Tips To Pick The Perfect Theme For Your Shopify Store

Nowadays, eye-catching and suitable design for your online store is undeniably important, no matter whatever industries you are specialised in.
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Whether your products are related to fashion, electronics, health and beauty, it is necessary for you to pick up the perfect theme for your Shopify store. By instinct, customers are likely to feel fascinated when your web design catches their eyes or excites their senses. Therefore, taking advantage of aesthetic and delightful themes is vital to express your business’s level of professionalism. 

In addition, your online store is an important factor for visitors to perceive the value of your business and evaluate its position. The customers do “judge a book by its cover”. This is why it is crucial for you to polish that “cover” by choosing the most suitable and perfect theme for your Shopify store. Shopify gives you a variety of themes for a wide range of industries, such as fashion, health and beauty, electronics, sports, pets and animals. You can explore more at Shopify theme store. HappyPoints will provide you with several recommendations below for picking the most proper one that suits your taste and your field of occupation. 

Shopify provides a wide range of themes for your online store

Few first steps before picking a theme

The whole process of theme selection is confusing for some, especially for those who are newcomers in the field of designing an online store. Clarifying what is best for your platform can be really difficult without any support or guidance.

The first step before choosing your perfect theme is using Shopify’s default theme. Do not worry that it can not display your professionalism. You will have the appropriate option or customize it to fit your brand and your business later. If it is your first time ever exploring Shopify’s theme store, just take advantage of the default theme. You will be given the chance to gain more insights into different theme functions and styling features. Mr Peter Nguyen, a co-founder of HappyPoints with 4+ years of experience in Shopify, also recommends that you should use Shopify’s default theme to test first prior to selecting any other themes.

Then, there are several questions you need to ask yourself before choosing a theme: 

  • What field or industry you want to be in?
  • What kind of overall design expresses your business? (Lively, funny, eye-catching imagery,…)
  • What are some outstanding features that you want to include? 
  • How can your store be differentiated from that of your competitors?
  • How do you want to arrange your navigation menu?

Regarding this matter, Mr Peter also said that you need to choose your website theme based on your products and your industry. You should understand your target audience clearly and get the basic idea of the expectations that they have. Do not just pick your theme according to its colours or word fonts, you can adjust these later. Focus on answering the above questions and design a theme that makes customers stay longer on your platform.

Once you have a satisfactory answer for those questions. It is time for you to visit Shopify theme market.

Useful recommendations for choosing the best industry-specific Shopify themes

When you visit Shopify’s theme store, you will be overwhelmed by the diversity of collections and industries it provides. Some of the most popular industries on the Shopify theme market are fashion, toys and games, health and beauty, pets and animals. Clients can browse through many themes of diverse styles and features. 

If you want to choose your theme based on particular industries, you can easily select those you would like to take a look. 

Once you have picked your favourite Shopify theme but having problems with installing it, contact HappyPoints for more assistance!

There are diverse themes based on specific industries on the Shopify theme store

Theme selection for the fashion industry

As the fashion industry is huge, there are many competitors in this field. Hence, the thought of designing an outstanding theme for an E-commerce fashion website may seem frightening.  To make it easier, you can start by considering a few factors that may help when you choose Shopify fashion templates. According to Mr Peter Nguyen, there are several things you need to consider carefully: 

  • The fashion themes should be optimised in all devices, including PC, tablets and mobiles. 
  • An ideal Shopify fashion theme should also be supported by social media platforms.
  • The perfect fashion templates should be designed for your customers to locate the products easily.
  • A grid-based gallery is ideal for a fashion store theme. 

Keeping that in mind, there are a number of suitable themes on Shopify for the fashion industry that you can explore.

Mr Parker

Mr Parker fashion template

Take a look at Mr Parker fashion theme on Shopify, despite having a strong focus on images with a large number of pictures, it still looks organized. It can feature many collections, but it does not look messy. The design is quite feminine, with the main purpose of attracting women. It also includes more features:

  • All the images are optimized, they can’t slow down your site. Your business is safe!
  • The navigational aspect is simple, which helps the visitors to move around easily.
  • It is applicable in a variety of devices
  • There is a product zoom tool for all of your product images
  • The marketing pop-up feature allows you to draw more attention from customers
  • The product filters help visitors to easily sort out their preferred items.


Fashion stores could consider Woodmart theme

Woodmart is another attractive Shopify fashion theme. It includes all the necessary tools and features to design an optimized and responsive website. More than 10 demos and layouts allow you to create your own fashionable Shopify store. The Content Management System function helps you to have control over your entire store. It also has the following features:

  • Responsiveness across multiple devices
  • A huge number of customization options
  • Easy navigation
  • Youtube tutorials

Theme selection for furniture and homewares

In this field, it is also important for businesses to select a theme that includes responsive layout, cross-browser compatibility and visually attractive design. It also has to bring comfort to the visitors as your products related to homewares and furniture. Below are several recommendations for you to choose from. 


Lightroom template for furniture and homewares

This is a free Shopify theme for furniture and homewares. It offers a clear design, easy navigation, a responsive layout that is applicable in most digital devices. There is also a wide range of customization options and SEO optimization, as well as product filtering.  This free template can be very useful for business owners who have just made a debut in this industry. Because it takes no charge, you can play around and explore it easily.


Empire theme for furniture and homewares

The Empire template offers product filtering, along with a responsive layout, cross-browser compatibility, a live search, social media icons and SEO-friendly code. It also has a strong focus on images, which makes the website more visually attractive to customers. A huge number of photos on the website do not make it run slowly. As the pictures have been optimized, they are safe for your store. Empire is considered one of the most suitable themes for homeware-related products.

Theme selection for motor parts

There are usually a huge number of items in this industry. Therefore, it is crucial for your theme to be designed clearly with easy navigation. It should include a search bar on the homepage, then your customers can locate their needed products immediately. You should optimize the images for your theme as well. 


DriveAl Shopify theme for motor parts

This theme is excellent for brands that have a huge collection of items. It offers you to put your products into different categories, ranging from car accessories, car parts and navigation devices. It is a fully responsive theme, featuring social options, multilingual support, contact form and search form. With this template, you can also have a variety of layouts. Your jobs are just adding, removing and readjusting the headers and menus. It is the best way to widen your imagination and creativity.


DreamAuto theme for motor parts

This theme for motor parts is also fully responsive. It has a clear design in order for the customers to navigate around without difficulty. DreamAuto also has an attractive illustration by including all the images of the products. It is also supported by most social media platforms, which can be convenient for you to promote your brand to a large number of customers. Besides, it offers diverse customization options so you can freely adjust and explore this theme. 

Theme selection for health and beauty

This industry’s target audience is often women. Therefore, the theme for your website in this field should feature something that is attractive to women. Most of the time, your theme should include a visually pleasing design, along with easy navigation and clear images. Below are some recommendations for your suitable theme.


Bliss theme for health and beauty

This is a free template in the field related to beauty and cosmetics. It offers a responsive layout, an easily accessible shopping cart and lively images with slideshow. This theme also features social media and payment method icons, along with newsletter subscription form. Because it is visually attractive and convenient for customers to find their products.

Green Life

Green Life template for health and beauty

This is a Shopify theme for healthy products. It is fully responsive, cross-browser compatibility and multilingual support. It also has a customizable homepage, featuring banners, collection list, gallery and blog content. Green Life is as simple as it could be. There are no complicated colour schemes or any animation effects. It just focuses on the customers and the products they offer. Easy navigation is another benefit of this theme. Besides, the blog section allows you to share useful information with your customers. 

Theme selection for food and drink stores

In this field, the visual aspect is considered very important. If your products look delicious and tasty, then the customers do not hesitate to spend money on your items. Therefore, the significance of eye-catching images is undeniable. Besides, food and drink themes often include a variety of categories, such as fruits, meat and bakery. Hence, clear design and easy navigation are also crucial for customers not to get lost and confused.


Avenue theme for food and drink E-commerce stores

This theme is best suited for the organic food store. It provides a “mega-menu” and below are several “sub-categories”. In this way, it is really time-saving for customers to find their desired items. Avenue also has product filtering, which allows you to select and sort out products easily. Each food item includes a short description of the origin, the ingredients and the delivery time of that product. It also features return and refund policy, which lasts for about 30 days. This template has a feedback section that helps your store to get more customer reviews. New visitors can make a decision quicker based on this section. 

Fairy Cake

Fairy Cake theme for the food and drink industry

The images of Fairy Cake are very colourful and eye-catching. This is most suitable for cake shops. The bright colours of the photos on this theme attract a huge number of customers. When people think about cakes, the sweetness of them comes across their minds immediately. Therefore, everything about this template is sweet. It has a saying “Because life is sweet”, which makes the visitors feel happy and delighted when they visit your website. Fairy Cake also includes “Sweet Blog”, which is the place where the customers can learn how to make a cake. Overall, this theme provides eye-catching images with a colourful yet still simple design. 

In general, choosing a perfect Shopify theme is really vital for stores in any industry. However, in order to do so, it is important for you to carefully select and design the most suitable template for your E-commerce shop. You can go to Shopify theme market to choose the best theme for your business.

The value of the most suitable theme for every online store is obviously enormous. Therefore, it is time for merchants to carefully pick up and design their store’s theme. Once one template caught the eyes of business owners, installing and customizing it are not easy tasks. If you have any problems related to theme installation and customization, please contact HappyPoints for the most comprehensive solutions. 



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