Project Description

Deliix is an in-house team. Originally, the app Deliix Bundles & Discounts was designed to be a public app but finally sold to a client, and it’s no longer accessed on Shopify app store anymore.

This app utilises cross-selling technique by combining related products into a bundle with a specific discount. As a result, a buyer can add the whole bundle into cart in just 1 click.

From this project, we have learnt how to develop a new Shopify app from scratch, including market research, graphic design, server deployment,  app publishing process. Especially, we had chances to optimize the app from inside to make sure it won’t affect the speed loading of Shopify stores.

User experience is another aspect the team brought to the app. By design, this gives shop owners the ability to create and manage bundles at once or in bulk without any hassle. 

More than that, the team was planning to develop beautiful reports as a next step. Furthermore, big data will become crucial to making bundles automatically based on historical data.

Project Info

• Custom app
• Development
• Market research
• Graphic design
• App launching
• Marketing planning


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