old WordPress site. Pretty neat. The support was good (thanks, Daniel !) and accomodating.

Tips if you have a whole WordPress to import with many posts: during the validation of the feed, the app will most likely fall in timeout, due to WordPress’ duration of the RSS feed generation. To counter that, display the RSS feed in your browser, save it as a text file, upload it as a media on your WordPress site and paste this new URL to the app. Will work like a breeze.” (Overall rating – 5/5).


$9.99/month (No trial – you are required to select your plan before using the app)

Final Words

Now that you’ve had the chance to see our favorite Shopify blog apps which we carefully hand-picked, which app(s) do you like best?

Keep in mind that whatever app you choose, make sure that it is the most suitable app for your unique business. Still, confused or cannot find the right Shopify blog app as you want? Don’t worry! Shopify custom app can be the solution for you!

Don’t hesitate to contact us to know more about Shopify custom app and how it can grow and scale your business! We would love to hear back from you soon!

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