What Elements Leads To A High-converting Shopify Store’s Product Page?

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One significant factor that will contribute to your increased conversions is great product pages. Product pages are the last things your customers see before they make their purchase or before they leave your store. Besides the attractive homepage, you should really need to create product pages that sell. Effective product pages will absolutely convey the value of the featured product. Well-designed product pages can convert your traffic into sales. Therefore, Shopify store owners need to take great care of their product pages.

There are so many features and variations you can choose to build a product page. HappyPoints is going to show you the “basic ingredients” you should add to your product page. Let’s find out!

What builds a high-converting Shopify product page?

What makes a brilliant product page?

Clearly, a product page plays an important role in boosting sales for Shopify stores. It’s like a doorway that leads to high revenue and conversion for most Shopify businesses. One good product page can convince customers from just browsing to actually adding products into their shopping carts. 

In contrast, an incompetent product page will break sales, leading to a low conversion rate. Besides increasing revenue, product pages also explain your products and brands to customers. Excellent product pages help build customer’s trust in the products and company as well. In the fact of these significant roles, Shopify store owners need to pay extra attention to polish their store’s product pages. 

Overall, there are three big things that come together to create a great product page:

  • Attractive visual aspect
  • Convincing product description
  • User experience

As for the visual aspect, high-resolution product images is a must for the product page. However, make sure that you upload images that are under 200KB to avoid low speed for your site. In addition, as you are introducing your products to store visitors, use multi-angle views images to showcase product details. High-quality videos are also necessary to give customers a more comprehensive view of a product. 

When it comes to informative product description, creating a persuasive description is really important. Besides, including trust-worthy product reviews is vital to enhance brand trust. On product pages, Shopify merchants should come up with impressive product names to catch customers’ attention. Detailed price is also one crucial element for a great product page.

Your user experience involves how you arrange things on the page. What’s included can have a big impact on your conversion.

With all that in mind, here are 6 specific things we recommend you keep in mind when you’re working on levelling up your product page.

Checklist of a good product page 

Descriptive images

Images catch the very first impression of online shoppers. If you use images properly, your store would be significantly improved. Your customers go online to shop, they can’t see, touch or try your products. Therefore, you need to take advantage of images to show them a comprehensive view of your products. Using multiple-angle images is a great way to describe what you have. In parallel with convincing product description, multiple-angle images also contribute to persuading customers to purchase. Therefore, make sure you invest in product photography, do provide true feelings to your customers. Taking great care of product images is one effective way to make your product page shine and outstanding. For several industries such as fashion, excellent photography contributes a lot in creating a customer-winning product page. The more eye-catching the visual aspect, the more likely that the customers will buy your products. 

Michael Kors’s high-quality photos on its product page

Michael Kors has been taking advantage of high-quality pictures on its product page. The brand’s Twist-Front Matte-Jersey Dress express simplicity yet elegance. And low-quality product pictures cannot display that. The customers will be provided with an overall look of the dress from different angles. The product photos also show the item from the front and the back, bonus the accessories that match with that product. Therefore, customers will have the chance to evaluate products more correctly and make buying decisions more easily. 

Useful content 

Most customers aren’t your relatives. They do not buy your products because they love you. They must require something from your products, something that is beneficial for them. Therefore, your items should solve a problem, make the customers better or assist them to do what they need. Your product pages should provide information for the customers to see how your products can do that. Rosana Joseph from VentureWeb advises that business owners should think about how their products make customers’ lives more fun and enjoyable. 

VergeGirl’s Refined Femininity Tie Front Top product page

VergeGirl’s product page for its Refined Femininity Tie Front Top has used content to display the ability of the product to make customers feel comfortable and relaxed. VergeGirl includes “Midnight in Manhattan” and “unforgettable nights of cocktails in the city” to emphasize the feeling of elegant and luxurious. By using the product, the customers will feel like they are spending enjoyable nights in the city, drinking cocktails and getting away from all the exhaustion of life. VergeGirl has been successful in convincing customers that with its products, their lives will be more pleasant and happy. 

Product variants

You should add several variants to your products such as colours, scents,…to give your products some personality. Besides, different people have different needs and tastes. Therefore, adding variants is of great importance for customers to choose the colours, sizes and scents that they like. Size guide and colour variations are indispensable on every Shopify store’s product page. 

Imagine shoppers decide to purchase your items but they can’t find the size guide or colour selection. They feel frustrated and leave your store, and you lose sales. Hence, make sure you have variants, they will increase the conversion rate significantly. 

Luxury Hair’s colour variations

For example, since Luxury Hair has many different variants, store visitors can choose the one that is best suited for them. They can pick the thickness of their hair and then their favourite colours. There are plenty of options for shoppers to choose the one that fit them best. As Luxury Hair provides its customers’ solution to pick the most suit hair, then their customers will add the products to their shopping cart without hesitation. 

Price detail

Price detail is also a must-have feature on every product page. When customers want to buy an item, the price is the first thing they consider. You should be transparent about your price in order to gain trust from potential customers. Price detail should include the product’s price, additional costs like shipping cost, refund policy, and discounts. Alan Schaffer, director at Bismuth Studios, gave advice that if you sell simple products with a high price, make sure that you give a proper description of the materials, the origins and the applications. You should try your best to convey the quality and the value behind your products. 

Samsung Galaxy M30’s price details

Samsung has included price details on its Samsung Galaxy M30’s product page. The price consists of the 128MB storage’s price, with several offers and discounts. Information about the weight, warranty and refund policy, manufacturers are also provided. By being transparent about your price, customers will be more likely to trust your brand and products. 

Clear social proof 

Social proof cannot be excluded from the product pages. As it gives credibility and trust to your products, social proof will definitely boost the conversion rate. Adding reviews and ratings are a great way to build customer trust and encourage them to purchase. It is especially important for new Shopify stores. They not only need to promote their brands to a wider audience but also add layers of trust to their products. You advertise that your products are excellent and outstanding, and you need proof to prove that. 

According to eMarketer, more than 60% of customers read reviews before making a buying decision. It also reported that customers reviews often gain more trust than those from manufacturers (nearly 12 times more). 

FreePeople’s product reviews

Free People, for example, has a “Rating and Reviews” section for customers to make the purchasing decision easier. Through this section, other customers can evaluate the quality of the products and decide whether to buy them or not. If FreePeople is driving traffic to its product page, then this “Rating and Reviews” is the extra force towards closing the sale and increasing revenue. 

Strong CTA

A call-to-action button is considered very important on the product page. Your goal here is to make the customers hit this button to buy your products. Whether your CTA button is “Add to cart” or “Buy now”, you must make them clear, consistent and highly visible. According to Maria Bonello, Director of Strategy at SMAKK Studio, as stated in an article on Shopify.com, the CTA button should stand out from the surrounding area. It should be immediately noticeable when the customers first visit the product page. The button’s position needs to be at the centre and colourful enough to attract attention. 

Adidas’s product page for Stan Smith Shoes

Have a look at Adidas’s product page for Stan Smith Shoes. Its CTA button “Add to bag” can be easily seen when the customers click on the product. Its position is above the fold. There is nothing to distract the customers from the purpose of their visit, which is buying the product. The CTA button needs to be as concise as possible, don’t confuse your customers when they only have attention to buy your items. Simple “Add to cart” or “Buy now” buttons will be effective enough. 


In general, there are a lot of factors you need to consider when creating a great product page. It is not an easy task at first. However, to make it less difficult, you can freely follow our tips and advice above. One effective product page should be simple but also informative. It has to provide enough important data for customers to know about your products. 

Because a great product page is really important, it takes time and effort to create one. If you have a desire to know whether your product page is effective or not, you can refer to our Review My Store to find out.

Hannah Pham

Hannah Pham

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