Five Awesome Ways to Boost Product Descriptions

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Do you feel like your product descriptions aren’t working? I had the same problem for a long time and realized that I was doing them wrong! It is a mistake that many entrepreneurs make – they describe the products rather than selling them. That inspired me to share some vital tips that you can use to skyrocket product sales.

#1: Follow the Rule of Five W’s and One H

When writing news stories, the journalists always follow the rule of five W’s and one H.. John Rampton, an entrepreneur and online marketing guru, suggests applying this to your product descriptions to make them informative.  When describing your product, always keep in mind the following:

  • Who is your target demographic? Is it teens and young adults or elderly crowd? Think about that and suit your description to connect with the audience better.
  • What are your product’s features and why it is better than the competition?
  • When would the buyer use this product? Is it for daily or weekly use?
  • Where can the prospective buyers use the product? Should they use it at home or when they are on vacation?
  • Why would anyone buy it? Can it improve quality of life? Does it solve a particular problem?
  • How does it work? A couple of sentences to explain the working process may be helpful, although these are not always necessary.

Here is an example of a product description for a gaming gadget designed for kids:

This is the perfect gaming device for any child and teen in the world (who). It allows you to play a huge collection of cool games and has long-lasting batteries (what). You can have fun whether you are at home or on-the-go and play with it every day (where and when). It is the ideal solution for times when you feel bored during rainy evenings or on travel (why). You just need to charge it, press the starting button, and choose your favorite game (how).”

#2: Use Different Descriptions for Each Channel

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You are probably selling the same item on both Amazon and eBay to maximize sales. If you create different descriptions for each online store, your SEO will benefit. Zentail’s President Daniel Sperling-Horowitz gave an interview to FitSmallBusiness and explained that Google will recognize identical descriptions. He revealed that search engines only prioritize the most popular platform (Amazon) while other pages suffer a rank hit.

The solution is simple – once you create a description you are delighted with, rewrite it in a unique way. Here are some tips on how to rewrite and don’t hesitate to add a feature or benefit you haven’t mentioned before.

#3: Be Descriptive and Colorful

Storenvy lists this as their #1 tip for a reason. Using adjectives and colorful words can improve any part of the description. Take a look at these two examples:

Example 1: A treasure box where you can place various stuff.

Example 2: A beautiful and spacious treasure box that perfectly fits your rings, bracelets, cuff rings, and other accessories!

It is clear that the second one sounds far more engaging and emotional. Creating these sentences only takes a bit of creativity, but can significantly boost product’s popularity and sales.

#4: Keep It Short and Use Bullet Lists

Product description

Did you know that only 16% of web users read the webpage they open word-by-word? Furthermore, 79% of them always scan the page first. It is not news that the attention span of internet users is short, which is why your description needs to be scannable.

Make sure to keep paragraphs short and dedicate a paragraph to each idea. Whenever possible, utilize subheadings and bullet lists. Consider bolding crucial points and use various font sizes. The point is to make everything as easy to read as possible and keep a potential customer on the page longer.

#5: Be Light and Positive

A proper description contains all relevant info and benefits of the product, but don’t keep things too professional. Do not hesitate to use slang if it fits into the writing, but make sure it is not offensive. Think of it as a spice for your dish – sprinkle rather than overusing it.

Another way to make your description light and positive is using humor. Once again, balance is the key – ensure to keep your eyes on the goal (creating a phenomenal description), but make things light and personal by using a fitting dose of humor.


Did you enjoy the list? We hope you did as our goal was to help you to boost the quality of your descriptions and make them more tempting. With these tips, you can enhance product sales and the number of customers. Share your thoughts about the list in the comments section and do not forget to share the article if you liked it!

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