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How to set up Shopify store without tech – Episode 2

Your Shopify store is ready, the basic settings are all set (If your store isn’t ready yet, our Episode 1 will help you on that). So, how to set up Shopify store that engages customers? You must be super excited to work with it, right? What are you going to do now? Make some modifies ... [Đọc tiếp]
By Hannah Pham
27 - 10 - 2019

How to set up Shopify store without tech? – Episode 1

Who says you have to know code to set up your own online store? The reality is: setting up a Shopify store is not that hard. How to create a Shopify store? Let's find out!
By Hannah Pham
16 - 10 - 2019

How to remove Powered by Shopify within 5 minutes?

Holding over 1,000,000 merchants over the world, Shopify is a worth-to-try e-commerce platform. However, many of its users feel annoyed as they don't know how to remove Powered by Shopify at the page footer. The truth is, removing that is simple. Let's check it out!
By Jane Pham
08 - 09 - 2019

11 tips to make your Shopify store look professional (with video)

The problem of high traffic but no sales is common nowadays. One of the primary reasons for this issue is the design of your store. While you can manage to drive traffic to your Shopify store, the conversion rate is pretty low. If you want to increase the revenue, you should know how to keep customers stay longer on your site and motive them to make the buying decision. A key contributor for this to happen is one professional store. However, designing store is not an easy task for Shopify store owners. In this article, HappyPoints will give you 11 tips related to the ways you can make your store look more professional.
By Jane Pham
07 - 09 - 2019

Why Should You Have Instagram Feed on your Shopify store?

Instagram plays a crucial role in e-Commerce business. Therefore, enclose Instagram feed to your Shopify store is a must in order to keep engagement with audiences.
By Kathy Le
04 - 09 - 2019

9 Free Speed Optimisation Tools

The ideal speed of website is 2-3 seconds. If your Shopify store needs longer to load, you might lose your customers easily. How does speed affect your online store? Is there any tool to fix this? Check out this blog post from HappyPoints!
By Jane Pham
30 - 08 - 2019
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