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With the people solution by staff, you will be working directly with our Shopify development resources. This means you can choose to work with our dedicated individuals or a cross-functional development team. For billing, monthly payment will be applied to this type of collaboration model.

Dedicated individuals
If you’re only looking for skill-based developers, then this is for you. The advantage of collaborating with our dedicated individuals is that you can quickly expand your current development team with experienced developers from us. In addition, you can also require us to select the ones that match the skills and technical knowledge you need for your Shopify project.

To ensure your Shopify project runs smoothly, we are committed 160 working hours per month per staff. And also, as it is a collaboration model, you will have the essential control to our workforce while managing your own team.

Cross-functional team
It’s similar to the popular collaboration method, which is the O.D.C (Offshore Development Center) model but a more advanced version of our Shopify outsourcing by staff. The core advantage of this is that you will have your own remote team and a contact point within the team. You can work on other projects while our team is delivering your project remotely.

This type of outsourcing will leverage your performance, lessen troubles and enhance your results by providing a team that includes many kinds of specialists for an uneasy Shopify project, such as:
• Project Manager
• Project Co-ordinator
• Technical Lead
• Business Analyst
• Developers
• Testers

If you are urgently in need of resource expansion for a heavy workload Shopify project, then this collaboration model is highly suitable for you.

Is this solution for you? In comparison with people solution By Projects and By Hours, we recommend you to go with this model for the most cost-effective.

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