11 Shopify marketing tips to make your store look professional

Are you sure you don’ need Shopify marketing tips even you’re getting a certain number of visitors through advertising campaigns?

Have a look at your results. They don’t live up to your expectations. While you can manage to drive traffic to your Shopify store, the conversion rate is pretty low. One of the reasons for the high traffic but no sales problem is due to the design of your store. You may need to reference some Shopify marketing tips to upgrade your store.

There are various things you need to check out while designing your store since it’s not an easy task for a store owner. Because a professional store is likely to increase the conversion rate, I will give you a couple of useful Shopify marketing tips for you to review your store yourself easily and make it look more professional. 

Give your store a catchy name

The name is important for any business. You should come up with a catchy name that is outstanding and easy to pronounce. Your customers don’t want to remember any hard-to-spell store name. Keep in mind 2 main things when naming your business:

  • Keep it short and simple
  • Create a custom domain

Keep it short and simple 

An ideal store name is short, simple, easy to remember, and pronounce. Try different short words that rhyme or are pronounced slightly the same. For example, Pinpaper press has done a great job of choosing a memorable name.

Using the name that is related to yourself is another way. It can be your pet’s name if you are selling products related to pets and animals. It can be a nickname of your significant ones, or it can be your own name. From a 10-year eCommerce experience, HappyPoints recommends using a personal name to make your store easier to identify with on a personal level. 

Create a custom domain

Having a custom domain is of great importance. You should buy a custom domain from Shopify. Starting at $11 USD/year, you can own a custom domain. Your domain is automatically set up for you, and you keep ownership even if you leave Shopify.

Steps to create a custom domain

So, how to buy a custom domain, ask the Shopify help center!

Create a logo and slogan

Besides a store’s name, a logo that represents the brand and the products is also crucial. A logo is what customers visually associate with your store. In some ways, people remember your company thanks to your logo.

There are several tools for you to create an outstanding logo, namely Shopify’s Hatchful Logo MakerOberlo Logo Maker and Canva Logo Maker. They are free, so you can absolutely create stunning logos in seconds, no experience required. You can select from various templates, which is designed professionally. In addition, you can edit the logo and make it suitable for your niche and field. It’s not necessary to spend days on the task or invest in multiple consultations with a professional designer. These free tools will save you lots of time and you can focus on bigger problems and tasks to grow your business.

After designing your store’s logo, it’s time to come up with a slogan. It will help you to shape your brand and represent your products better. Thinking of a catchy and suitable slogan might be a difficult task. There are also free online tools for you to make this task easier, such as Shopify’s free slogan maker and Oberlo’s Slogan Generator. With these tools, you can simply enter a word or a term that you want to include in your slogan and get various relevant slogans for free. For example, if your store is selling women’s shoes, you can simply enter the term “women shoes” or “shoes for women” into the box, and you will have a variety of potential slogans that are well-suited for your business. In addition, you can easily select from thousands of options instantly generated by the slogan creator tailored to your keywords.

Make it easy for customers to contact

Create “About us page”

This page plays a vital role in providing customers with a comprehensive view of your store. Usually, this page will include information about founders and business owners, as well as the business’s mission and vision. People tend to watch the “About us” part when they want to get more information about your business. If you don’t create a decent “About Us” page, then they will even leave and stop watching the other parts. In this page, it’s important to showcase who you are in order to generate more trust from customers. 

According to The Scientist, 70% of customers feel sympathetic and have the intention to buy products and services that contain fascinating stories. In the process of reading a story, the audience has synchronized their mind with the story’s subject. This can lay a trust foundation for the customer taking steps by steps to know more about your brand. Do not hesitate to tell your story in detail. All of these details will contribute a lot to gain the trust of your store visitors.

An example of a good “About Us” page

Set up live chat

This will come in handy when your customers are curious about your products or their orders. Therefore, create a Shopify live chat is really necessary. A phone number for customer support is a welcome addition as well. Make it easy for customers to contact you. The easier the process, the more likely for store owners to increase the conversion rate and generate revenues.

Create “Shipping and Delivery” Page 

The customers pay a lot of attention to shipping and delivery matters, especially when they buy products online. Therefore, be transparent about shipping and delivery policies. One effective way to do that is by creating a “Shipping and Delivery” page that lists out all of your store’s shipping and delivery information, as well as promotions. Also, sending emails to your customers about the orders to notify them once they have been shipped is highly recommended. Besides, create something to help the customers to track their orders is also crucial.

Gymshark has a precise and specific Shipping and Delivery page

Create FAQs Page

As discussed on a post about customer trust, the FAQs page is helpful when your business has just started and couldn’t create a live chat channel. Shop owners can list out the frequently asked questions about the brand and products then answer it for the customers. It’s one of the Shopify marketing tips that I want to mention today. That said, your customers can get acquainted with your brand, and also make room for you to tell the brand story. This section is where you address common concerns, questions, and objections that customers have. 

So, the question is how to add an FAQ page to your store? There are apps that provide Shopify merchants in different ways to present the FAQs section. Some apps will charge you a monthly fee. Luckily, at HappyPoints, we provide you free FAQs set up. So make sure you find us in the right place, so we can help!

Looking for Shopify Store Setup service?

Make navigation convenient

Simple and clear navigation allows visitors to move from page to page quickly. They don’t have to waste time searching for what they need. According to Mr. Peter Nguyen, Co-founder of HappyPoints with 10+ years of experience in eCommerce, there should be no more than 7 navigation links displayed on your homepage. In case your business has a great number of products and collections, you should put the priority on your key chains of items and use “mega-menu” to create “sub-category”. “Sub-category” is very useful as it allows your homepage to be concise and informative simultaneously. Group your store products into categories. This will let store visitors understand what kind of products you are selling and help them to explore easier.

“There should be no more than seven navigation links displayed on your homepage.”
– Mr. Peter Nguyen, CEO of HappyPoints –

Write catchy product titles and descriptions

Writing a product title and description that sells is another one of the best Shopify tips I give you in today’s post.

Along with the eye-catching visual effects, outstanding product content is also of great importance. It’s crucial to include short but concise product titles, along with insightful and creative product descriptions. One excellent product description not only tells the customers what the product is but also convinces them why they should purchase your products. Otherwise, bad product titles and descriptions will lead to a low conversion rate and a higher bounce rate for your store. 

For product title, make sure that your title is easy to remember. The customers don’t want to feel confused and distracted by a too long title. Therefore, make it short and simple so that the customers will remember it easily.

For product description, don’t focus only on the facts. Store owners need to focus more on the benefits that customers can get from these facts. Customers won’t care about technical facts unless they know how they benefit from them.

Example of product name and description

This product name is short and precise, which is good. But the description only includes technical facts, it forgot to mention the benefits. It’s alright to write the product’s materials and technical facts, but don’t forget to display some benefits that product brings back. That way, the customers will trust you more and feel motivated to purchase.

Curious on how to create good product descriptions?

Display excellent product images

Upload the best quality pictures on your product page! 

Why? Because you’re showing your customers that you are putting into your business. Then, they are likely to trust you more and feel motivated to support your products. Besides, multiple-angle images can make your product page more out-standing. The main purpose here is to give the customers an overview of a product from various angles.  For more advice related to product images and product page, refer to our top 5 essential tips to create a customer-winning product page.

Uniqlo’s multiple-angle product images

Guide customers on how to make payments

The payment process is one factor that affects your store’s conversion rate significantly. This process needs to be easy to follow and there should be flexible payment methods. Step-by-step instructions related to payment will encourage the buying decision from the potential customers. The last thing you want is to make customers feel confused and abandon the shopping cart immediately. It will be useful if the customers can pay without any account sign up required. This may act like a wall that prevents people from purchasing. Because the customers hate wasting time filling in the form for a new account and their emails will be spam with promotional information later. In this case, guest check-out will come in handy for first-time customers.

Show product reviews

This product review section is a must-have for every Shopify store. By including product reviews, other interested customers will be motivated to buy your items more. This will generate trust from your potential customers, especially when your store is new. Therefore, you should start collecting customer reviews and ratings as soon as possible. Then display it on your product page for the purpose of showing your brand credibility. Because negative reviews are unavoidable, bear in mind that always answer bad reviews with professionalism and politeness. Besides, try to solve the problems as soon as possible, even if the customers are unreasonable. For product reviews, you can use Shopify’s appstore to add a customer review feature to your products. This provides a way for your customers to engage with you, as well as each other to encourage sales.

Display stand-out CTA button

One of the successes of developing a website, landing page/sales page, is to get potential customers to take the action that you want. This can be done through a call to take that action (such as ordering a product, registering information, entering an email, calling…) and the content – the form that appears is CTA – Call To Action.

Basically, the prerequisite of the CTA button is that the content of it must be action-driven, and the action can be largely determined by the language you use. Therefore, the content of the CTA must be out-standing to motivate customers to click through this button and make the buying / ordering a product action. Besides, this important button needs to stand out with different colors or text fonts.

A good example of good CTA

Now you should grasp some useful Shopify marketing tips after this reading. To make your Shopify store look professional, there’re lots of things to take into account. As store owners, I bet some of you might feel confused and overwhelmed. To make it less complicated, HappyPoints team is ready to help! Just write us some lines, we will review and give you suitable consultation!

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