How to improve SEO on Shopify – From a business view

I know you are probably wondering about the efficiency of SEO nowadays due to the dominance of social media on e-commerce. Especially ones who use Shopify, because they don’t need to put too much effort into it. So let’s discuss why SEO is still alive and top techniques to improve SEO on Shopify (from Business point of view). 

Why is SEO still important in today’s digital marketing?

Our question today is: Is SEO dead in 2022? 

I have dived into this question a long time ago. No one can deny the dominance of social media like Facebook, Instagram and especially Tiktok in today’s digital world nowadays. Let’s say if you are a marketer, Tiktok places the number one. But if you are a IT engineer, you can’t ignore the #1 method of how people find content today: search engine. So is SEO still alive in 2022? According to Neil Patel – a SEO influencer, your challenge of doing SEO is to create top quality and viral content to get higher ranked and boost organic traffic. Because “For the majority of keywords there is more content than people searching.”

Is Shopify SEO friendly?

The answer is YES. Shopify does offer multiple SEO-friendly functions, but there are more things to do to get your website #1 ranked on Google. While working with our Shopify merchants, from small to big e-commerce brands, we notice huge demands for SEO services. They are all worried about no sales, even though their stores have been set up for a long time.

If you Google the highest monthly search volume keywords for Shopify SEO agency, you will find tons of checklists. Most of the articles give you a list of specialized and technical SEO tips. In fact, there are other external must to-do tips but marketers usually ignore. After yearly working with Shopify clients, from beginners to SME, we are ready to share our updated checklists with 5 today’s SEO core tips. This is not a “traditional” and usual SEO tip that you find on the top page of search engines, but in a more business point of view.

Top business tips to boost Shopify SEO

Tip 1: Frequently updated news on Shopify SEO

This sounds a bit unfamiliar with any store owners, but to update SEO news is a daily must-to-do task in your calendar. For instance, Google is continually tweaking and making small changes to put high qualified content to the top of the result. For instance: 

  • In December 2021, Google updated their new algorithm on product reviews. The intention of this update is to prioritize high-level product review content and rank them on top pages of Google. So let’s say if you are running an online store, learn how to write a product review to match their requirements and standards. 
  • Google’s spam and link spam updates provided some transparency for SEO

Other news updates are from Yoast SEO. Yoast SEO has been well-known as a SEO plugin for WordPress to provide effective guidance to improve On-Page SEO for users. This 18th January, Yoast SEO will come to Shopify at a cost of $29 per 30 days, which is valuable news for Shopify to let users easily check their SEO errors before getting their pages ranked on Google. 

So where to check daily news? These are some suggestions for you:

  • Google News: It’s an all-in-one platform that provides collected news from thousands of information sources worldwide based on a computer-generated vertical search engine. If you want to quickly check news, this is the most efficient platform from my point of view. 

Tip 2: Work with an experienced social media influencers who share your brand values

To plan a long-term efficient SEO strategy is not only just about working only on high search volume keyword research, qualified content production, technical SEO but also about finding quality backlinks. A link building strategy is very time-consuming and unpreditable. Nevertheless, if you recruit your well-known niche influencer marketing, they can refer to a list of qualified backlinks from high-authority domains. From that point of view, you can withdraw a huge amount of time to write convincing emails and send them to high-authority domains, with a hope of getting accepted. Also, if you have a budget for guest posts, you can ask your influencer bloggers to guest post on your own site to increase brand awareness. 

Learn how to work with influencer marketing here!

Tip 3: Install a list of the best Shopify SEO apps

Shopify app store offers you a bunch of all-in-one Shopify SEO apps, that help to solve multiple requests at once. If you are lacking finance and technical knowledge, this is one of your options. 

I suggest you 5 Shopify all-in-one solution apps:

  1. Plugin SEO: : All-in-one solution for all SEO optimization requests
  2. Tiny IMG SEO Image Optimizer: This app helps you to quickly optimize your image and site speed. 
  3. Schema Plus for SEO: To increase your Google rankings, this one-click install app enables your Schema markup to rank your shop better. 
  4. Fire AMP: This AMP app reduces loading time, Speed up your Shopify website pages with Google’s AMP caching solution. Generate AMP validated pages easily and reduce your site Bounce Rate.
  5. Automizely Page Builder: A highly UX designed landing page helps you to convert better. This app creates beautiful landing pages, like Create responsive about us, home, blog, FAQ, contact, collection & product pages to drive brand recognition. Support Shopify & Theme 2.0.

Tip 4: Hire a trustworthy Shopify SEO expert:

If you don’t have any prior experience running an SEO campaign or optimizing your shop, don’t panic; Shopify SEO expert has a team of specialists ready to assist you. Google search engine and Shopify experts are the most efficient sources to find highly qualified experts. 

To choose your suitable Shopify SEO expert, just make sure that you talk to them online face-to-face before signing any contact. Make a list of these bullet points and checkbox if your expert fit every of these:

  • Have a trial package
  • Proven portfolio
  • Testimonials
  • Budget
  • Timing
  • Communication style

Final Thoughts

To enhance your SEO performance, there are thousands of techniques from online sources. But as an entrepreneur who probably lacks SEO or technical knowledge, it’s better to follow some business techniques as above.

I know that to invest an amount of money at the first time without knowing them is too risky for you all. So better to try a trial package with low cost that let you experience their services for a limited amount of time before actually paying a full package!