Your Shopify Store Gets High Traffic But No Sales? It’s Time To Change These Things

“I have traffic but no sales!”

You‘ve spent an amount of money on advertising, and a number of customers have visited your store but your conversion rate is still stuck at zero. That means, people actually care about your brand and visit your website, but something going wrong with your website. 

Don’t worry, this is a common dilemma which most of the online shop owners face sooner or later. In this article, we will cover 10 things you might want to change when getting high traffic but no sales on your Shopify store. 

Let’s start with something simple but not everyone can do it properly: User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX). Notice that if your website is too complicated, no one stays long enough to buy from you. A good website should be easy to navigate and provide service as good as a physical store. So where do websites usually make mistakes?

1. Website design

The design is the first thing impresses your customers when visiting your website. Flashy colors, eyesores, and disordered layouts will make users just browse and close the window immediately. Definitely, this will make the bounce rate high and of course, CR will be extremely low.

An interface is considered to be achieved when it ensures these elements:

  • Harmonious colours, with accents, don’t use more than 3 colours to show on designs, monochrome colours should be used, limit gradient and 3D effects.
  • The simple layout should be displayed in simple text.
  • Standard font, only use 2 font sizes to express the title and content, use bold or italic paragraphs to note, avoid abusing excessive style.

The above tips will help you deal with high traffic – no sales situation effectively.

2. Navigation

Your website is as close to you as your home, you know it by every single detail. And by living in it for years and you totally have no idea how your customers feel for the first time visiting your online store. Think of your website as your house and customers are your guests. Things seem obvious to you might not obvious to them, they’ve never visited your website before. Therefore, try to make your website as clear as possible. Here is an example of an easy to navigate website: 

ELITIFY uses various categories and subcategories to define different types of products they’re selling. It’s obvious that they’ve done a lot of research on their target audience, as they have in “Exclusive” dropdown menu which helps shoppers look for products from the brand they prefer easily.

Also, a clear direction not only helps your customers have a marvellous experience but also increases your sales. Imagine that when visitors come, they enjoy surfing your website and want to explore more because people usually end up buying extra products when shopping online. That said, if we have good navigation, customers can discover how rich your website is, what other good products are available.

Keep in mind, on every page you choose to make your landing page, you need a very clear navigator for easy and convenient browsing. And these navigation functions must be consistent, not showing each place a different style that will confuse customers and make them leave your website right away.

3. The wrong type of traffic

The major justification cause your thousand website traffic but no sales record: you’re acquiring the wrong visits. You perhaps attract wrong customers if your products are not precisely described in your keywords. 

Imagine that you are running a fashion business, specializes in formal clothes for women at middle age. You’ve learned about the magic of content and you know that having a high-quality blog is the best way to boost up clicks for your website and increase conversion rate (CR). You started a high-quality blog and invest a lot on keyword for fashion. After a few months, you generating a considerable number of clicks on the blog and website. But your CR stills in zero. After some tests have taken, you found out that, most visitors on your website and blog are teens and college students. Well, too young for your clothes. 

While your blog gives them some valuable fashion tips, they rarely become your customers. To turn traffic into sales, your visitors need to fit with your target audiences. 

In this case, you can restructure your content to match with your marketing strategy and select better keywords and focus on the intention behind them.

4. Clear information

We have seen lots of Shopify merchants underestimate the importance of precisely present product information in the description tag. This is probably a common problem that many online shops make. They don’t clarify product information on the purchase website, just only a piece of the product’s name and a photo.

In fact, most customers want to know clearly about the products they intend to buy, especially the price. In this case, customers can only know the price when adding product to the cart. This is one of the main reasons why your store has tons of traffic but doesn’t happen any sales, not to mention the high shopping cart abandonment rate. Take a look back to your website, have you helped customers easily find the information they need? 

Added clear information about products on the purchase website

5. Valuable offers

Your marketing strategy has worked! You have a mass of visitors per day, but you have no magnet to keep them stay longer and discover more. Undoubtedly, your potentials leave immediately.

Surfing any eCommerce website, promos are a must! There are various types of promotions for everyone, from loyal customers to first-time visitors. Why don’t you have some on your website? Keep in mind that a discount code not only makes customers happy and boosts them to shop more but also helps to promote new launch products or less successful goods. 

A discount code will success when going along with limited time offers. This drive the urgency in shoppers and a strong likelihood of them buying. 

A great example from BoozeBud, they offer 15% off for first-time shoppers and also free shipping.

BoozeBud offers 15% off for first-time shoppers and also free shipping

Additionally, a big guy in eCommerce industry as Amazon is a pioneer in Free shipping area, and now free shipping can be considered as a certain standard for every online store. 

Therefore, if your store doesn’t provide that, surely, you will miss out some sales on shipping right away! 

6. Page speed load

No matter how good your design is or how many traffic you have per day, but still no sales if your page speed higher than 3 seconds. With the breakthrough of high-speed internet, customers are familiar with speedy information and surely don’t have much time for a website to load at the first time use. 

Terribly, the slow loading website might irritate them, without a doubt, no second chance for it. Thus, make sure the hosting service is strong because during high-traffic days (sale seasons, Black Friday, etc.) you don’t want your website face loading problem. Here are 5 tips to optimize speed.

7. UI/UX mobile optimisation

According to a research of Outer Box, in 2018:

  • 79% of orders have purchased via mobile in the last 6 months
  • Approximately 40% of all eCommerce purchases during the Black Friday were made on a smartphone. 

This is the age of smartphones, tablets. People do anything on it, surfing, chatting, and working. It’s a huge mistake of you for not optimizing UI/UX on mobile. Imagine that your potential customers are on the subway, they see your facebook ads and feel interesting. But when they visit your home page, the website doesn’t work well on their phones and certainly, they leave. 

You’re doing very well in getting traffic but no sales converted. Since internet shopping traffic via mobile being a trend of customers, it’s extremely important to make sure your online store is suitable for mobile use. 

8. Social media

First time visiting your website, customers might feel confused about whether your website is reliable or not. This is the time you need help from social media: Facebook, Instagram, etc. These platforms are perfect to engage with your customers in a slightly different approach.

Half of the population using Facebook, why don’t you use it as a channel to connect with your customers? 

Beside your main website, customers can consider your Facebook page as a place for them to know more about your brand:

  • Do you have many interactions?
  • How is your service?
  • How do you connect with the others? 

A study proves that more than 60% of customers prefer buying products from the website has many user reviews

Instagram is also an ideal place for you to present your creativity behind the interface. Snap products pictures, take videos of the manufacturing process, and tell them a brand story through images. Once customers feel your social media page is well-organized, it has positive feedback and well-interact with other buyers, it’s easier for them to open up their wallet.

Lush cosmetics using Instagram as a promoting channel

Marketing tips: Even though social media doesn’t directly affect your CR but take advantage of that as bait to attract customers to visit your store and retargeting customers back to the web to make a purchase  (because of few online shoppers purchase product for the first time visit a website, customers need time to have brand awareness, commonly 30 days). 

9. A brand story

The human brain responds to the power of stories in intensely affecting ways. When processing a story, the readers feel and adjust their mind with the subject. By having a story about your brand, you’re indirectly connecting with your customers, making them sympathize and generate trust.

In addition, people love stories, the brand story can give you a chance to let people know more about you, why does this business exist and the inspiration behind them. 

North Face’s story

A story of North Face is about activity, exploring and adventure-mind people. The whole meaning behind the name North Face is to inspire experience outdoor life.

Marketing tips: As social media, the brand story doesn’t directly affect your CR, but the story has an impressive power in building a connection with audiences, especially in generating trust. Many iconic brands have realized that; now it’s your turn to tell your own story to create sympathy from customers. Make them feel as if they are being a part of the story, not just buying products. 

10. Blog

A blog associated with your Shopify ecommerce store could be a marvellous idea to boost up your content marketing.

By providing valuable content related to your products, it’s the best way to create trust from the customer and keep them informed. Blogging helps you something to share on Facebook, additionally, have a higher ranking in search engines.

Think of a blog as a place for you to answer people queries, especially about products and service. With each query, you answer it within the individual article and added relevant information.

Moreover, you can also use your blog to share the lifestyle, tips, tutorials related to your products.

Marketing tips: Make your blog look professional as if they were written by an expert in your industry. Turn it into a place where people could gain knowledge and visit regularly. And don’t forget publishing the blog article on a regular basis to see the power of content marketing.

No longer high traffic low sales…

Overall, this blog gives out for you top 10 issues you could consider when getting high traffic but no sales. Implementing this right away for your store to eradicate problems. If you find it challenged and still getting nowhere in your sales, do not hesitate to call help from us

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