Drive more Holiday Sale 2019 with Advanced Strategies

Gather your horses people as the shopping extravaganza is here and it brings along a plethora of challenges for every seller. You need to prepare the perfect strategy that has the potential to skyrocket your sales. The holiday season shopping spree will test your approach to project the right image and propound the correct to the ever frenzy customer.

With every passing year, the online sales spike during the holiday season and a major chunk of these online sales is credited to increasing demand for mobile users. So tell me, are you ready for the next big thing of 2018 (the first being the launch of Red Dead Redemption 2)?

What Should I Do?

1. Strategize: Poor little finger, he died believing that knowledge is power even though Cersei taught him that Power is Power. Ergo even if you have all the statistics and graphs for the last year sale it won’t be enough instead use that data and devise the perfect strategy. Deduce the areas where you lacked the previous, which phones sell the most and what is the current trend.

2. Stock it up: So what if you are running a relatively small store, it doesn’t matter to the buyer. They only want the product, take a leap of faith and fill your inventory when you still have time. From all kinds of popular mobiles to their smallest accessories whatever your genre is, ensure that you have the adequate stockpile in the back.

3. Be the runner: you must have observed that the batsman at bowler’s end starts to walk slowly with the ball. You need to be that runner and start planning ahead, check what the mobile users are looking for, identify with their choices and what problems can they face during the extravaganza. You won’t get any time once the customers start to roll in, prepare for every contingency and every situation beforehand

4. Supply creates its own demand: Say propounded this economic theory way back and it finds the most appropriate relevance during the holiday season. If you can supply the product customers will buy. A long history of shopping nostalgia has taught us that whatever you want to sell people will buy provided you know how to put in the correct pitch.

How To Do All This?

1. Recognition: some studies have found that in the periods just before the shopping fest people start searching for offers and who all are fighting to get a spot on the perch this holiday season. You need to enlist yourself on platforms like Shopify or Privy or the repricer express and put yourself in the market before everybody else.

2. How Much: Discounts and other offers is a major weapon in the hands of sellers to steer the mobile traffic towards them. Being a seller you need to decide what kinds of offers and what percentage of discounts you can offer to the customers. Another perspective is to offer free shipping, as more than 50% of seasonal holiday shopping is estimated to be done through the mobile you need to include the aspect of offering discounts and other perks to the customers.

3. Show them what you got: advertising is the most important aspect to spike the sales. Ensure that all the mobile traffic has passed by your advertisement, use bright colors, and inculcate the concepts of color psychology while creating your advertisement. A simple trick like creating a doodle for every passing day you can catch the eyes of potential customers and let them know that you are prepared for the big day.

4. Sneak peeks: post sneak peeks of the coming extravaganza, tell the customers what they can expect from you, but do not reveal what it is all about. Create small videos and post them regularly to woo a higher number of people. Use human psychology to your benefit; people always want to check out that store in the hope of getting a better deal. Keep them guessing and when they come to your online store carefully put the bell around the cat’s neck.

5. What do you think: every child is the world’s greatest in her mother’s eyes; similarly your website and online strategy for mobile users may be perfect as per your perspective. But recuse from it and let others be the judge. Get healthy feedback from people, invite constructive criticism and the mold your strategy as per the popular opinion.

Various agencies have extrapolated that this year’s holiday season sales will cross all the barriers and set a new benchmark for the future. Prepare yourself and plan ahead then only you can be a successful seller this holiday season.

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