Tips on How to identify Ideas for a Successful Leaders

Merchants go through agony while coming up with the desirable product ideas that will generate interest from consumers. Coming up with the right product involves following and discovering various influential business leaders and influencers in your niche. This article gives you insights on where you can access these services and many other successful tactics.

More often than not businessmen find themselves in a dilemma while trying to satisfy market trends. However, if they use the correct online tools, then they are bound to have a steady flow of business ideas. Below are some of the online tools that you can utilize to ensure that you follow some of the leading industry leaders.

Little Bird:

Little Bird is an online tool that assists stakeholders in the business world in making great and concise industry decisions. Therefore, when looking for product ideas, you will hugely benefit from the reviews of services and products that are openly displayed in the tool. As a result, you will be able to follow the right business leaders and make valuable choices in your business.

Additionally, the online tool assists organizations that deal with marketing in spreading their reach, building their presence and establishing their campaigns.

littlebirds screenshot


FollowerWonk is a great online tool for communicating in the business world. Furthermore, the online tool assists the user in finding, analyzing and optimizing statistics on Twitter. Consequently, they foster growth between budding entrepreneurs and established industry leaders.

This is basically because, the Twitter social analysis provides a social graph that assists in finding out influencers, their tweets, and even their location. As a result, you can easily connect with the beneficial influencers and find out what they think about the trends that exist in your business niche. Additionally, you can also get the chance of tracking the followers, comparing their information, and select followers who are relevant.

FollowerWonk is used by various renowned companies. Moreover, in a bid to connect with influential business leaders, you may also share the reports with the globe.


This online tool was founded by Guy Kawasaki. The renowned author, businessman, and influencer formerly launched the app in 2008. The tool is very beneficial to any e-commerce business. Moreover, it provides a consistent flow of current business news. This ensures that you get a flow of how industry leaders are operating and tips for product ideas are plenty on the site.

AllTop screenshot

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