Shopify Variant Limit – Navigating The Constraint

The limitations of standard platforms can sometimes hinder the ambitions of businesses aiming for diversity and complexity in their product offerings. Shopify, a leading e-commerce platform, is no exception. While it provides a robust foundation, its restrictions on product options and variants can pose challenges for businesses with intricate product lines.

Retail stores such as fashion or jewelry are likely to deal with the constraints from Shopify, in particular 3 options (size, color, style or weight, finish, material) and 100 variants for each product. If you are struggling with the same issues, HappyPoints will help you find the solution.

The Customized Solution: A Three-Pronged Approach

Step 1: Grouping Options into Collections

The initial step involved dissecting the various factors that could be grouped into collections. All variants and criteria affecting the price should be considered to find the most suitable to categorize. For example, the brand or status of the product can be used as characteristics to group products (iPhone and Samsung, iPhone 11 new and iPhone 11 used). This streamlined the product options and laid the groundwork for a more user-friendly navigation experience.

Tips for you: When separating options, choose options with fewer values or easily groupable that make it more convenient for customers.

To enhance customer experience, try to link these products together. Depending on the business logic, the separation and linking may vary. For example, the new/used factor needs to be linked with each other and displayed on the product detail page to help customers make decisions easily and increase conversion rates.

Step 2: Utilizing Alternative Methods for Non-Cost Influencing Options

We explored alternative methods for options that do not impact product cost. This ensured that the product options remained relevant to the user’s decision-making process without overburdening the platform.

Step 3: Tailoring Technical Solutions Based on Complexity

Some businesses have more complicated matters with different options and variants which makes it difficult for website developers to create a straightforward experience and for customers to find what they need. Therefore, it is required tailored technical solutions, including:

  • Using Shopify App to enhance product options
  • Customized code with meta fields

Using the Shopify App is more convenient and often requires monthly costs. If choosing this option, here are some tips for you:

  • Priority UX – an easy-to-use configuration flow, easy to operate in the case of configuring with a large number of products.
  • Consider import/export setting capability factor – in case of changing the app/solution, data can be quickly retrieved.

However, customized code should be considered since it is specifically matched with your business needs and one-time purchase.

Elevating Your E-commerce Experience

Do not hesitate to tell us if you need any advice or solutions to your eCommerce issues. Whether you choose Shopify Apps or customized code, HappyPoints has Shopify Experts with over 10 years of experience to support you, ensuring your online store reaches its full potential.

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