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Top 10 Tips to Name Your Shopify Store

To name your Shopify store is the first and foremost phase before launching an eCommerce business. This article will help you in setting a unique, snappy, and catchy brand name for your new Shopify store.

Why is the selection of a business name important?

Choosing a best business name is as important as water for life. Because it will impact your overall business. Therefore, the best and attractive name for your Shopify store affects your general business. However, there is something more important than this phrase. You will get an immediate advantage while giving the catchy, snappy, and memorable name to your Shopify store over your competitors. Because it would be so easy for customers to remember your Shopify store name and your products. To run and name a Shopify business store, consider the following some points:

Why Shopify store name first?

There are thousands of Shopify stores in the e-commerce business selling thousands of products for the different consumer markets. But why some Shopify store or e-commerce business indexed at the top globally because of the very first thing- their brand name, irrespective of how they are dealing with customers, how fast their supply chain is, how quality products they are giving to customers. The selection of the best name for your e-commerce business helps you not only grow your store locally but also internationally.

Naming a Shopify store is an Art

Naming a Shopify store or a business is an art and you are confused in the selection of a perfect name, it’s normal. From here, this article will walk you through the end of how to brainstorm your Shopify store name and come up with a catchy brand name that would be the best one for your Shopify store. Therefore, follow the coming best top 10 guidelines for naming a Shopify store.

Plan before launching

However, before launching the business and name selection, you need to find yourself at the planning stage. And, you will go through doing a lot of planning with different strategies for building up and launching your Shopify store. Among them, one most important thing for you, you will need to think very carefully about the selection of your brand identity including name, image, or logo that will help you to present your business image to your customers. For this, do planning about what will be your market niche, products, and targeted customers. You have to know about your competitors in the market, and their brand names, taglines, vision, and mission. Here, a question comes to your mind how can you stand out from your competitors in the competitive market? 

The first answer that comes to mind is your business name. Therefore, you have to create a unique Shopify store name with a snappy, catchy, descriptive, and creative name. It should be memorable and easily recognizable online, also it helps the customer to separate your product from the competitors. 

Up till now, we have covered the theoretical aspects behind the importance of the selection of the best and attractive Shopify store name. Here, I explain to you the top 10 ideas or tips that you should keep in mind while naming a Shopify store.

Top 10 tips to name your Shopify store

1. Know your competitors

name your shopify store - know your competitors

Before going for naming the Shopify store, carefully analyze your competitors in the targeted market. Here are the 5 steps that will help you in analyzing your competitors and also it will help you to name a Shopify store:

  • Examine their names
  • Know their vision and mission
  • Study what they are providing to customers
  • Discover the story behind their business’s taglines.
  • Learn their success and failure stories.

The above pieces of information help you in the selection of your Shopify store name. But keep in mind, you must also analyze the top brand in your niche. It will help you in understanding how business names and their taglines put an impact on their business globally. Here, after collecting the information, you have reached some names that should not be your store name because it has already been reserved/occupied by your competitors.

2. It should not copy from other industry brands

name your shopify store - don't copy from other brands

After careful competitor analysis, your brand name should not be copied from other industries. You should not keep the name of your Shopify store on other industry brand names such as if you are launching a business related to fashion products then your store name should not be matched with other fashion and health brand names.

3. It should describe what you do

name your shopify store - it should describe what you do

Your store name clearly describes what you do in the market and what will be your preferable target consumers. For example, if your store is about selling baby products. Then it will clearly describe either in the store name, logo, or in the tagline. Your Shopify store name must tell your consumers what your business is about, what you are selling, and what your niche is, etc.  If you are dealing in health products, then your store name indicates that your brand is about the health product, not the fashion products. Don’t confuse your consumer while naming a Shopify store with confused and irrelevant brand names.

4. It should communicate your value

name your shopify store - it should communicate what you do

Your brand name attracts consumers based on the value you provide to customers. Sometimes, the owner of a store mostly skips this step while naming a Shopify store. It tells the value you provide to your customers. For example, if you are going to launch fashion-related skincare products. Then, there should be some indication in your brand name or in the tagline that your business is giving more importance to its customer’s skins and style, etc. Here, I want to give you a marketing tip. You must set your business as a problem solver rather than a product seller. You can start that marketing positioning with your Shopify store name.

5. It should reflect your mission and vision

name your shopify store - it should reflect your missions and visions

Your brand or business name reflects what is your mission and vision. Generally, this step is often found hard for the business owner while naming a Shopify store. Your store name must not only broadcast what you do but also tell why you do it. Your business mission and vision help in taking your brand to the next level. Do you know that most businesses use their vision or mission statement in their brand’s tagline? So, having a clear mission and vision statement helps you not only to compete with competitors but also to attract the customers to know more about you.

6. It should align with your customers’ interest

name your shopify store - it should match with your customters

Mostly, customers search online about the product or service they want to buy using Google or other search engines. They come across mostly non-branded product search queries in your niche. So, your business name should take into account such search queries. This could give you an edge in ranking on search engines against your highest value keyword.

7. It Should Be Simple

Every business wants that their brand name should be remembered and recognized by its consumers. Therefore, your business name should be as simple, short, and crisp enough as you keep, spell, recall and pronounce easily while naming a Shopify store. Also, you must make sure that no one will get frustrated while typing your business name or saying aloud to google voice recognizer.

8. It should have characteristics

name your shopify store - it should have characteristics

You should keep in mind that the business name should be witty while naming your Shopify store. Because it is easy for people to remember a funny name that can easily be stuck in their heads. Also, consumers pay more attention and attraction toward a creative and innovative business name. Because cool names are remembered easily.

9. It should be distinctive

Be distinctive

Last but not least, decide the unique business name. The previous guidelines help you in coming up with a catchy brand name. But, here the story is not complete. Coming up with a catchy brand name needs some more work to do. Because if your business name is already taken by others. Then it will make trouble for you while reserving a domain name, social media handles, and also runs you into legal trouble for trademark infringement.

Even, Shopify will help you in generating a unique business name. You can generate a unique business name while entering some required information in their system for business name generation. Also, there are hundreds of other online platforms available that help you in the generation of the unique business name and designs logo for your business at a very good rate, if you want to get their services. But some business name generation platforms offer you free service. One more thing to keep in mind is that these name generation facilities, not 100% make sure what you want. These systems just give you some very close indication in guessing the best name for your Shopify store.

10. Remember to register your domain name

domain name
Creative abstract global internet communication PC technology and web telecommunication business computer concept: macro view of group of color cubes with domain names on laptop or notebook keyboard with selective focus effect

After finalization of the catchy brand name for your store, the next step is to reserve the online domain name for your website. Because, if you do not immediately reserve the domain, it might be possible that some other brand reserves the same domain name. Coming up with a catchy name loses half of its importance if you will not get the required domain name. Also, you have to reserve the name on all of the digital platforms. Reserving the Shopify store name on social media helps you for advertising and marketing your business digitally. You all know that advertising and marketing your business on a digital marketing platform is most cost-effective.

Online tools to create your business name

The following are the free service providers that help you in generating a name for a Shopify store:

  1. Shopify
  2. Brandlance
  3. Biznamewiz
  4. Namify
  5. BusinessNameGenerator
  6. Oberlo
  7. Namelix
  8. Biznamwiz
  9. Novanym
  10. Wpbeginner
  11. Squadhelp
  12. Anadea

Hope these tips will help you to find a catchy name for your online business. If you’ve already come up with a name, then it’s time to start building your store. Let’s HappyPoints support you by setting up a Shopify store. If you have any questions, please feel free to let us know in the comments or here.

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