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Shopify free theme tweak services

Available free theme tweaks

Some pictures of the theme tweaks

  • Add favicon to Shopify store
  • Add tabs to Shopify product page
  • Remove Powered by Shopify
  • Add customized announcement bar (customize font, message & hyperlink)
  • Add testimonials/product reviews to homepage or product pages
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Add favicon to shopify store
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Add tabs to shopify product page
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Remove power by Shopify
Add customized announcement bar
Add testimonial/product review
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The process

Step 1: Submit Shopify URL

The store URL is required for us to take a look at your store and see if the theme tweak you choose fits.

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Step 2: Get access to your store

We need to get access to your store to do the tweak. We will contact you via the email you submitted.

Step 3: Customize your store

Our team of Shopify experts will then start working on the task. It usually takes from 2-4 days depend on our workload.

Step 4: Feedback and inspect

If you have any feedbacks regarding the work feel free to give us an email via [email protected]. We will take a look at the feedback and make adjustments if possible.

Who we are

HappyPoints is a team of certified Shopify experts who have delivered 1000+ tasks worldwide with development and marketing solutions.

At HappyPoints, since running different IT teams, we understand the importance of a strong and stable team packed with a spirit of learning and continuous improvement. We love to train the people and help them shine through delivering beautiful, highly customized, and rich-feature websites.

We aim to be the leading Shopify partner worldwide and to serve 100.000 Shopify stores by 2030.

Our previous work



Lapoche brand, a unique, innovative and practical range of travel accessories designed to make packing and organising for travel easier. The brand is described in 3 words: Simple. Stress-free. Smart. With the chance to collaborate with them, HappyPoints has supported the brand to customize their online store based on an existing theme.



Kinnon brand, a luxury men’s and women’s leather goods for work and travel. For a few years, Kinnon has grown into an ever-evolving range of luxury leather goods for work and travel. With the opportunity to support their business, HappyPoints has helped the brand to:

  • Update several new functions for some of their web pages like collection, product, cart and CMS
  • Make their e-commerce site bug-free


Fressko brand is all about keeping things simple and sustainable. Their passion is creating an earth-friendly product that looks beautiful and highly durable, such as reusable coffee cups, rubber or paper take-away cups with 100% BPA Free materials. HappyPoints has had the opportunity to support the brand to maintain the site based on their specification.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, we’re going to give you free advices regarding your store. However you need to give us access to your store.

We’re sorry but you can only choose up to 1 free task.

Sorry for the inconvenience, the form is made by a 3rd-party app, the email field is mandatory.