Building A Shopify Store – Should You Hire A Shopify Expert or DIY?

The second most successful e-commerce site in the world today is Shopify. But apart from numbers, Shopify has a unique perspective on e-commerce sites that its rivals have not yet mastered: simplicity. Shopify is the best platform for fast and easy pages, but not for every online store. There are a few approaches to create a store – Do it yourself approach or hire a Shopify expert. Before making a choice, it will be nice to consider the key factors for a successful Shopify store.

5 Key Success Factors

1. Choosing an appropriate theme for your site

A theme decides the actions a visitor takes when visiting your eCommerce shop, an online store’s visual appearance is extremely significant. It is bound to make you lose many of your customers to have a monotonous look for your online store as they will not feel motivated to carry out any activity on your store.

Your theme is your site’s backbone and will directly impact your site’s atmosphere, user interface, and overall feeling. Shopify provides hundreds of styles, each for more customization with several design variations. Although some themes are free to use, most of them cost a few hundred dollars (usually about $140-$180). It can be daunting if this is your first experience with Shopify themes in general.

2. Avoiding cluttering your store

Cluttering means overloading your site with too much information, one trap you will need to avoid as you develop your store. Mark Perini, the founder of Icee Social, once had this to say about e-commerce designs:
“You’ll be tempted to showcase everything you have in your arsenal, whether that be a plethora of information or a backlog of every product you’ve ever made. While it’s true that there will be customers who want to see the entire history of your brand, those people are few and far between. Figure out what your top products are and give them a place of honour on your site.”

The problem with cluttering is that it tasks the brain of site users too much, leaving them with a very tasking and frustrating experience in the store.

3. A fast loading time

Websites with fast loading times generally have better traffic than those with extended loading time – every extra second it takes to load your page reduces conversions by 7% and page views by 11%. The same is valid for e-commerce stores.

If you want customers to visit and revisit your store, ensure they are left with a pleasant experience by having a short loading time. A few techniques to improve your loading time includes: compressing your images (without necessarily affecting their quality), removing non-essential widgets, avoiding third party themes as much as possible, and skip carousels.

4. Hire a Shopify expert

Acknowledging your limitations is a strength, and you should not hesitate to do it at every opportune time. There’s no shame in hiring an expert to help if you feel like web development is a talent that’s beyond you. Even if you’ve built sites before, having an expert for website development definitely lead to some new insights for you. They specialize in specific fields and platforms, much like every other industry. A Shopify expert is already familiar with all the numerous themes, plugins, and features that can be employed. This could also be a massive time-saver, so you don’t have to wade through things that are not good at.

5. Stand Out

You take the chance of building a site that looks like all the others when you use a site-builder template. Luckily, with a little extra preparation, this can be avoided. Yeah, even for those using the same theme, your site can stand out from the crowd. This can be done by taking advantage of special Shopify settings (this may not be known to Shopify beginners, but most themes allow you to customize the settings for additional personalization

Considering these options will leave you with one option, hire a Shopify expert! Although a search of the internet will bring you across different advocates of do-it-yourself websites, making you tempted to give it a try. Sitting down to count the cost, however, will make you realize how exhausting that will be. You will be the accountant, content manager, marketer, and CEO. You don’t deserve that stress. On the other hand, getting a developer to manage your Shopify might not be as cost-effective for your business, leaving you with the option of hiring an expert.

Benefits Of Hiring A Shopify Expert

hire a shopify expert

Hiring Shopify experts to manage your store is just awesome! A Shopify expert guarantees you the delivery of quality work from experienced experts. It saves your time, giving you ample time to focus on what you know how to do best. It improves your customer experience and allows you to get ongoing expert advice. For existing business owners with stores on Shopify, we also offer Shopify store setup service that can create your store and set up features to provide your customers with the best shopping experience.

At HappyPoints services, we are a Shopify expert. Our expertise includes handling and delivering multiple Shopify projects as scheduled with a high level of quality. Perfect for long-term collaboration as well as short-time projects. Our goal is to help independent businesses overcome their challenges by providing them with Shopify development services at reasonable prices.

About HappyPoints’s Store Setup Service

  • User-Oriented: With years of domain expertise, we know the stuff when it comes to developing beautiful and user-friendly e-commerce stores.
  • Cost-effective: We offer pocket-friendly with feature-rich Shopify store setup services to get your store rolling within your budget.
  • Time-saving: We know how a ready-to-launch online store looks like and we can build your site up and running in a short time.

Our Expertise

The characteristics mentioned expanding on-demand makes us stand out above our competitors.

The appearance of your online store is an excellent determinant of customer rating and experience on your eCommerce store. A professionally designed store will be alluring to customers and make them come seeking another appearance. In contrast, a clumsy store will do the exact opposite, drive customers away as much as possible. The wide range of themes available on Shopify can be suited to meet your store’s demands. And that’s what we set out to achieve – helping create a Shopify website adapted to the needs of your business. With qualified developers, we make Shopify stores that perfectly suit your design while focusing on creating excellent customer services.

We have been developing on the Shopify platform since the early stage. Our expertise lies in e-commerce, passionate about developing highly effective and visually appealing online stores on Shopify. We have offered our services to more than ten countries and three continents in four years.

Our Shopify Store Setup Service Helps You To

Our expertise helps us to give your e-commerce store a special and advanced environment. The service is ranging from basic theme setup to a completely custom solution:

  • Install a theme for your store.
  • Create and get your products ready.
  • Set up payment gateways.
  • Configure shipping methods.
  • Integrate your store with API and other 3rd parties.
  • Set up and customize your blog page.
  • Set up and customize your checkout page.
  • Install SSL Certificate.

Now that you know why you should hire a Shopify expert. Consequently, it is also important who you should hire for your store setup project. Working on creating a rich customer-client experience is more crucial than launching a new store quickly. We are always ready to give your store that kind of experience. Reach out to us today and get a fantastic Shopify store setup service.

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