Why Should You Have Instagram Feed on your Shopify store?

Instagram or social media, in general, is one of the most effective tools to grow your e-commerce business. In this starter pack, HappyPoints will walk you through the fundamental things about Instagram: “Why you should have Instagram feed on your Shopify store and which industries should utilize it”.

Social media is a gateway for e-commerce businesses to get closer to their audiences

Without a doubt, in this technology age, social media isn’t just a channel to engage with customers anymore. In fact, the majority of e-commerce merchants claim that social media plays an essential role in their business growth. When customers have pleasant experiences with your brand, social networks will make it easier for them to share or introduce the brand to their friends. In a very natural way, Social Media is the best place for information to propagate (Content viral). Therefore, Social media and eCommerce operates based on a basic principle of marketing that is Word-of-mouth. It could be the ultimate tool to generate leads and create a surge in your conversion rate, especially Instagram. 

Benefits of having the Instagram feed on your Shopify store 

Top 1 social media platform calls out the name of Instagram.  

Throughout the years, Facebook is considered as a giant dominates the social media world. Recently, the game is changing, Instagram gradually catches up with Facebook and takes over its throne.

Number of monthly active Instagram users from January 2013 to June 2018 (in millions)
Source: Statista

In the past few years, Instagram has been developed and evolved at lightning speed. The new features of Instagram have been rapidly updated to fulfil the need of community, which is a huge advantage for e-commerce merchants. 

Instagram, nowadays, is the 6th most powerful social media platform in the world. According to Statista, in June 2018, Instagram has reached 1 billion monthly active users and up to half of them accessing this platform on a daily basis and this is the 2nd most engaged network after Facebook. Currently, there are approximately 70% of US businesses using Instagram, and the number is expected to increase higher in the next few years. 

The massive number of users from Instagram could bring huge free traffic for your Shopify store if you can take its advantages. 

All the statistics above are enough to prove that Instagram plays a crucial role in the growth path of e-commerce businesses. Have you had an Instagram account for your Shopify store yet? If not, you probably want to create one or you will be left out in the e-commerce game. 

Drawbacks of miss out Instagram feed on your website

Without having an appropriate Instagram account for your Shopify store, you’re burning through important time and passing up deals from potential customers on Instagram who engages with brands at a rate that is 84 times higher than Twitter. 

At a daily basis, Instagram users spend an average of 25 minutes per day on this platform. With the majority of that time, it gives Shopify business an extraordinary possibility of users seeing their content. 

This social media platform is considered as a backyard of your Shopify store where you create engagement with your potential and loyal customers. There are several brands telling the story about their brand through Instagram posts. This method humanises your products and brings them closer to visitors. 

Therefore, it is a big mistake to not attach Instagram feed on your Shopify store. Your customer engagement will be much lower than your competition. 

Enclose your Instagram account to your Shopify store is a great way to keep up with customers. Commonly, if a customer doesn’t feel the mood to purchase your product, but still want to stay updated with your brand, Instagram is a perfect channel to do it.

This will likewise use your brand’s social impact and enable your store to show up increasingly alive and associated. The more an Instagram follower the track of your brand and builds up trust, the more likely they are to convert. These are some examples of how other brands do to engage with their customers through the Instagram feed:

Beardbrand include the appealing Instagram feed on their site

There exist several methods to enclose Instagram feed on your e-commerce website. Shopify now available some apps serve for this purpose.

Having an Instagram display on your site is a major advantage for eCommerce business. It shows that your image is ready for action, and it helps assemble a relationship with users who aren’t acquainted with you yet. It can likewise here and there send clients to your Instagram profile, where they’ll see UGC and social proofs. 

There are a ton of apps out there that can help with this, however, a decent one to begin taking a gander at is Instafeed. It’s a free app, and it’s anything but difficult to use. It allows you to pick the size and number of photographs you need to share on your Shopify store.

Instafeed allows you to create custom looks for Instagram display on your Shopify store

However, the burden of apps on your site is pretty heavy. 

At the beginning stage,  when your e-commerce website is still simple, using several apps is not a big deal for your site performance. However, time after time, you have expanded your business and your site has more visitors. Consequently, your website has to load a lot of requests from the third-party apps, it reduces the website performance. Which is not good at all for an e-commerce website. 

“Figure out how to keep functional apps without reducing site speed at HERE!

But don’t worry, it doesn’t mean you can not embed your Instagram account to the Shopify store. HappyPoints introduce to you an alternative solution: “HappyPoints – add an Instagram feed on Homepage”. 

What makes this service of HappyPoints more optimal than apps? Things work on a really simple mechanism. Instead of using the app from the third party, our developers perform small tasks, directly interfering with the code on your server to add Instagram feed on the homepage. 

Well, you might think that this could affect your business activities. Not at all, we do it on a duplicate theme of your Shopify store and test it until it runs smoothly. Nothing has to postpone while the process is running. 

Top Leading Industries on Instagram

(Source: SocialBakers)

HappyPoints will name out for you some top Industries on Instagram and take it as your own motivation. 


There are approximately 76,000 new followers per day on the Instagram account of National Geographic.

Natgeo Instagram accounts with 120M followers

They upload highlighting photographs from their broad system of photographers every day. Moreover, every picture has accompanied with convincing stories in the below caption. Moreover, Natgeo also showcases UGC –  User-generated content – Therefore, there will never be a solid theme, users can freely go wild with their creativity and imagination. 


(Source: SocialBakers)

Fast fashion retailers such as Victoria’s Secret, Forever21, etc. have their strict Instagram Marketing and they know exactly how to keep interaction with their audiences. Constantly, keeping their audiences updated with the latest trend is their key point, go along with introducing their own lines. Definitely, no fashion lovers can take the eyes off them. Take a look at the case of Forever 21.

A post include promotion code below to lead traffic to the website

F21 creatively mix and match pieces of their outfit together to create an entire outfit. It is a smart move, not only buyers can save time thinking which one should go with each other but also the brand can increase the purchasing power itself. In the description, they also include the promotion codes to drive traffic to their site. Your fashion product page should be optimized in these ways.


The beauty brand is one of the top leading industries on Instagram for a reason. They know how to take advantages of Instagram features. For example, Anatasia Beverly Hills is one of the most engaging beauty brands on Instagram, according to the survey of SocialBakers. The secret of this success is building trust from people who have influence in a community – Influencers⇒ Read more about Influencer marketing at HERE!

Influencers on Anatasia’s Instagram feed

By now, hopefully, you understand the importance of Instagram feed with your eCommerce business and your Shopify store. If you are having any trouble on your site, please, visit Happypoints to receive advance support for other services from HappyPoints.

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