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Tips To Pick The Perfect Theme For Your Shopify Store

Nowadays, eye-catching and suitable design for your online store is undeniably important, no matter whatever industries you are specialised in.
By Hannah Pham
12 - 07 - 2019

What is influencer marketing? Advanced guide for Shopify merchants 2019

Influencer marketing is now going mainstream in this industry. 2018 was a booming year for this term when a wide range of brands involved influencers in their marketing campaign. In fact, influencer marketing is the most productive channels for a brand to deliver content.
By Hannah Pham
11 - 07 - 2019

How To Find Niche Market And Product Ideas? (Exclusive for Shopify Merchants)

You’re just starting out your journey to become an ecommerce merchant, and still have no idea what is kind of product you’re going to sell? HappyPoints will reveal some helpful tips for finding a suitable market and product ideas for your Shopify store.
By Kaylin Doan
06 - 07 - 2019

SHOPIFY UNITE 2019: 06 Improvements Shopify Merchants Need To Update Now!

Last June 18-20 in Toronto, in the Shopify Unite 2019, the company has announced to users about their latest products and features update. Let’s figure out what are they and how can they benefit your Shopify store.
By Kaylin Doan
04 - 07 - 2019

5 Valuable Tips To Make Your Shopify Site Fast & Faster

When it comes to designing a high converting website, one of the most important factors that you need to take into account is site speed. Site speed illustrates the time web pages are downloaded and shown on the customers' web browser. Faster site performance is primarily linked to better customer satisfaction, conversion rate, SEO, engagement, sales
By Kaylin Doan
03 - 07 - 2019

Why Keeping Your Shopify Store Locally When You Can Go Globally?

The world is flat, never limit yourself in a case when everyone else goes beyond that. Many Shopify store owners expand their local business to a global scale, why don’t you? HappyPoints is here to give you the reason why your ecommerce business should think globally and steps to do it.
By Kaylin Doan
02 - 07 - 2019
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