Instagram Marketing Guide in 5′ for BFCM 2018

Every businessman’s big day is just around the corner and you need to be armed with an above-par Instagram marketing strategy to make the most out of this Black Friday Cyber Monday. With over 800,000,000 monthly active users, Instagram has garnered the reputation of being one of the most lucrative visuals based marketing platforms out there.

Creating a master plan to catch your target audience’s interest comes down to your knowledge of Instagram’s algorithms, advertisement policies and having a collection of incredibly designed pictures. Though there’s more to it than just posting, following and advertising. BFCM
2018 is soon approaching us with humongous possibilities, here are some effective Instagram marketing strategies to thrive your sales this festive season:

1. Increase your profile strength

You profile strength, uploaded pictures and interaction with followers is what generates leads on Instagram. Barely any user will head over to your company website or store seeing a badly put up profile. Your business’ Instagram profile is what your viewers identify your brand with.
Making it aesthetically pleasing, informative and having a decent amount of posts is important for greater conversion.

Make sure at least 70% of Instagram users landing on your profile head over to check out the website, here’s how:

  • Clearly specify what your brand is about in the bio, along with a call-to-action slogan and some catchy emoticons that go perfectly with the lines.
  •  Add a link to your homepage rather than one particular product as most of the new users will need an introduction to what your brand is all about before surfing the products you offer.
  • Design an eye-catching profile picture, it is best to put up your brand’s logo.
  •  Make sure you have a minimum of 50 visually appealing pictures and videos uploaded for users to browse through. It exhibits how well-settled your brand is on Instagram’s platform.

2. Popularize yourself with Cyber Monday Special’ Instagram Contests

Engaging your audience by contests and giveaways is what effective Instagram marketing is all about. Get a little creative and come up with contest ideas that resonate with your brand. Imply people to share your profile around, follow and like your pictures to win prizes off the contest. This not only increases your popularity as a brand, but it also boosts engagement and gets a fresh audience on your profile.

Here are some of the most entertaining Instagram contest ideas to increase your reach on the platform:

BFCM Exclusive Selfie Contest: By launching a Selfie contest, you ask your followers to click a great selfie with one of your shop’s products. The best selfie earns a feature on your official website or social media pages. You can also give away a product to 2 or 3 special winners on BFMC. It’s a great way to generate massive leads through Instagram and also get your audience familiarized with your products.

Share to win a BFCM voucher contest: Voucher giveaways are the hottest contest idea amongst e-commerce brands today. It gets your audience excited and makes them more likely to check at your store. Run a #shareforBFCMvoucher contest on Instagram, advertise it to your target audience for some days and see your brand engagement grow. After all, vouchers mean free stuff and who doesn’t love that?

3. Hype up your Offers by Video Promotions

Video-based marketing can make you some serious money. Besides well-designed pictures and aesthetically pleasing profiles, Instagram also is based on massive video content posting. Over 63% of commercial sellers out there use videos as their primary brand marketing strategy on Facebook and Instagram. Believe it or not, your audience appreciates the effort you and your team put in to create an engaging video for them and not just posting pictures. Studies claim that 73% of people who watch an explainer video end up buying that product! (Study Source Here) Here’s what you can do to land similar statistics for your store on Cyber Monday:

  •  Create a catchy 30-second video stating all your special offers and run a week-long promotion on it before BFCM.
  •  Create a classic introductory video describing your brand and how it is different from similar ones out there, run a promotion for about 2 or 3 days directing users straight to your website.

Conquer the Instagram marketing world this Black Friday Cyber Monday with these amazingly effective, tested Instagram marketing strategies.

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