customer retention strategies for Shopify stores

Customer Retention Optimization, Tips & Strategies

10 Strategies to Boost Your Shopify Store Customer Retention

By HappyPoints on March 8, 2021 0 Comments

Rising above competition and standing out is the heart of all online businesses. You’re constantly looking for ways to keep your customers as loyal as they get. While also being on the lookout for new prospects. Joggling both tasks together can be tricky. Especially as customer acquisition techniques are much different from customer retention strategies. … Continue Reading

customer retention

Customer Retention Optimization, Tips & Strategies

What is Customer Retention and How Should You Measure It on Shopify?

By HappyPoints on February 24, 2021 2 Comments

As a Shopify store owner, customer retention is the key to a sustainable business. The joys of doing business are having people purchase what you’re selling. Especially when you’re just starting. At this stage of your business, you’re all about getting the sales and that’s okay. Customers are only just getting to know you. But … Continue Reading

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