Project Description

This was made for DawnDenim.

DawnDenim is a venture investing in D2C for sustainable fashion with Germany as a target market.

DawnDenim has about 200 stores acrossing 7 countries including Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland.

After a short research about available options, we came up with 3 solutions.

Option 1: A very simple store locator page which lists down all stores, one by one with contact/address info.

Option 2: It’s similar to Option 1 but the stores are grouped by countries.

Option 3: A full feature store locator with a map and advanced functions for buyers and the shop owners, it asks for a Shopify app subscription or a new Shop app development.

Finally, Option 2 is voted as it’s simple for both, visitors and shop managers.

Moreover, the shop owners can manage the stores with ease thanks to Shopify sections developed by HappyPoints.

Last but not least, it’s totally free except for a small investment, for one time.

Learned from this project, we realized that what clients need is not a rich-feature function but easy to use and maintain.

Project Info

• Technical consulting
• Theme customization
• Training


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