We Transform Your Idea into Real Results

Have a great idea in mind or your store is facing challenges that existing Shopify Apps couldn’t solve? When it comes to the need of something that’s unique to your business, we can build it.

What We Do

We build Shopify apps that give the merchants several privileges that are inaccessible with ready-made options.

Custom Apps

Customise functionalities for your distinct business needs.

Integration Apps

Shopify apps for third party website integration.

API Integrations

API or third party integration based Shopify apps.

Private Apps

Develop private and public apps to add additional functionalities.

Custom Shopify Apps
Make Business Easier!

While there is a robust and feature-rich ecosystem of installable apps in the Marketplace, sometimes a business has a specific need that only custom functionality can solve.

We Deliver Apps That Solve Problems

We build Shopify Apps from simple front-end widget integrations to complete bespoke fully-featured apps. 

Need to do something outside of the standard Shopify platform? Then talk to us, if there isn’t an app for you, we’ll build one. 

HappyPoints has 10+ years of experience in e-Commerce. We have deployed 700+ e-commerce projects, implemented 500+ Shopify projects and 15+ custom apps have been delivered.

HappyPoints collaborates with businesses from Asia, Europe to Americas.

E-commerce Projects Deployed
Shopify Projects Implemented
Custom Apps Delivered

We Build More Than Just Shopify Apps

Building any sort of application is no walk in the park. Keeping everyone involved is difficult, there are tough choices to be made, requirements change over time. 

But our dedicated development team is ready for all of this. We’ll be engaging with you and your users, constantly looking for solution and making recommendations to overcome problems or improve features.

Programming Languages

We’ll step through the programming languages most commonly used to develop Shopify applications, and decide which one is best for you.






Ruby on Rails



Shopify Polaris

Got An Idea For An App?

Want to build an app but don’t have enough resource to build one? 

Our team can help you to build it from scratch to your specification. We can help you create an app and integrate your solution into merchants’ store.

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