Best Shopify Product Pages Advice for Fashion businesses

What kind of advice from best shopify product pages you wish to receive?

For most online businesses, focusing on the homepage is a must since it’s the first thing visitors see when they arrive. In fact, the real goal of any e-commerce website, especially fashion-focused shops, is sales. And the best way to achieve? Experts behind some of the best Shopify product pages believe in creating a stellar product page.

As for a fashion-focused shop, the stylish-designed yet clear product page is considered especially important. Because the customers are looking for beautiful products, the visual aspect of your product page should be given extra attention. When online shoppers search for a clothing item or accessory, they need to know what the product looks like and what it feels like. Other data such as sizes, colours, material fabrics, and prices are also necessary and almost indispensable. It helps customers make a decision quickly. 

Let’s take a look at 5 simple tips to successfully design a customer-winning product page.

How to design a customer-winning product page?

5 Shopify product pages advice for fashion businesses

#1. Use high-quality and professional product images

Obviously, product photography is the key for any of best Shopify product pages. Even if the customers prefer in-depth content or detailed product description, a good image will always make the best impression. You may not have a huge retail space, but you need to provide customers with the real feel of your product.

Unlike the physical store, your customers can’t see, touch or try stuff on before buying. In fashion industry, beauty values are really vital for converting sales. That’s why excellent product photography is a must for  an online fashion store if you want to get sales. 

Select high-quality images

According to the National Retail Federation, as stated in a blog on, more than 60% of customers consider the quality of product images is a key factor in their purchasing decision. As a fashion online business owner, you need to upload the best quality pictures on your product page. By doing so, customers will know how much effort you are putting in your business. Then, they are likely to trust your store and feel more motivated to support your products.

Verge Girl’s white mini dress product page

Let’s take Verge Girl’s white mini dress product page as an example. Obviously, this store understands the importance of product image quality. By using high-resolution photos, Verge Girl has scored a significant point in terms of customer satisfaction. This brand is clear that high-quality product image is one key factor that keeps customers stay. These pictures feature a woman wearing a white dress, in which design is simple yet elegant. If Verge Girl utilises poor quality pictures instead, it’s likely to lose a large number of customers and generate low revenues.

Converse’s product page

Another example is Converse’s product page for its Chuck Taylor All Star Seasonal Color High Top. These high-quality product pictures display Converse’s original design but still unique and eye-catching. From those images, we can see that this model conveys the gracefulness and stylishness. Without excellent photography, customers will not consider this pair of shoes as “elegant”, “fashionable” and “cool”.

Therefore, it’s really important for a fashion online store to carefully notice the quality of its product photography. Try to take advantage of large pictures to grab the customer’s attention. Don’t forget to include the zoom-in, zoom-out features with your images so that visitors can have the opportunity to interact with them. 

However, using big photos can come with the slow speed for your website. You should use high-quality pictures but still safe for your web (ideally under 200KB). Here are some tips and tools that might assist you in optimising your images and making your site speed faster.

Multiple-angle images

Adidas’s various angle product images

For instance, Adidas takes advantage of photos shot from various angles. They are displayed on the right side of the product page. From these pictures, customers will have the chance to know how their chosen product looks like from different angles. This type of image is really useful for your customers to see whether the products really match their tastes or not. 

Typically, online fashion stores now are using 4 aspects for multiple photos:

  • General look from the front
  • Overall look from the back
  • General look on the right side
  • General look from the left side
Everlane’s alternative photos

Using video or GIF image format is also useful. Video and GIF will give the customers a more lively view of the products.

#2. Include size guide and colour variations

Mr. Peter Nguyen also gave us advice that including vital variations in a product page is important. By applying this strategy, customers will easily choose the variation that matches their needs and tastes the most. 

Size guide

As different people come in different shapes and sizes, Size Guide is one of the most crucial features in most fashion shops’ product pages. While only looking at the product images online, the customers cannot know exactly their size. Then, a simple size guide comes in handy will help a lot in picking the most appropriate piece of clothes.

Let’s take a look at H&M Size Guide for Women. Their size guide gives the customers detailed instructions on how to measure their bodies. By following this guide, visitors can no longer feel confused about the measurements of body parts such as chest, waist or legs.

Moreover, adding a size table like this is also very useful:

Zara’s Women Size Guide

This size guide table from Zara is really informative. There are a variety of sizes according to a wide range of categories. If you are interested in purchasing an item of clothing, you can choose from general sizes, or US sizes and European sizes. There is also a different body part measurement that comes with each size (from XXS to XXL). It is similar to other fashion products such as leggings, jeans, and footwear. By adding a size guide table like this, customers are likely to choose their suitable sizes easily and make an order quickly.

Colour variations

As people have their own favourite colours, it is important to let the customers choose their preferred ones. This feature is indispensable in every online fashion store’s product page.

Gymshark’s colour variations

You can visit Gymshark’s dreamy leggings 2.0 product page. On the right, there is a diversity of colours to you to choose from. Whether you love black, yellow, purple or pink, these colours are all available. 

Through size guide and colour variation features, the customers will have the freedom to pick the best option for their needs. And if they cannot find suitable sizes or colours on your product page, try to include a form that they can use to submit their favourite hues or sizes.

#3. Write product description that sells

Best Shopify product pages have appealing product descriptions. Along with the eye-catching visual effects, outstanding product content is also of great importance. Mr. Peter also said that as for the fashion industry, it’s crucial to include insightful and creative product description. One excellent product description not only tells the customers what the product is but also convinces them why they should purchase your products.


Story-telling is one effective way to attract customer’s intention and keep them stay longer. You should consider using the product description as a chance to tell stories about your items. This will make your store stands out from competitors.

Everlane’s product description

The story-telling part of Everlane’s product description on The Cotton Weave Picnic Dress gives the customers an overview of the product. Its material, element and suitable accessories that match well are also included. This description can’t make customers get bored as it describes the product, not simply giving the plain technical aspects. It also includes the main purpose of using this type of dress, which is going on a picnic or participating in outdoor activities. 

Section for materials/fabrics

Another way to make an effective product description is by adding material/fabric information. Don’t include too many technical details that may confuse your customers, only display the main ones that make up your products.

Victoria Secret’s product description

Victoria’s Secret describes the main materials and fabrics used for its Featherweight Ruffle Short PJ. By displaying materials and fabrics like this, the customers are likely to trust your products more because they know what they are wearing. According to an article published in The Guardian, people tend to purchase items made from eco-friendly materials and natural fabrics.  If they observe that their chosen items are made of durable materials or fabrics, they will make a purchase without hesitation.

#4. Add customer reviews and feedback section

According to Mr. Peter, this section is a must-have in the product page of every online fashion store. As reported by one research published on,  people often make a buying decision based on reviews and ratings. Therefore, you should start collecting customer reviews and ratings as soon as possible. Then display it on your product page for the purpose of showing your brand credibility.

Free People’s product page

Fashion E-commerce brands work really hard to get customer reviews, so it is necessary for them to display this section at the top and in the centre of the product page. You can see from its V Easy Tee product page that it has 12 reviews, all 5-star ratings and 100% recommended. When other interested customers see these reviews, they are more likely to trust this item and make up their minds quickly. However, Free People still does not get sufficient reviews and ratings for this product. Although all 12 reviewers rated the item 5 stars, it is not trustworthy enough for other customers to buy. As a high-end fashion brand, Free People could get many more reviews and ratings. 

Because negative reviews are unavoidable, online fashion brands need to handle them well too. Bear in mind that always answer bad reviews with professionalism and politeness, don’t play with fire. Besides, try to solve the problems as soon as possible, even if the customers are unreasonable.

#5. Display related products list

If you are selling items that come in a similar set, why not link them together? 

Related or matching product recommendations can be great tools for boosting sales. Online shoppers might not know if there is any matching product unless you tell them. Therefore, when they see a related item that appears, they will check it out.

GymShark’s related product recommendation

For example, if you are interested in GymShark’s Hyper Sport T-shirt, you may also see matching items right below. You might choose another similar T-shirt with different colours, or a pair of joggers that matches well with your T-shirt. By adding this feature, it’s likely that the customers will make another purchase. Therefore, the conversion rate for your store might increase significantly. 


Now, I believe you get all these advice from the best Shopify product pages. When it comes to the product page for a fashion store, it’s necessary to take care of both the visual and content aspects. Eye-catching visual and creative content for your products will contribute greatly to an increase in the conversion rate and the revenues. The product page is really crucial, therefore, online fashion store owners need to pay careful attention when building it. 

As the importance of a product page is obvious, creating an effective one is not really easy. If you need any help in making a customer-winning product page, contact HappyPoints for immediate assistance.

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