customize Shopify themes without coding

Customize Shopify Themes: A Guide Without Code

Creating a stunning brand image is not a piece of cake for anyone. In Shopify online store, there is extensive competition among marketers, and there is one way to get highlighted and popular – by being creative and unique. The best way to get out of the ocean of competitors is to customize Shopify themes.

The theme has a significant impact on your Shopify store, and a fun fact is that many sellers don’t pay much attention to their Shopify theme, so what does that mean? It means that now you have a pretty good chance to customize Shopify themes and enhance your online store.

When it comes to setting a theme for your Shopify store, you end up with two options – either choose a pre-built theme or customize Shopify themes later or choose an expert for your theme customization, better to do it yourself.No worries, if you don’t know DIY theme customization of Shopify, we are here with a complete and simple step-by-step guide for you to customize Shopify themes. Let’s begin!

Why Is It Worth Customizing A Shopify Theme?

1. Enhance Brand Image:

Eye-catching theme plays a crucial part in enhancing the branding image. I have divided this part into three sub-headings to make it understandable for you:

Be Consistent

A uniquely customized theme provides your brand with a consistent look. When you choose the consistent font size, colour, and writing style throughout the store, it speaks about your brand. The constant visual components encourage the customers to remember your brand.

Be Professional

The biggest perk of a custom Shopify theme is that you can receive the best features to increase your site’s functionality. Your online store has features to level up the business and make more sales through your professional themes.

Be Unique

You already know that infinite Shopify stores are popping up from time to time. Including Shopify, the Internet has now become a competitive place to sell its products. When you choose to customize Shopify themes uniquely, it lets you stay at the top of the mind of customers. Your store will overcome your competitors and can easily remain at the top of the entire Shopify stores.

2. Optimize User Experience:

The user experience should be the priority for every store owner. Shopify theme customization helps you optimize your Shopify store’s user experience and make your customers return to you. This is how customizing Shopify theme gives a hand in improving customer experience:

Faster Page Loadings

Speed and time taken by pages to load; matter a lot. When you opt for the pre-built Shopify themes, it offers several features for your store, but as a result, you have to face the slow loading of your pages. There is nothing such as customized Shopify themes; it makes your store exceptional and reduces the pages’ loading time.

Provides Smoother Buying Experience

Customers have several choices today to buy products than before, but they opt for those stores that provide them with an exceptional buying experience. Shopify theme customization will enable the customer to experience smoother online shopping. Customize Shopify themes and grow your business with happy customers!

No Restrictions On the Creative Process

Customize Shopify theme, and it will enable you to control your store settings’ creative process without any restrictions. It may be functionality, design, and everything in between. You can do unlimited changes in your Shopify store from where your ‘buy’ button should be to other endless possibilities.

Different Ways To Customize The Shopify Theme

Shopify Theme Customization With Coding

Customizing Shopify themes with coding is a professional way to modify the theme. Shopify uses ‘liquid’ language to code the store of the owners. Coding your Shopify theme would be best if you learn about the liquid, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. You can customize Shopify themes with coding but it is not generally recommended to beginners, or you can hire a Shopify expert to do this for you.

Shopify Theme Customization Without Coding

Shopify theme customization with coding may be the professional way but not the only way to customize Shopify theme professionally. Customizing themes without coding is the easiest and the best way to make your Shopify store striking. There is no need to follow any confusing steps; instead, you can customize the theme without any code directly from the Shopify interface.

Factors To Consider When Selecting Shopify Theme Without Any Code

When you are ready to customize Shopify theme without any code, make sure to consider the following factors before you start:

1. Aesthetics

When you select a theme, don’t consider ‘your’ likeness but consider the point, if your theme is going to match your brand or not. A good theme speaks about the consistency and quality of your brand.

Let’s assume you stop by a theme comprising flashy features, but you have a store of handcrafted products. Will it work? Obviously no! Opt for the theme that fits your brand idea and conveys it precisely. Check your theme in different sizes before applying if it looks perfect or not.

2. Engaging Content

Your Shopify theme content is what you post as pictures and short blogs that promote your brand. You must have the photos that will fill spots on your Shopify store and make it look catchier. Make sure whatever pictures you are choosing to magnetize the customers must be eye-pleasing and fit your products.

3. Consider Your Next Step

Whatever theme you select, keep your future goals in your mind. Every store indeed enjoys success once in a time, so it’s better to keep your Shopify theme flexible. After your successful steps, when your Shopify store will grow, it will need some adjustment; it would be best if your theme works like a cookie-cutter to shape your online store.

Beginner’s Guide to Customize Shopify Store without Any Coding

When you set up a Shopify store, it comes with a ‘debut’ theme to make you run your Shopify store with no customization needed. The debut theme is effective, simple, and ready-to-use. All you have to do is mark your domain, add products, so on, and launch the store. Happy Points would love to help you with setting up your Shopify store if you want.

First, let’s talk about the Shopify theme customization. To fit your needs, you can customize Shopify themes without any code, and here are some easy-breezy steps to customize Shopify themes. Let’s begin!

Pick Your Shopify Theme

Your debut Shopify theme is sweet and simple but needs a little change according to your products. You have many options to select the theme, including:

1. Explore The Shopify Theme Store

Shopify theme store comprises the collection of premium and free themes scrutinized by Shopify expert’s theme.

It is far easier to customize Shopify themes without coding if you opt for the theme that fits your business vision. Select the theme according to your inventory’s size, layout, and everything in between.

To explore Shopify theme store:

  •  Login to Shopify store
  • Select the ‘themes’ section from the Shopify dashboard.
  • Opt for the ‘visit theme store’ option.

2. Break-In To Your Competitor’s Site

It’s OK if you did not find any theme that conveys your brand precisely in the theme store; we have other options to follow. Many sellers provide themes for Shopify users to design in their store.

Several sites, such as Theme Forest, offer the themes designed explicitly for the Shopify store by the best sellers. Check out the ratings and popularity before you select any article. As similar to the Shopify theme store, you can customize any theme once you load it to your Shopify store.

3. Choose Your Shopify Theme

After you add or purchase your store’s matchable theme, it will be immediately transferred to your ‘theme library’ on your Shopify’s dashboard. But if you bought your Shopify theme for another marketplace, then you’ll need to upload it first. To upload your theme:

  • Select the ‘theme section’ on the dashboard.
  • Click ‘upload theme’ under ‘theme library.’
  • Shopify will ask you to choose the file.
  • Lastly, upload the file to the theme library.
  • Make sure your file is up to 50 MB. 
  • Upload a folder of zipped files.

Time To Customize Your Theme

Now that you have selected your theme and uploaded it to the dashboard, it’s time to customize it. On the dashboard, you will see your current theme with a preview of how it looks like. Now, click the ‘customize’ button to customize the Shopify theme without code.

4. Customize The Header

Customizing the header means you can change your header’s style and decide how it should appear on your site. Header customization incorporates your Shopify store’s logo, its style, and your top navigations.

The updates will be consistent on every page. For instance, if you edit the menu under the header, this change will also be made in other templates. Here are some steps to customize the header:

  •  Go to the ‘sections’ tab.
  • Select ‘header’ and make the changes that fit your needs.

5. Customize The Footer

As similar to the header, your footer changes will also be displayed on every page template. When you select the sections tab, it will comprise the particular sections shown in your store. You can add some eye-catching short blogs or valuable content in your footer to engage the customers.

6. Edit A Section

Within the current tab, you can edit every template by just clicking on it. When you enter the ‘section,’ the preview will display which part is into the editing process. Every section has different options to edit. For instance, if you opt for the ‘image with text overlay,’ you will be able to adjust the layout, text size, image alignment, definite text displayed, and everything in between.

7. Add A Section:

If the sections are not enough for your store, then don’t worry, you can add more sections into it! The ‘add section’ in the section’s tab will enable you to enlarge whatever page template shows. After you click the add section, a drop-down menu will display the available content module to add to your sections.

8. Shift A Section

Shopify will order the sections automatically once you add a new section. The new section that you add to the template will be tacked at the bottom. Customize the sections according to your desire by clicking on the marked group of 6 dots in the picture. After clicking on the six dots, a small tab will scroll-down with an option of ‘grab.’ Click on the ‘grab’ and hold it until you shift the section to its new place.

Customize Your Shopify Theme’s Settings

Shopify theme customization will further enable you to customize your store style. To adjust your store’s visual style, click on the ‘theme setting’ tab mentioned next to the sections tab.

9. Colors

After selecting the ‘theme setting’ tab, Shopify will drop-down a menu, including the color’s option. Click on it and customize the color of your Shopify store buttons, form field, and texts. This is a great way to provide your store with a vibrant contrast and make it stand out. Make sure you opt for the same color throughout the store.

10. Typography

Down the ‘color’ option, Shopify will display the ‘typography’ option. Typography will enable you to control the font style, size, scale, and more to decide how your font should appear on the page templates. Make sure that you use the same style and size everywhere to make your store look consistent.

11. Social Media

Include some social media icons in your Shopify store to support the formality of marketing. You will find the ‘social media’ option under the ‘typography.’ It would be best to add social media icons to your Shopify store to let better your customers know your brand. The ‘Social media’ option will enable you to decide what icon you need to share with your e-commerce family.

12. Favicon

Favicon is a small image that appears next to your Shopify store’s URL. It’s up to the browser to display the favicon within the tab or next to the URL. All you have to do is upload the favicon for your store, and this option will automatically scale it to the precise size.

It’s OK; if you don’t have a favicon, Shopify provides several free images for it. You can also opt for the online tools to turn your current logo into the favicon.

13. Checkout

Checkout is a crucial part; therefore, you have direct control over it. After you click on the ‘checkout’ option under the ‘favicon,’ Shopify will display you a drop-down of several options, including:

  • Order summary images
  •  Logo placements
  • Modifying checkout specific typography
  • Modifying colours
  • Checkout background images and more.

The Bottom Line

The best way to make your store stand out from the ocean of competitors is to customize it and make it unique. Never opt for the theme that fits your desires precisely; instead, select the one that speaks about your quality brand and describes it accurately. It is not a difficult option to customize Shopify themes and enhance your brand identity.

Yes, it’s a little tricky to customize Shopify themes with the code, but there are also other options for theme customization. You can hire experts to customize Shopify themes, but you can also DIY without code by following the above steps. Sometimes pre-built themes don’t meet the store owner’s expectations, so it’s better to customize the theme and build a cohesive experience for your customers.

That’s all for today’s article; if you are looking for the experts to customize Shopify themes, then HappyPoints can be the best solution for you! If you need further help, please feel free to contact us.