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With the people solution by projects, we are talking about the fixed-price outsourcing model. In this model, you agree to pay a fixed amount of money for a specific project.

At first, you might think this model is ideal as you’re guaranteed to meet your budget. Here comes the catch, though. A fixed price option will work well for projects with fixed and precise requirements. If your project is short and well-defined, fixed-price would be perfect for you.

There are a few reasons to go with people solution by projects, such as:
• Predictable for financial decisions
• Low risk for clients
• Low level of control needed
Beyond these good reasons, the project-based method is perfectly fit for a trial, in order to decide to sign a long-term contract with us later on.

While this method requires the project to be fully estimated ahead, as a client, you can still control the workforce somehow, because we know there would be changes in requirements over the development. We divide the project timeline in milestones to make room for requirement variations, and the client can pay based on those milestones. If you have one-time projects, but the workload is unpredictable, this would be a perfect fit for you.

The typical process would be:
• Receiving & analysing requirements
• Quotation
• Kick-off
• Development
• Testing
• Delivery

For other methods for expanding your development resources, please check out the people solution By Staff and By Hours.

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