BFCM 2018: 4 ways to integrate your marketing channel

What is the benefit of integrating all marketing channels? Does it ensure profit in BFCM? Retailers invest much in marketing plans. They want an effective market plan to increase brand awareness as well as to reach potential buyers. However, the retailers who combine most marketing strategies such as email marketing, mobile marketing, and social marketing, get thirty percent higher sales than all those who focus on one or two marketing channels. Therefore, it is important for retailers to integrate the marketing channels to get more exposure.


With one marketing channel, you can impress a certain category of people. For example, when your focus is on mobile marketing, you can impress only those who use their smartphones to know about products. It will limit your exposure. If you use only social media marketing, you will be accessible by social media users. You need to target all the categories to boost sale in BFCM. It is not about integrating a number of channels only. When you integrate different channels, you make it possible for all the types of audience to access you regardless of their location and device. This is important for the success of any brand or website. If you integrate all the key channels such as social media, email marketing, and your app, it will remind your audiences about your business and business objectives. They will find you everywhere they go. It will develop a curiosity. They will be ended up visiting your website and buying a few as well.

How to implement the combined marketing strategy

Strengthen your existing audience is your strength: You should always focus on your existing audience to get new ones. You can share your messages with them. If they find it worth sharing, they will share it with others. With more sharing, there will be better exposure for your brand.

Motivate all your existing buyers with promo codes and offers: Some buyers might share your message without expecting anything in return. However, you will have to think out of the box to motivate others. You can offer incentives to your customers to share your messages with their closed ones. Promo codes and offers can help you to get more sharing for your messages.

 Unify your marketing channels: Instead of promoting them separately, you can promote them in a unified manner. When all the channels are integrated, you can reach to a larger level audience with a single effort.

Use all your prime channels to boost the sale in BFCM. Make sure that your marketing strategy includes social media, email marketing, and mobile campaigning. These three channels are capable enough to ensure your presence in different categories of people. Email marketing is important as your buyers will find you in their inbox. If there is any promotional message, they might prefer to open the email. Email marketing is one of the best ways for promoting BFCM campaigns.

In addition, you will have to focus on the hassle-free shipping and return and excellent customer care service to inspire your potential buyers to invest in your products.

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