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Guest post guideline

When building HappyPoints, we know that we’ll need you – our audience – to maintain posting frequency with us. This post is a quick call out to those of you who are looking to guest post on our blog

Writing for HappyPoints gives you the opportunity to share your knowledge, experience, and expertise with passionate eCommerce entrepreneurs that are in the process of building, launching, and growing their online business. Besides, together we build valuable backlinks to your own website, blog, and business.

One more thing, all guest posts are shared across our various social media properties.

Topics and Categories Covered

Our audience consists of Shopify business owners, they love the actionable ideas that they can practice right away. Hence, we try to publish articles that cover the following topics:

    • Ecommerce Marketing, sales, and growth
    • Ecommerce tools and technology
    • Being successful with Shopify (ideas to business, grow the business, tips to optimize your site).
      To get a better sense of the type of content we publish, check out our blog.

Guest post quality Guidelines

    • Your article is 100% original and not published anywhere else (even on your own blog now or future)
    • Provide the article via Google Docs
    • Your article is ideally at least 1000 WORDS length, longer form of content is preferred (+2000 words)
    • Well researched with all supporting data, links, examples, and screenshots wherever needed
    • Have an introduction that attracts interest and makes the reader want to read further. Have a call to action for readers in the end.
    • Structure your article with headlines, sub-headlines, short paragraphs, bullet points, quotes if applicable.
    • Your imagery is a maximum of 150KB and should be in the JPG file format with maximum length is 750px.
    • The submission of a post does not automatically guarantee acceptance. Only posts that meet our standards will be approved for publishing.

Policy for outbound links

  • You can add relevant links to authority sites or sources wherever necessary. Ideally, the number of links should be limited to 3-4. However, depending on the length/type of content, it can be more.
  • There shouldn’t be multiple links towards the same domain  
  • You can put 2-3 links to your website across the article and also in your short introduction (we’ll publish this along with the blog post).

How to get started

  1. Submit ideas. Send us a list of your ideas. Also, send us URLs of at least 3 other articles you have.
  2. Selection. We will choose the most suitable idea based on your suggestions.
  3. Write up outline. Send us an outline for your chosen idea with headings. Don’t forget a brief description of each headings of your post). We also expect you can show us a list of sources you plan to link to in your post.
  4. Submit your article draft. Once we agree with your outline, please start writing the post then send it to us for review.
  5. Revisions. We will get back to you with revision requests (we hope we don’t have to do this)
  6. Resubmit the final draft. You fix your article based on our revision requests.
  7. Publish. We’ll let you know when your article is published.

Please don’t start writing your post until you’ve received a confirmation that your piece will be published. We don’t want your hard work go to waste!


HappyPoints’s imagery features real people and products shown in original and real-life situations. No stock photography and no stereotypes.


Do use images of real people/events/office


Don’t use cliché stock photo of the office environment

Do show natural images of customers and employees

Don’t feature staged or stock interactions or conversations

Do show a variety of people (ethnicities, gender, etc)

Don’t show people in unrealistic environments

Do use imagery, stats, and quotes from real-life

Don’t use stock photos to demonstrate customer stories

Do mix real-life objects with product views to tell your story

Don’t use overly staged or old-fashioned shots

Do use imagery that shows a fun and friendly attitude

Don’t show overly sexualized/violent or drinking


I will get back to you within a day.

Have a nice time!