SHOPIFY UNITE 2019: 06 Improvements Shopify Merchants Need To Update Now!

In the annual conference of Shopify, a series of latest enhancements have been announced. By these improvements, Shopify has believed that they would enable ecommerce businesses to accomplish their goals in completely unique ways.

1. Customize storefront functionality. 

Understand the desire of merchants to retain complete control over their store, Shopify introduced customise functionality to allow users to redesign the store’s interface without working with code. Therefore, this functionality has been optimised to satisfy the desire of entrepreneurs and businesses to create their own unique store design. 

Shopify introduces its new function on Instagram

  • Section everywhere: It’s made easier for merchants to apply action on store interface within a few clicks. Users now can simply add a section on their homepage without editing any line of code. For example: Select the landing page for an advertising campaign.
  • Master page: This gives merchants the ability to apply modifications on all pages by simply editing on a master page. 
  • Starting point: A merchant can simply choose the appropriate starting points and all that’s left to do is to populate pages with their desired content. This allows merchants to set up their Shopify store faster in their own unique way. 
  • Content flexibility: It’s really inconvenient when users have to add contents to all of the product pages and redo it when changing the theme of the store. With this new tool, transferring content between themes is no longer irritate them anymore. Content now automatically transferring when you download a new theme.
  • Drafts: This is a safe place for merchants to try out their big idea without changing their real store. A draft is a field where users can experiment with the store’s new look or prepare it ahead of time to publish later.

2. Video and 3D technologies. 

Video and AR interact for marvellous UX

Different from traditional shopping, online shopping does not allow buyers to try products on, or touch, or examine by hand. This might cause some downturn in conversion rate, especially with the fashion industry. 

Thanks to video and 3D technology, Shopify store owners now can create a differential shopping experience for their buyers. Customers are able to interact in augmented reality way with products, they particularly see how things will be in their space without purchasing it. 

  • Storage: Your video or 3D files are managed from the same place, this will share the same process as you manage your imagines.
  • Delivery: By using one out of 10 themes of Shopify, store owner now able to present their 3D and video on their storefront. 

An experiment from Shopify on users experienced with this AR shows that people have interaction are 2.5 times more likely to purchase than people didn’t. Obviously, this new shopping experience can increase engagement and conversion rate for your website.

3. Custome storefront tools. 

Source: Shopify

To fulfil the desire of merchants that making the most of customers interaction, Shopify has launched custom storefront tools. These tools combine all the building blocks necessary to create immersive shopping experience across web, mobile and various platforms. 

These tools give merchants permission to: 

  • Design marvellous front end experiences.
  • Connect to microservice to personalise customer experience. 
  • Diversify customer experience through your storefront: Smart mirror, vending machine, etc.

4. Multiple languages and multiple currencies. 

Expanding globally is easier than ever for Shopify ecommerce merchants since the company has launched multiple languages and multiple currencies tools.

Shopify is now available in French, German, Japanese, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, and Spanish. However, in Shopify Unite 2019, the company state that they have added 11 languages in order to serve cross-border selling.

The multi-currency support is available on Shopify Plus

With Shopify Payment, customers are enabled to purchased products in ten majors currencies such as CAD, EUR, GPB, HKD, JPY, DKK, SGD, NZD, USD and AUD Especially, products price automatically changes base on customers location and foreign exchange rate. 

5. Shopify cart app extension for POS.

One of the most significant things has been introduced in Shopify Unite this year is the next generation cart app extension. This new app extension is a major upgrade, especially in a busy store. Merchant can use it to integrate loyalty and rewards app so buyers at POS can redeem and apply points that they earn through purchases.  

  • Apply promotion for customers within a click.
  • Key customers’ information is presented immediately without navigating back to the app. 

6. Shopify Fulfilment Network. 

Usually, customers so excited to get their order after completing the checkout process. However, they often end up with waiting for days or weeks this can actually make your business lose conversion.

Official launch on Shopify website

For this reason, new feature Shopify fulfilment network has established. This is a geography dispersed network of fulfilment centres with powerful machine learning that support intelligent demand forecasting, inventory allocating, and order routing.

Currently, Shopify has set up fulfilment centres spreading out all through the U.S. These centre in charge of making sure orders have been delivered fast. They have made the complex shipping process seems approachable. Simply, users install the app, choose the product, get quotes and send, all the other works have been done for you. Shopify ecommerce merchant doesn’t need to think about picking, packing or shipping ever again. 

Shopify Fulfilment Network can also have you improve customer buying experiences from purchase to shipping: 

  • It can automatically synchronise and update about your stocks and customer data at all warehouse and channels.
  • It could find the best place to store products base on your current location. 
  • When your products almost out of stock, you will get an alert to replenish.

This feature is now available in the U.S and soon will available on all the systems. 

Overall, in 2019, Shopify has announced a variety of new features to support ecommerce business owner be more convenient when running the business. They have optimised most of their crucial functions in order to allow users to create their own unique store and maintain owner personality in the storefront. 

Update these 6 improvements today to optimise your Shopify store! Or you can contact HappyPoints to take professional help.  

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