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At HappyPoints, we are Shopify developers who are passionate about delivering tailor-made apps for Shopify Store Owners just like you.

Have a great idea in mind or want to add some features but could not find an app for that? No worry, we will build one for you!

Having a Shopify online store is a good start, but it’s not enough to maximize the potential of your eCommerce business. A website alone, even if it’s mobile-friendly, is just the tip of the iceberg.

Every Shopify Store has certain expectations in the minds of customers. To stay competitive and turn them into your customers, your store must evolve and the only solution is launching your own apps.

Tailor-Made Shopify Apps

Shopify does provides a comprehensive library of feature-rich apps. But there is the case that you can’t find exactly what you need. When it comes to something that is tailored to your business, we can build it. Learn more why you need a custom app.


Having your very own app means that you own the technology, it means you don’t have to pay monthly subscription for other apps’ right of use.


It’s a straightforward solution for an efficient control over your store operations (e.g., reduce data entry, automate processes, increase revenue).


Taking advantage of Shopify practical design system, we ensure your apps are user-friendly, secured, reliable and compatible across many devices.

Extend A Shopify Store Beyond An Ecommerce Site

With solid software engineering and Shopify practices to give your Shopify store the custom solution that’s unique to your business’s needs, our Shopify App developers are well-trained and have mastered their skills in NodeJS & NestJS, Ruby, Python, PHP, MongoDB, Firebase, MySQL, Javascript, ES6, API and more.

Pricing Apps

Shopify apps for getting outside pricing feeds.


Shopify-based custom functionality.

Management Apps

Shopify apps for order & customer management.

Shipping Apps

Shopify apps for alternative shipment.

Marketing Apps

Shopify apps for marketing and retargeting.

Integration Apps

Shopify apps for integrating with third party website.

Inventory Apps

Shopify apps for integrating with inventory systems.

Theme Apps

Shopify Apps for extending features of Shopify themes.

Check Out What Tailored Solutions We Have Delivered

Having a custom app for your online business will help to increase both your back-end and front-end functionality. Here are some projects to showcase our expertise.

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Deliix Store Pickup & Local Delivery

A Shopify based web app that specializes in shipping methods including in-store pickup and local delivery. With this app, merchants can offer different options for shipping methods and fulfill orders within the app. The app also helps shop owners, staff members and customers stay informed with built-in email notifications.

Deliix Bundes & Discounts

A Shopify based web app that specializes in selling products in bundles with different types of promotions (percentage discount, fixed price discount and gift away). This app is tailored-made for ultimately maximizing sales with cross-selling and up-selling. It also comes with beautiful reports and advanced A/B testing features to help merchants discover which products and bundles perform the best during a sales campaign.

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How Does This Work?

We’ve broken the process of soliciting our services down into three simple steps. Prepayment will be applied on an app development project then we get to work immediately.

Step 1: Collecting Information

After you have submitted your app inquiry, we will contact you for further information about your app. The information may include (e.g., ideas, purposes, features, functions, designs, data structure and technology ). An estimate will also be provided and when it’s agreed and your payment is approved, we will get right to work.

Step 2: Planning and Executing

When all the essential information is provided, we will analyze requirements and offer the most possible solution. When it’s applicable, project timeline and development process will be provided. With our streamlined approach toward development and consulting, your app will be centered and we make sure you’re stay informed throughout the project.

Step 3: Deploying and Supporting

After successful completion of the development and testing process, you will be able to check the result and provide us with feedback. Then your app will be pushed toward for deployment and support to ensure that your app effectively meets your business goals. When no further changes are required, the project will be completed as stated.


In short, a Shopify custom app is an application that is built for a single merchant and can be installed without any need for any approval from Shopify. A custom app can accomplish certain tasks while currently available apps on the market cannot. By having a custom app, you can add additional functionality and features for your Shopify store.

Absolutely yes, there are several ways to build an app for a client. You can either make a private, custom or a public app. For the custom app, we use the Shopify API to build a tailored app that adds extra functionality and features according to the client’s requirements.

The cost can vary from store to store. Every Shopify store is different. Thus the price estimate would really depend on the functionality and features of a store and on the level of customization complexity of a custom solution. It also depends on whether it is a native or cross-platform app.

Most professional development companies charge hourly at a rate of around $150 per hour. It also depends on the level of expertise. Experienced Shopify development agencies could charge up to $500 per hour and higher if they’re making use of their top development resources.

Shopify is a central platform that provides an interface for apps via an HTTP-based API. As Shopify’s API is HTTP based, you can mostly use any language. Shopify app is a web-based app and you can use any programming language like NodeJS & NestJS, Ruby, Python, PHP, MongoDB, Firebase, MySQL, Javascript, ES6, API and more to build Shopify Apps.

There is no right or wrong answer here, but the good one would be the one that has an impressive portfolio and years of experience which has already made them better than the others. But that’s not only the case, the agency that best suits you would be the one that understands your requirements precisely and has practical experience that you are looking for.

HappyPoints has 10 years of experience in development on the Shopify Platform and has happy customers to prove it. It is one of the top development agencies that you can find.

Create custom apps that make your store work the way you want.

Make your Shopify store ‘pop’ by adding unique features to smoothen the shopping journey for your customers.

Let’s build your app.

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