Shopify SEO checklist:

How to rank your store

Has your store lost its ranking?

Are your customers returning without purchasing?

There could be multiple problems contributing to the issue, therefore, we have prepared a Shopify SEO checklist to help you get past it.









What’s inside the checklist

Initial setups for SEO of a website

How to set up Google Search Console, How to Set Up Bing Webmaster Tools – Adding & Verifying a Site, How to set up Google Analytics.

Improving the ranking of an online store

Keyword research tools and tips, On-page SEO checklist, Off-page SEO checklist.

Technical SEO checklist

A clear guide on how to solve all of the technical SEO issues such as: Page Speed, Duplicated contents, Responsive design,…

Site performance measurement

Introducing a very good tool for measuring your Shopify store performance. It helps identify performance issues and gives recommendations to fix them so you don’t get lost in the way.

What the readers said

Don’t take our word for it!

Over 300+ Shopify store owners have downloaded it.

Let’s find out what the other 300+ Shopify store owners said about the checklist…….

  • 300+ downloads by Shopify merchants.
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Some actual pictures of the checklist

The eBook contains 5 parts:

  • Why do Shopify stores need to audit SEO.
  • Initial setups for SEO of a website.
  • Add product reviews to homepage and product page.
  • Improving the ranking of an online store.
  • Technical SEO checklist.
  • Site performance measurement.

Frequently asked questions

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SEO provides an easy and cost-effective ways for your would-be customers and customers alike to find you easily on search engines result pages. This will ensure your product reaches a large audience, thus, offering you free advertisement and shoring up customer growth. Paid advertisement requires large budget, SEO is not.

Everyone can learn something from the resource, but it’s written specifically for new store owners.

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