Surprisingly Important Reasons to Improve Logistic Integration

logistic integration

The starting steps of your e-commerce business often decide its entire future! Establishing your brand as a reputable one and earning customer trust cannot be done without logistic integration. I have seen many platforms fail because the owners weren’t aware of the importance of integrating logistics into an e-commerce website. In this article, we will find out more about utilizing this approach and its benefits.

What Is Logistic Integration?

Logistics is focused on managing resources, starting from obtaining them up to storing and shipping them to final destinations. Integrating it with digital commerce involves planning, executing, and controlling placement and movement of products sold by a particular business. Integrating the services of logistics into your website enables you to use a single panel to manage shipments instead of separately approaching the courier partners.

Now, let’s take a look at the benefits of logistic integration with e-commerce.

#1: Order Tracking Capability

If you are a newbie in the world of e-commerce, the first steps are of vital importance. Your goal should be to make an impression on the customers and you can do that by providing a superb quality of service. Aside from ensuring order accuracy and quality, an order tracking feature is something that can make life easier both you and the clients.

order traching system

This feature allows you to be informed about where the orders are at any moment. First of all, this prevents any unnecessary delays in your delivery. Even if a problem occurs, you will immediately know about it and can get to resolving it. Monitoring the order on the way to the client is another benefit as this can speed up the process. The customers appreciate getting their product as soon as possible and this ensure that you meet their expectations.

If you have multiple products, the chances are there will be several delivery dates, but there will be no problem in keeping track of them with this feature. Finally, it increases the chances of meeting the promised deadline for delivery. Even if you can’t meet the deadline, you will know that before the date arrives, which gives you enough time to apologize to the customer and inform them about the delay.

#2: Saves a Lot of Time in Communicating with Couriers

Logistic integration allows you to access a single panel to manage everything related to the ordering process. This also includes communicating with couriers and managing multiple shipments simultaneously. Not only you will receive real-time updates from couriers, but the entire communication will be made easier. You will have easy access to all couriers and an overview of all shipments in a single panel. Whenever you need to contact the vendor, you can do so swiftly from the panel.

save time and money

This will make it simple to choose the best possible vendors for your product. It also allows you to include more than a single method of shipping for your customers. Buyers love when they can pick from multiple available options. There are two basic e-commerce delivery methods ship to the customer’s doorstep or, alternatively, ship to a nearby store where the buyer should pick up the product.

#3: Process Orders Quickly


When you have a couple of orders a day, it is not a problem to process them all right away. But the question is what will happen when you have thousands of orders each day and that should be your business goal. Logistic integration is what enables you to process orders quickly.

order process

If you found the right solution, you will be able to manage multiple platforms you are selling on from the same panel. This means you can handle bulk orders in just a couple of clicks and maximize your efficiency. Aside from streamlining order processing (, you also need the right logistic integration solution to effectively manage your business regardless of the number of orders on a daily basis.


In the end, allow me to thank you for reading the article. I hope you liked it and, if you did, please do not hesitate to share it. The goal was to provide vital tips on integrating logistics with e-commerce as I believe it is an essential part of any business’ success. Please post your comments below and tell us more about your experiences! 

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