Grow Your Business

Green Business – An Inevitable Trend Every Shopify Merchants Need To Prepare

By Hannah on July 19, 2019 28 Comments

Nowadays, consumers are more environmentally aware, so there’s no reason why businesses do not start making an effort to protect the green on earth. Consumers now become to prefer environment-friendly products. Therefore, e-commerce businesses, especially Shopify merchants, should not ignore this trend. By going green, online store owners will have opportunities to gain trust from … Continue Reading

Updating with Shopify

SHOPIFY UNITE 2019: 06 Improvements Shopify Merchants Need To Update Now!

By Kaylin on July 4, 2019 2 Comments

In the annual conference of Shopify, a series of latest enhancements have been announced. By these improvements, Shopify has believed that they would enable ecommerce businesses to accomplish their goals in completely unique ways. 1. Customize storefront functionality.  Understand the desire of merchants to retain complete control over their store, Shopify introduced customise functionality to allow users … Continue Reading

Tips to Optimsie Your Site

5 Valuable Tips To Make Your Shopify Site Speed Fast & Faster

By Kaylin on July 3, 2019 0 Comments

When it comes to designing a high converting website, one of the most important factors that you need to take into account is site speed. Site speed illustrates the time web pages are downloaded and shown on the customers’ web browser. Faster site performance is primarily linked to better customer satisfaction, conversion rate, SEO, engagement, sales.

Tips to Optimsie Your Site

5 Recommendations For A Flawless Fashion Shopify Store’s Homepage

By Kaylin on June 27, 2019 1 Comment

As for a fashion platform, you need to take the aesthetic aspect into consideration in the first place. If your homepage is not eye-catching enough, the customers will not consider buying your products. Your homepage should serve the purposes of creating a strong first impression and achieving the goals of your website, ranging from selling products, … Continue Reading

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