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Is store pickup here to stay?

An internal & external analysis of the world of Store Pickup with focus on Shopify after COVID-19.
By Long Pham Hai
28 - 05 - 2020

eCommerce Marketing: Social Selling With User Generated Content

Social selling is different from both social media marketing and advertising. Rather, it's using social media to find and connect to sales prospects.
By HappyPoints
07 - 04 - 2020

8 unexpected places to find what to sell online 2020

You looking for what to sell online? You need inspiration for your business? Have you ever thought of these places? Check it out now!
By HappyPoints
23 - 02 - 2020

9 best eCommerce Platforms compare & review For 2020 (updated)

Find the best eCommerce platforms for your business with our in-depth review. We pick up the top 9 platforms into review. Let's find out!
By HappyPoints
16 - 02 - 2020

Top social proof apps help boost your eCommerce sales in 2020

How to effectively ask your customers for reviews? Which social proof app is the best for 2020? Let's check out the followings!
By Hannah Pham
25 - 12 - 2019

How to build a community and get more customers?

How to build a community and get more customers? It’s obvious that people are changing the way they buy things over the years. They research more. Actually, they do it themselves. They read product reviews, seek for recommendations before placing an order. Brands have to find ways to deal with negative feedback or leverage the ... [Đọc tiếp]
By Hannah Pham
13 - 12 - 2019
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