Create Shopify Collections To Gain More Sales

Are you struggling hard to organize and filter your Shopify products to boost more sales? If yes, then Shopify collections are what you need! You must have tracked many visitors in your store; however, unfortunately, except a few, they never turned into buyers.

It may happen because they couldn’t find their required product in your store because of unclassified settings. Anyhow, if you have already tried creating product collections, it can also be tricky if you are not familiar with the proper steps.   

We understand that sometimes when we create seven or more product collections and select any of them to edit or modify, it only appears in the primary collection. Besides, those numerous collections do not appear, and this bothers you the most.

Maybe it’s because you didn’t create the collections correctly. Don’t worry. We are here with a complete guide to help you create product collections through automated and manual ways to make more revenue.

But before you get to know all of the stuff mentioned above, first, let’s check out how Shopify collections boost sales and optimize product searching.

How Can Shopify Collections Boost Sales?

The Shopify collections come with numerous benefits and on the top of that list is “increasing sales”. But, how? Well, don’t worry, here is the answer to this how:

1.     Manages Product Efficiently

Collections in Shopify help to group the specific products. Moreover, this grouping can keep your store flexible and organized. It helps in adding more trendy and latest products to your store without any lack of storage.

Ultimately, this will lead to increased sales due to bringing more products in fashion to your store and creating a separate collection for that. Other than that, you can also promote particular Shopify collections by tagging them with discount coupons and codes. Moreover, offering discounts has a significant impact on generating more customers and sales.

2.     Helps Customers Find Required Products

Shopify collections can help you organize your products and your customers in finding required products within a short time. If you add collections to your Shopify store, you will help customers quickly and easily find what they need.

Moreover, you can also create product bundles to prevent your time from wasting. Furthermore, if customers find your store convenient and easy to navigate, there’s a chance that they will become your permanent customer.

3.     Enjoyable Experience

Great store experiences filtration and organization that you have put in the efforts and time to make an enjoyable shopping experience for your customers. Moreover, hypnotic customer experiences also contribute to credibility and trustworthiness. While other Shopify store owners will spend years to gain the visitors’ trust, you can do the same by just adding effective Shopify collections to your e-commerce store.

Moreover, by adding collections, you will make your customers feel special, and they’ll also think that they’re taken care of. Anyhow, once you earn the customers’ trust, they will be more likely to spend money on your store and give you opportunities to receive juicy fruits.

How Can Shopify Collections Optimize Product Search?

Shopify has massive tools and capabilities when it comes to product search optimization, and Shopify collections are one of them. It enables the users to filter and optimize the product at the same time. Moreover, it also enables you to refine your Shopify theme for better optimization.

Collections drag similar products into groups and create separate bundles of t-shirts, jeans, purses, and more. Furthermore, it also allows you to name and rename your Shopify collections as your business goals or inventory changes.

Lastly, it breaks the entire store into sections to make it easy to browse for the customers to approach alternative/similar items when searching for a specific item. Apart from that, this will also enhance the purchasing rate.  Now that you know how these collections help in optimizing product research let’s dive in to get some easy breezy steps for creating Shopify collections.

Easy-To-Follow Steps To Create Shopify Collections

First of all, log in to your Shopify store and head to its dashboard. Select “Products” from the left navigation now; you will see a drop-down menu of different product options. Here, on the menu, you can see the “collections” option, which will bring up all of the active collections that are currently set up in the store.

shopify collection - create

Since you have not created any, this section would be empty. From the collection page, find a “create collection” button on the top-right corner and click on it. At this point, you’ll need to enter the details of your Shopify collections, i.e. Title and Description.

shopify collections-description

Now, it is time to select the “collection type”. You will see the two options, number one, Manual Collections, and number two, Automated Collections. Firstly, let’s see how to create manual Shopify collections.

Create Manual Collections

Select the “manual” option from the collection type. Later on, hit that save button so that Shopify will add a new manual collection to the list. 

shopify collections-manual

Click “Save” to create the manual collection. 

Now, click on “add products” to view your products’ list. From here, you can add various products to your manual collection. Apart from that, you can also change the products display order in your collection list.

shopify collections-add products

However, for that, you’ll need to select any one option according to your desire from the drop-down menu of the “sort” section. For instance, you can select “product title A-Z” to rank the products’ titles alphabetically. 

shopify collections-images

Now, just click on the “collection image” and opt for “choose image” to upload any specific images for your Shopify collections. Next, head to the “search engine listing preview”, and it will preview which of your collections will be displayed when customers search for it. 

shopify collections-search engine listing preview

Moreover, if you want to edit it, go to “Edit website SEO”. Here, you can edit every detail of your Shopify collections except for URL and handle. Now, just click on the “save” button to save the updates and finish the process.

Lastly, add a link to the manual Shopify collections, head to the “navigation” section, and here you can add the link. Moreover, it will help your customers to find and view the recently added collections lists.

shopify collections-navigation

Create Automated Collections

To create an automated collection, we need to come back to the step where we earlier chose the collection type. As we are creating automated Shopify collections, we will opt for the second option that is “automated collections.” 

shopify collections-automated

Now, you will have to choose any one condition from the given, either opt for the “all conditions” or “any condition”, just make sure that your products fit in it.

Now, choose the “save” option, and your products will be auto-added in the “products” section. Next, sort your products in the store by selecting your desired option from the drop-down list.  

shopify collections-sorting

Furthermore, select the “active sales channel” in the “sales channel” section. Then add an image for your automated Shopify collections by clicking on “upload image” in the “collection image” section.

shopify collections-add images

If you want to edit the search engine details, just click on the option “edit website SEO”, and as told earlier, the handle and URL can’t be changed as they link the Shopify collections to the store.

shopify collections-edit web seo

At this point, we are almost done; just click on the “save” to save changes. Lastly, move to the “navigation” section and link the automated collections to your Shopify store.  

shopify collections-edit navigation

Examples Of Best Sellers With Shopify Collections

Here we have some best Shopify sellers with amazing Shopify collections.

1.     Skinnyme Tea

Skinnyme tea is an Australian brand that offers detoxing and healthy tea. It is one of the best-selling Shopify stores. Besides its all amazing features, it also comprises convenient product browsing because of Shopify collections. Moreover, web visitors can easily use the filter to reach products, which they aim to buy in a short time.

shopify collections-skinnyme tea

2.     Not Pot

Not pot is considered the chilliest CBD gummies in the world. This one is also listed in the top Shopify stores. This Shopify store has an amazing collection for the customers that separate every flavor of CBD gummies. Moreover, it is also easy to navigate, so that people buy their favorite flavors without any trouble.

shopify collections-not pot

3.     Tessemae’s

Lastly, Tessamae’s is the nation’s best Shopify store with mouth-watering meal plans and recipes. It made it to the customer’s favorite store as it is easy to browse for the desired recipes in their Shopify store. Other than that, they have also categorized the food through Shopify collections. Additionally, Tessamae’s presents absolutely incredible visuals that engage customers for a longer time.

shopify collections-tessemae

Managing Shopify Collections

Now that you know about creating Shopify collections, it’s time to get your hands on the steps of managing it on sales channels and changing its availability. So, let’s get into it:

Managing Collections On Sales Channel

These steps are not hard as dodging any bullet. All you have to do is come back to the Shopify dashboard and then open the “products”

shopify collections-manage channels

Now, choose any product to open its details. Here, you can see the “manage” button right after the sales channel. Click on it, and then opt for the sales channels where you want your product to be available. Now, just select “done” and save the changes.

Manage The Collection Availability

Managing the collection availability is also not complicated. Just go to the “product” section again from the left navigation and click on the “collections.” 

shopify collections-collection availability

In this section, you can see all your available Shopify collections. Click on what you want to change the availability. However, there are two different ways you can change the availability from here.

First of all, click on “edit collections”. Here you will find the small blocks that you can check or uncheck according to your requirements. Now, click on the “save” option to finish the process. 

shopify collections-edit collection

Secondly, you can go to the “actions”. For instance, we choose “make collections unavailable”, you can also go for the other two options. Here you can also mark or unmark the collection. 

shopify collections-more actions

Now, just click on “make collections unavailable/available” in the pop-out window to save updates. 

Top 3 Tips To Create Best Shopify Collections That Sell

1.     Add High-Quality Images

Someone said that “That pixelated image got me, I just want to buy it”? Obviously no, because low-quality images only confuse your customers and make them leave your stores. However, high-quality images in the Shopify collections are the golden ticket to get more sales. But, don’t forget that a large image size may cause a lower loading speed.

2.     Mobile-Optimized Collections

A mobile-optimized version is pretty essential for any online store nowadays. So, make sure that you add your Shopify collections according to the mobile version. Moreover, you can also make your Shopify store with mobile-first and laptop-second versions. Apart from it, keep on tracking your customers’ journey to check if they enjoy smoother experiences on their devices.

3.     Quality Collection Listing Preview

The listing previews of your Shopify collections must be of high quality. It must include premium collections of URLs. Moreover, the URLs must be human and SEO friendly so that they rank your products. Otherwise, your titles and descriptions of the collection should be the finest and engaging. Furthermore, don’t forget to incorporate the keywords in your titles.

Wrapping Up

To sum up, collection pages play a vital role in turning visitors into interested buyers. Other than that, it creates a seamless and enjoyable experience that converts as many customers as possible.

Don’t forget to practice the tips on your Shopify collections to generate more revenue. If you also find interest in sub-collection or other theme edits, we have detailed instructions on how to create that.

That’s all for the article! We hope that it was valuable and easy to understand for you to create the collection pages. If you need further help, please feel free to contact Happypoints!

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