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Top Reasons to Customize Your Shopify Theme

A standard Shopify theme is easy to install. It makes setting up a fully functional eCommerce site easier. That’s why some people wonder why they should customize Shopify theme. A custom theme can make an eCommerce site more branded and neater. But is this worth the time and resources required to design and create a custom Shopify theme?

Among the top reasons why most merchants prefer Shopify is that the platform allows them full access to codes to control the feel and look of their stores. Using these codes enables a merchant to handle the store’s functionality easily. This access can lead to dangerous or unwanted results when a merchant attempts to customize their store.

Tweaking or changing the original theme code of a Shopify store seems a good idea to most people. However, it comes with downsides if not done correctly. Customizing a Shopify theme is not just about changing the fonts, page content, product descriptions, colors, and other settings. The design of a Shopify theme allows you to fiddle with these settings.

Full Shopify theme customization entails diving into HTML or CSS files. And this can affect the size, colour, or font of individual elements. Subsequently, this can change the layout of an entire page completely. Working on your Shopify store without an expert’s help can be a real pain if you don’t do this correctly. That’s why you should leave theme customization to Shopify experts or partners like HappyPoints.

Why Customize Shopify Theme?

By now, you’re probably wondering why you should customize the theme of your Shopify store if it can bring you trouble. Well, the ordinary Shopify theme comes with everything that merchants know and want. These include a shopping cart, simple checkout, and browsing options. However, you should customize the template theme to make it yours.

Shopify offers many free themes with easy-to-use features. But, do they have that “aha!” feel? Do they make your store stand out? Shopify theme customization is what will make your store stand out and make it feel yours. Here are the key reasons to customize Shopify theme with the help of experts.

Give Your Store a Professional Look

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If you use Shopify to sell high-quality products, you need a professional-looking Shopify store. Customers should feel your professionalism whenever they visit your store. Most modern society people consider a site or store look when it comes to shopping or buying decisions. If prospects don’t feel amazed by your Shopify store’s look, they will most likely go away. A custom Shopify theme creates a professional feel that makes prospects interested in your brand and product. Essentially, a custom Shopify theme can increase the conversion rate of your store.

What’s more, your business should have a brand identity. Hiring experts to customize Shopify themes will present this.. And this enhances the recognition of your brand by customers. For instance, changes in your Shopify themes may include new colors, font style, and a logo. A wrong Shopify theme can give your store an off-brand look.

On the other hand, a custom Shopify theme integrates perfectly with your brand’s feel and look. And this creates a better connection with the target audience or customers. A custom design will also make your store more attractive, functional, and slick. And this will engage more customers and give them an incredible experience to keep them coming back. A template theme is hard to provide an optimal experience.

Give Your Shopify Store a Unique Design

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Ordinary Shopify themes target more vast audiences like one size fits all. That means you can’t stand out if you use them. Having a custom theme for your Shopify store will solve this problem.

Hiring experts to customize your Shopify theme shows your creativity. It also makes the target audience feel connected to your brand. That’s because a custom theme is for a specific audience base. And this improves conversions, recognition, and remembrance of your brand.

A unique design gives a Shopify store a great first impression. And this is very important because many users judge a store’s credibility based on its look and feel. And, the basis of most perceptions is the design of a store or website. Thus, visual appeal is fundamental when it comes to appealing to prospects.

Improve Customer Experience

improve customer experience

Shopify themes combine CSS, HTML, Liquid, and JavaScript files into the interface that a user sees on their screen. It’s this combination that creates the front-end of your Shopify store. Customizing a Shopify theme entails adding and removing some of its content and changing the settings. New pages can be added, navigation organized, and a blog created.

This customization can also entail Instagram feed integration, a homepage slideshow inclusion,, and an embedded video. Custom apps functionality for things like product filters, search options, and pop-ups can also be added. All these customizations go a long way in enhancing the overall customer experience.

Improve the Performance of Your Store

improve performance

Convincing prospects to browse your site and add products to carts is a single step in the process of shopping online. You need a custom theme to provide a smooth, dynamic checkout process. Essentially, your Shopify theme should facilitate conversion by eliminating any friction.

Missed conversions and abandoned carts are real struggles for most online retailers and eCommerce platforms. When you hire experts to customize Shopify theme, you reduce the steps that prospects and customers have to complete a checkout process. Thus, you make online shopping more straightforward, and this increases conversion.

Growing Your Ecommerce Store

grow your business

Customizing your Shopify theme will eliminate cluttered, messy designs and bloated codes that comprise an online store’s effectiveness. A custom theme gives a store what it needs in terms of functionality, integrations, and features. Thus, you can have your store’s theme customized to cater to your business needs as it grows.

A custom theme can help your store to expand and match your business growth needs. That’s because Shopify theme customization considers the needs of a business. Professionally created Shopify themes are future-proofed to ensure their ability to adapt to changes.

Customizing a store theme is a great way to get what ordinary Shopify themes don’t provide. You can have a custom theme made for your store from scratch or have one of the standard templates improved. But as hinted, you should leave the Shopify theme customization job to the most qualified experts.

Common Custom Themes Customizations and Tweaks

Shopify theme customizations and tweaks

Once you’ve chosen your Shopify theme, you can customize it using built-in functionality and a theme editor. However, some changes to the Shopify theme require skills, experience, and specialized tools. In most cases, Shopify customizations and tweaks go beyond what an ordinary merchant can do. That’s when working with Shopify experts or partners become necessary.

Some of the most common Shopify theme customizations and tweaks include:

  • Modification or removal of Shopify theme elements
  • Changing font sizes and colours
  • Modifying or hiding theme elements on a mobile device
  • Hiding or showing some features based on the chosen collection
  • Implementing global content or tabs
  • Adding fields to a contact form
  • Enhancing compatibility with mobile devices interface
  • Troubleshooting, removing or installing apps from third parties
  • Executing Google, Facebook, and other third-party scripts or tracking pixels
  • Enhancing compatibility with mobile devices interface
  • Inclusion of notification of abandoned carts
  • Integration of abandoned cart with email marketing
  • Banner advertising
  • Product package/bundles creation to boost sales
  • Layout optimization
  • Website design alignment with the buying process
  • Simplifying the buying process
  • Creating slideshow, photos, or image designs

Shopify experts offer comprehensive Shopify theme customization. And this can include customizing different template sections and designs. Improving the store template and design can increase the conversion rate by enhancing the user experience.

Outsource Theme Customization to Shopify Experts or Partners

Now that you know the top reasons to customize Shopify theme, you should consider hiring the right experts for the job. Shopify partners or experts, like Happy Points, are the best to customize your Shopify theme. With these experts’ help, you will get an easy-to-use Shopify theme that will effectively serve the intended purpose. The customization process has several steps that you should follow carefully.

They are as follows:

  • Research: Shopify theme customization starts with research to determine stores or sites that inspire you and their uniqueness.
  • Analysis: The next step entails studying different sites or stores to determine their impressive features and elements.
  • Consultation: At this point, you talk to designers to know what can work best for your Shopify store. Consulting professional designers will give you a better vision for the look of your future store. The designer will also come up with a design for your new theme.
  • Development: New Shopify theme development starts after the design process.

The best Shopify partners or experts have vast experience in designing and developing custom Shopify sites. These will walk you through the design and development process to ensure you end up with a custom Shopify theme that suits your brand or business.

Final Thoughts

A custom Shopify theme creates a user-centric eCommerce site. That’s because the designer has the uniqueness of your business in mind when creating it. Although some tweaks or customizations may seem minor, they go a long way in making a Shopify store stand out. Some of the features of a custom theme can also enhance the functionality of an eCommerce website. Thus, hiring experts to customize a Shopify theme can help you achieve your business goals without fitting into normal templates’ confines. Contact Shopify experts or partners like HappyPoints to discuss your Shopify theme customizations and enhance your eCommerce store’s performance!

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