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Custom Shopify Theme Built With Pixel Perfect

Commercial Shopify themes are great for lower level merchants. But not for big brands. You can’t share a design with another company by using a template. You just can’t. You need a custom build, created around your own brand. From design to development and every pixel needs to be yours.

At HappyPoints we specialise in building custom Shopify themes from scratch. We build competitive bespoke e-commerce experiences around brands and very specific merchant needs.

Custom builds take considerable time and effort and projects typically last for 2-5 months depending on the complexity. Cost bracket of $20k-120k.

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Shopify Apps – DISCOS

Boost store sales quickly and effectively with multiple levels of tier in “Buy X Get Y” promotion campaign.

Store Setup

Setting up a Shopify store is very straightforward. But to make it salable, you need a comprehensive setup, and we are experts when talking about it.

Shopify Development

We can literally code anything. Whatever you need, a tweak, a feature, we have the right talents for you.

Custom Shopify
Theme Development

Have a custom-designed Shopify theme? Let us code it into a real store that you dream for.

Custom Shopify
App Development

We develop custom Shopify apps for both private and public use.


Thinking of moving to Shopify? We have the technologies that can migrate your site and store’s data seamlessly.




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