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The people solution by hours is the type of collaboration that will give you the choice of choosing the number of hours you need for your Shopify development project. Monthly prepaid payment will be applied for this model. In the other words, this is a subscription model which will auto-renew on a monthly basis.

In project management, you have the 3 key constraints which are: Time, Scope, Cost. The people solution by hours designed by HappyPoints is to help you balance the time constraint with the other two. 

The model, in other words, it’s like a support plan that  balances the project requirements with your budget by expanding your development resources based on the hours you actually need for development. The collaboration is flexible enough for you to choose the number of hours ranging from 10, 20 and 40+ hours per month. Contact us for a specific number of hours per month that fits your demands.

This collaboration model is suitable for Shopify projects that have low-to-regular workload and low-risk management.

To reinforce development resources for heavy workload projects, please check out the people solution By Projects and By Staff.

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