The Main Progress To Optimize Your Fashion Product Page

Touch Point

Product pages are the key touchpoints where customers meet your products, where you can touch them and show them how to fit your offers to their needs. So why have not you optimized your unique fashion product page?

Main progress with 3 stages

Before diving into the whole progress, let’s have a review of what you normally have on your product pages. As I have had a look at most of the basic e-commerce fashion stores, there are three main elements that should be on a product page: Information (text), Images or Video, and Button (CTA button).

Now, we will start the optimizing progress by optimizing all the elements one by one.

Product Related Information (text)

On a fashion product page, you should optimize these three types of information

Product detail information

This type is definitely needed to be as detail as you can, listing all the basic information that you think a customer will need. For instance, for a watch product page, the watches information should have:

  • The material of the watch.
  • The style, colors, sizes.
  • The features of each watch.
  • Maintainance instructions.
  • Information about the brand or manufacturer.

Shipping/Delivery Information

Make the shipping information is clear enough to win your customers. All the shipping promotions such as free worldwide shipping, free shipping for orders over $20,… have a significant impact on the purchasing decisions of the fashion shoppers, since they need to be clear, short, and placed right after the product/service information to gain the audience attention.


This part answer the question of why a customer should choose your products instead of the others. Try to optimize all the reviews by replying to them all, saying thank you to good reviews, and solving the problems to the bad ones. By doing that, you are showing your potential customers that you are an expert in your field and you do care about customers, not just the revenue.

Most importantly, even when you have all the necessary information for all three types above, you still need “Copywriting” skills to make them workUsing the brand voice is not an easy skill, especially for all the e-commerce fashion store owners not having the content marketing base. My advice to you is that: hiring a marketing agency in the e-commerce fashion market to build a content strategy for not only your product page but also for your social media channels as well. Then, you could use that strategy as a guideline for yourself and your staff to produce better content in your fashion store.

If your online store now lacks one of these, you might lose your potential shoppers. Believe me, try to optimize all if you already have, if not, customize your site now.

Fashion Product Images

An online fashion store can bring a great benefit to you as you and sell your products to anyone on over the world. However, the customers cannot physically touch, feel or try them. It comes to the fact that how important the images or videos of your products are.

There are several tips that I think would work for your site. Let’s have a look

  • The product image front-and-centre: a picture could tell how hard you work for your site. But only when you place it in the right place. First-front-centre is a nice position where you could align all the detail information around the main photos.
  • Increase the number of each product’s photos: provide the pictures of all the angles of your products, provide a variety of different shots of each product. According to Rachel Jacobs, Head of Content at Pixc:
  • 0.52% of consumers want to see only one photo
  • 33.16% want to see more than one photo.
  • 58.03% want a full gallery which could show 360º of the product.
  • Make them nice: of course, this is the first thing to do with your fashion product images. But what I want to mention is put your brand style into it nicely. You might have your unique collections for the different seasons, it means the concept of each collection is different. However, make sure you put your brand name, brand identity, brand voice into each picture to make the whole site consistent, representing your own fashion brand.
  • Optimise all the images:
  • Do lazy load images to speed up your e-commerce fashion store.
  • Ensure that all of your images are an appropriate size.
  • Make the appropriate meta information: this tip supports you in the SEO effort. With correct an ALT tag, a suitable title tag, and a relevant file name could bring you closer to your target audience.

Call To Action Button

This could be said as the final stage when you have prepared all the information, the stunning correct pictures. With this tiny button but has strong power, here are some tips:

  • Place the button in the centre stage where is easy to find along with the main pictures of your fashion site.
  • Don’t make it complicated: the more simple, the better at this stage. Do not do the confusing button with the text such as “Get Your Closet Nicer” or even worse, just simply use the short, clear CTA like “Add to Cart” or “Order Now”. Customers can change their mind in a few seconds if your CTA button makes them feel confused or unsafe to click.
  • Put some animations when hovering the button: this tip seems to be weird, however, it contributes to the better user experience when they can feel how detail you care about their experience on your fashion site.


My advice to you is to pay attention to all the detail and information that you provide to the customers. Short or long, the position of them, the quality of them…Be a customer to stalk your competitors’ sites, you will learn by yourself the best way to optimize your product pages.

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